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    • 4 years ago

    • RWBY "Black" Trailer

      5 years ago


      I think this one's my favorite. I mean, Ruby's was awesome because of the action, but this one has action AND we get to see a bit more of the character's personality and perhaps her background, depending on what she'll be doing in the current timeline in the series, AND we get to see the character interacting with another person. Yes, the guy's voice is a little cheesy like bad anime dub or cheesy video game VA, but I was paying attention to other things so I didn't mind as much haha

      Also, I really like how versatile Blake is. If I'm not mistaken, her weapon has four modes-- single blade, double blades, kusarigama, and the pistol end of the kusarigama. I also like that she's not perfect in her fighting-- that she can get hit (like Weiss) and downed, too . I don't like overpowered characters that have no weaknesses.

      With all the hate the male voice actor is getting... why is nobody asking who Blake's VA is? Did I miss something and everyone else knows who she is?

    • Gollum vs Smeagol Rap Battle

      5 years ago


      I... I try not to look at gollum/smeagol. It's... it's too disturbing, oh god it's...

    • 5 years ago

    • 5 years ago


      It's really annoying when people would say how they're better than the people participating in The Gauntlet in this game and that. 1) nobody fucking cares because you're not a contestant and 2) ever considered that some might not have played other types of games/the specific games featured? Add to that pressure and other factors (like the coaches throwing grifballs at you) and you're bound to die once or twice or hella more.

      I'm pretty sure even an idiot could finish a World 1-1 Mario game. One of the reasons why the contestants were dying like shit is they're RACING to finish first. If you're rushing a level you tend to overlook some things and die as a result. And unless you play a Mario everyday you tend to forget some enemy spawn points and shit.

      So don't go yapping everytime how you're so much better than the contestants. If you are, then why didn't you fly to Austin and audition? Didn't have time and money? Then shut the fuck up and just enjoy the show.

      Go Team Gus! (and Buscemi dude)

    • The Walking Dead Mid-season finale

      5 years ago


      I really hate the concept of mid-season finales. I'd rather receive everything in one go then wait for a heck lot of time than to have waiting time in between. I can't stand waiting for an episode per week, what more with this shit? *sigh*

      Anyway, with the end of the first half of season 3, here are my predictions:

      1 - Merle will die in this season.

      2 - Carol and Axel have had sex during their guard watch at the tower, and might get into a deeper relationship or at least start doing so, only to be ended with Axel's death in this season. Carol did once admit she missed her vibrator xDD And she seemed amused with Axel instead of annoyed or seriously offended.

      3 - Fodder family will die. (a little disappointed they didn't have the twins with them as that was a good event in the comics with team rick and morals but maybe that'll be further down the pipe)

      4 - Tyreese will survive this season. I can't say the same for his sister, as much as I hope she will.

      5 - Andrea will get in heap loads of trouble after deciding it's safer to be on Team Rick. She might die this season. (I hope not, but as this Andrea is not going anywhere near the Andrea in the comics, I can care less if she dies).

      6 - The governor will die in the hands of Milton one way or another. Or the governor will personally kill him.

      7 - Herschel will live. He will be the victim of the cannibals volume in the comics instead of the now dead Dale. He will die in season 4.

      8 - Baby Judith will die at the end of this season, either by the governor's attack, or some other reason. She might die while Beth is holding/keeping watch over her.

      I wonder if I will get any right...

      I'm excited to see Sgt. Abraham Ford, whenever that'll be. (I'm guessing mid-season of season 4 or on season 5)

    • 5 years ago

    • RvB season 10 FINALE

      5 years ago


      I wish the journals have a 'read more' page break.

      I guess I'll put spoiler bars on everything.

      This time I wrote down what came to mind AS I was watching the final episode of this super awesome season. Fuck, it'll be a long wait for season 11..

      - oh my god... I badly want the director to pay for his crimes, but the mindfuck he's giving himself is honestly enough. Actually, I think it's a bit too much..

      i'm so sorry for wishing you're dead.

      - Also, he really looks tired. Model and voice work is perfect.

      - Phyllis ;__; Well, here's to hoping Sheila's still functioning.

      - I've always had this niggling feeling that there's more to Carolina and the director. I was thinking that maybe carolina is a biological clone of Tex, or even maybe Tex herself but with severe case of amnesia. But... those eyes... is she his 'daughter'? a clone of himself or something?

      - For a moment when Flowers was mentioned for some reason Donut came to mind and I was like, "DONUT IS A FREELANCER?" and then my brain stopped derping and I finally realized they meant Captain Flowers.

      So... we finally know what happened to florida. Maybe in five seasons we'll get to know what happened to Georgia.

      - Wait, where's the counselor? In jail? I'd expect the director to bring him along. He's his right hand, afterall.

      - It's a little odd that Flowers died, now that they've made him a freelancer. I'm doubting now that he really died of allergy. Maybe that guy is really caboose? I'm embracing the theory caboose is a freelancer more and more.

      - OH FUCKING HELL THEY USED ONE OF MY TWO MOST FAVORITE RVB TRACKS. The one they used when the director revealed himself to be 'leonard church'. CHILLS, MAN, CHILLS.


      - Wait where's sister?


      - Wait, that would make her a member of blue team. lol red team is in major trouble hahaha sarge won't be too thrilled.

      - WAIT, so the Meta is really still alive and we will see him again? Sweet. But the freelancer project series seems finished already... so what will happen to him now? New Red? hahaha

      - OH. So church and tex had a daughter. Okay... to be honest that was a bit of a let-down... i dunno... i guess I like her being a clone more. Adds to the angst hahaha

      - Caboose ;__;

      - Gah why did they use that music from the storage unit bit ;__;

      - Why is there a real sniper rifle there? I mean, carolina wasn't carrying one, and church isn't in a robot body so he couldn't be holding a real gun.

      - What the hell happened to blood gulch?

      - WAIT why is donut credited third?

      RWBY trailer looks awesome, especially with that soundtrack



      I think sarge'll be proud


      So... this the end of the freelancer series, huh?

      I mean, it's come around already with Alpha put in blood gulch and the director 90% dying (other 10% is for the possibility that the authorities arrived on time and arrested him thus still making him alive).

      I hope the next seasons would tackle more about the insurrection. I mean, those red-and-black people can't all be dead. Also, more of the reds and blues. I kinda miss them.

    • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

      5 years ago


      I know very little about Halo (I've only played the first one until the part where you have to look for that map thing but I got distracted by dragon quest and final fantasy and I'm a little scared of fighting the enemies because of the sounds they make, except for the grunts) so I was a little hesitant to watch this miniseries.But the podcast tempted me too much, so I watched it anyway, hoping that my basic knowledge of Halo won't fail me.

      Turns out you don't even have to know anything about Halo to understand and appreciate the series. Basically there's an academy for soldiers, then there's this hesitant main character who fucks things up and is having a hard time. Then shit happens, and a big hulking soldier saves them and lessons are learned.

      Damn. Parts 1 and 2 are fine.The end of Part 3 is AWESOME, and the first half of Part 4 is just-- GAH shit was intense.I was utterly relieved when Master Chief finally appeared.

      Maybe it's time for me to pick up Halo again... after I'm done with Saints Row: The Third.

      Yeah, I'm way behind when it comes to games :))) Shut up and let me catch up.

    • RvB s10ep21

      5 years ago


      One of my-- and I'm sure a heck lot of other people's too-- wishes just came true:


      And done in CGI, too!

      Once again this reminds us that you shouldn't take Burnie's/RT's words into finality. If I'm not mistaken, it's said before that Caboose wouldn't be in CGI. WELL GUESS WHAT? :D

      Also: I really like (literal) body surfing hahaha

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