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    • Halo 4

      5 years ago


      Today I looked at the when halo 4 was coming out, and what the front cover of the game will look like, I can say that they made mastercheif look a lot different than in halo 3, because 343 industries has taken halo over, so gameplay, graphics, and overall experience will be different. What I also wonder is if in the future rooster teeth will use halo 4 for future red vs blue episodes.

    • Season 10

      5 years ago


      I can not wait for season 10 to start, I wonder what Monty, Matt, and Burnie will come up with next after the last epic season that won an award! The possibilities are endless.

    • New RT Video

      6 years ago


      The new RT video of the face modeling for agent Carolina was brilliant, how the process went with the green screen, and getting her face, and body structure actually being in the episode was just amazing, well done Rooster Teeth, keep it up.

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