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      PS2 Power Adapter Recalls

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      I know that many people don't visit gaming console threads so I thought that I should inform those who have a slim PS2 that they may be affected by a here to go to the official site and see if you're going to need to do something about it.

      Other links to the issue:
      U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's web site
      BBC New's web site

      Sorry if a repost, I searched through this forum trying to find this topic to no avail.

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      Modded XBox = Bad News + Huge Fine

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      "Man convicted for chipping Xbox" not only has to do 140 hours of service in the community but also has to fork over nearly $1400.

      This is the first example of actions being taken against someone in the United Kingdom. Although I live in the United States, it certainly makes me question how much I should be bragging about the modded XBoxes my friends, relatives, and I have.


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      QuickTime For PC, Intel Chips, Etc.

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      First of all, I was going to put this in a different forum but decided it wouldn't fit. I decided it should go in another, but no...basically I figured I'd put it here because I couldn't find it a better home.

      Anyway, for those of you who haven't heard QuickTime Player version 7 is now available. It's been out for awhile now for Mac and has allowed users to watch movie trailers in high quality amongst other things.

      Finally us avid PC users can plug into QuickTime 7 by download a preview available from Mac. It runs fairly smoothly but can lag from time-to-time on both operating systems (as shown below).
      Also, on the Mac version especially I found that the audio can run a little bit more quickly than the video. It can become noticably off by several seconds in less than an hour.
      I just watched a video directly from Mac in high quality on one screen and medium on the other and noticed some differences between the PC version and the Mac version (which was running at the same time as well, all directly through high speed cable connections). (The above screenshots are from those computers and that video.) Other than the fact that the Mac version has a few more options than the preview currently available for PC, both seem to be very upgradeable. There are quite a few similar characteristics available when upgraded but also some different one options between the systems. (Upgrade is made possible through installation of QuickTime 7 Pro).

      I would like to point out that this version will be extra nice (especially for the upcoming season of RvB) because we can't seem to download RvB episodes for WMP anymore.
      I would also like to point out that I was right in that Mac will be making the switch to Intel starting next year. The transition will be a smooth one though because OSX has been built to run using either chip since its launch (it's a little more complicated than that but I'm not going to go into it).
      Another thing worth pointing out is that I do use and opt to use PCs over Mac.

      The program does look very similar to its predecessors...
      welcome.jpg (6)
      qt7player060305.jpg (7)

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      Your Best Worst Idea

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      Ever come up with a plan that you thought was brilliant until you got in serious trouble because of it?

      soapyNinja told me this story:

      My friend recently did something in front of a pizza guy that almost got him arrested....Him and a few buddies were bored so they ordered a pizza, when they saw the pizza guy walking up the driveway (you can see out of his front door, if it is open, through the sliding glass door in the back of his house) my friend and this other guy ran into the back yard. The other guy (i don't know him) ran past the sliding glass door so the pizza guy could see him, my friend then tackled him and stabbed him with a fake sword ( the person that was "stabbed" pulled out ketchup packets and squirted them all over the place) the pizza guy began to walk away and my friend (covered in "blood") ran to the front door and payed for their pizza. 20 minutes later, while they were all on the couch, a police officer walked to the door. My friend answered the door and told the cop that he was doing the sword thing for a movie...the cop said ok and then ,into his michrophone, said these words : "Unit 23 stand down." My friend looked down the street and saw a police cruiser start to pull away.

      My story:

      My father is a land lord and owned some property that he bought to fix up. My friends and I got together, bought some ketchup and scissors, went in the house, put them in one of the closets on the upper floor, and left. A week later we got back together and met with another friend. We all got in my car and decided to pick up some snacks. On the way back home we followed our plan to scare our un-expecting friend. I drove around in the neighborhood of the rental house for about 10 minutes to disorient our friend (Andrew). We had convinced him by then that we wanted to ‘sneak into a house’. He kept asking ‘why’ and since we had no good answer nor had we ever done something like that before, I decided to pull into the driveway of the house.

      Shortly after midnight I got out of the car with my friends and headed towards the garage door. Of course Andrew wouldn’t move from the back seat and attempted to get us back in the car to leave. I easily opened the garage door and said that it looked like nobody was home. As we planned, myself and another friend went upstairs while the other coaxed Andrew into the house. I cut my shirt open and had my friend poor ketchup all over my clothes.

      Shortly after Andrew reached the top step I screamed and yelled ‘someone’s home, help!’ Before we knew it Andrew had leaped the entire flight of stairs and was out of the house. I went out of the house and made it a point to show him my fake wounds in the dimly lit street before proceeding to stumble away. Andrew said ‘I’m leaving’ and tried to do so but was completely disoriented from our drive there. I managed to stumble down the street and appear to fall over in exhaustion. Andrew’s attempt to head home was futile as he was walking in the exact opposite direction he needed to go.

      I had caused an uprising in the neighborhood and woke up everyone on the block with screaming. I didn’t know until later that I had ‘passed out’ in a police officer’s yard.

      Although I didn’t get arrested or anything to that extreme (nor did Waylan’s associates for that matter) but we did manage to come up with some pretty dumb ideas.

      By the way, Andrew is still teased to this day about his response to me being injured. He’s an Eagle Scout and pry should have helped me or something rather than leave.

      What's your story?

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      What do you think about CG?

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      The guys at Corporate Green are the ones responsible for putting together this site. (Thus the little logo (cg.gif) at the bottom of every page on this site. Anyway, I just thought that we should start worshiping some more guys in addition to the RoosterTeeth crew.

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      Hungry? - Get Some Free Pizza

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      While roaming RvB I assume that you'll get hungry, pick up the phone and order some free pizza!
      Please don't neg mod me for posting this, I just wanted to let everyone know that there's this great deal.

      1. Call and order a large or extra large pizza, say you've got a coupn for a free one and want it delivered (don't need to have it delivered in order to use coupon).
      2. Hang up phone, print the coupon while waiting.
      3. Search couch for some change.
      4. When door bell rings, answer it (duh).
      5. Give deliver boy (or girl) a buck or two.
      6. Eat (open box first).
      7. Mod me up (please).

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      Shut Up And Read A Book!

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      I'm sick of people saying that they don't know what to do, that they are sooo bored, that they look in the forums for something to do...yada, yada, yada. 4 of the last 5 journals I've looked at have been just that.

      Here's an idea SHUT UP, stop posting that you don't know what to do, and head over to Google Print to find a good read. I know that some of you hate the idea of actually having to read a book so you can sit at your computer and read one on the screen. For example, I looked up Brave New World, a classic book I'm sure none of you have read. I can scroll page by page and bookmark it so that I can come back later.

      Alas, I'm done b$%&ing. At any rate, I hope this gives you an idea of what you can do instead of being bored out of your mind.

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      No Loading Times - Is it possible?

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      I was just on 4 different web sites that all think that the next-gen portable and home consoles are not going to have loading times.

      I don't see how it's possible seeing as that sort of technology is only really available for cartridge games. The Nintendo DS doesn't load to my knowledge and the PSP sure as hell does.

      I remember the rumor that the PS2 was going to eliminate loading times but it loads more than the PS1 because of the complex gaming and shit.

      I simply don't think that it is possible. Gamerz411l thinks that it is, what do you think?

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      Direct Freeloaders Here

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      I hate all the members of this site who think that they can download all the RvB videos whenever they want. They ask "When is ep 45.9 going to be available?" or "Why can't I download the hires RvB videos, they aren't showing up on my screen?" and now I send them this message:

      If you want to download high resolution episodes of RvB for free, click here!

      Don't worry, they can't actually download the videos. About 15 people in the last 30 minutes have tried though. Here is the url if you want to direct some freeloaders yourself:

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