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    • Android: Netrunners at RTX?

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      I know there will be a lot going on at RTX, but us Netrunners are a fanatic bunch and I'm always looking to get a game in. Will at least have my competitive decks for anybody that wants to play some rounds between panels and stuff if we can find the time, and will have two teaching decks for anyone who wants to learn the best card game in the universe :D (no hate on other card games, it's just my opinion!)

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    • Humanity won't recover

      5 years ago


      This is an old video, but it simply explains who complicated the world is now. Something that we think is so simple, like a pencil, is incredibly complex. The knowledge involved in making the rubber eraser is a fairly high knowledge of chemistry that the average human does not understand.
      If the world ever collapses as we know it, whether by a man-made catastrophic event or a global natural disaster, the odds that enough people with the basic knowledge to restore what will be lost is very slim.
      That being said, science was discovered once, it could be discovered again. Size and scale of an extinction even is key really. Depending on the mix of survivors, it could work, but it would have to be an awesome mix of scientists and skilled laborers.
      But that's just what I think.

    • Got it wrong...

      6 years ago


      I just spent all day thinking it was Wednesday and wondering when the podcast was gonna come out. I recall discovering that it was Tuesday at least three times today. Anyone else have days like that?

    • Drunk Tank Podcast

      7 years ago


      So, I decided to subscribe and download all the Drunk Tank Podcast's(sp?), and it was a totally life changing experience. I really enjoy the randomness, and general frivolity of the whole experience. At the point in podcast #3 where they suggest to listen to the "you stole my cloudsong" I went and looked at the video, and it was worth the pause. Wait, that is completely off topic...
      The whole reason I went to write this thing was to comment on how the podcasts (HOW DO YOU PLURALIZE THAT?!?!!?!???!??!) really kinda introduce you to the rvb staff. I'm not involved in the community of this site. You can tell because as I am writing this I have a grand total of 0 friends. But, that's whatever. It's like watching the RvB with the commentary on, and it was awesome. I'm a freshman Electrical Engineer and I'm trying to avoid studying for my Calculus III final, waiting on the new RvB, and of course as an engineer I have no friends (just kidding, one of my friends is on his way over to my dorm to watch the new episode with me), these podcasts make me feel like I've got a real connection with rt because they care enough about their little community to put out these podcasts. And I've gotta say, it's good hear from my friends =)

    • I wish I could play the Halo Reach Beta.

      7 years ago


      I wish I could play the halo reach beta when it first comes out.
      Unfortuneatly, I have a University Chemistry II final on Monday,
      A Calculus III final on Tuesday, Programming final on Wednesday,
      and to top it all off, a University Physics II final after that.

      I will be forced to wait three painful days to play reach beta.
      My heart is full of sarrow.

    • 2018 years ago

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