• bolbol

      oh hai.

      4 years ago

      how is everyone?

      TL;DR version: hi.

    • bolbol

      UM i'm gonna make myself one of these..

      8 years ago

      um this is pretty sweeeet.

      Scroll down and watch the video.

      Skip all the words in the article. Words are pointless. Reason being why I put the link first thing, because we both know you aren't gonna read this lol.

    • bolbol

      I haven't slept in 3 days..

      8 years ago

      and I was hallucinating earlier LOL

      From what I've read, after a while of not sleeping (after the hallucinations) you apparently start going blind (temporarily until you sleep) and you also start hearing voices..i am afraid lol I'm gonna knock out for the rest of the day after I come back from my final in 5 hours lol

      oh did I mention I take my pharmacology final (70questions) at 9am and then 70minutes later I take a 5minute break then sit back down to take a 50minute, 50 question toxicology final.

      I'm so gonna treat myself after these exams. Any suggestions?

    • bolbol

      summed up the night!

      8 years ago

      lol no offense to the tref gays here but

    • bolbol

      call me crazy but..

      8 years ago

      I got an asian salad from McDonalds (lol who does that) but I got home and then I realized they didn't give me the nuts and the dressing for the salad. Normally I wouldn't care but because this retarded indian girl I work with pissed me off today I went back to McDonalds and demanded I get my nuts and my dressing..oh and the plastic fork too cause there was no way I was going to clean any dishes tonight!

      I am so macho.

    • bolbol

      what do you think?

      8 years ago

      i have floor seats to a john mayer concert and the girl i'm trying to get to know better (that i may have a very small tiny crush on) might go with me. i originally asked her older sister (my age) if she wanted to go with me (i asked the older sister because the younger one and i dont know each other that well, i mean i know her and she knows me but we dont talk all that much, occassionally via text messages and facebook) and she said yes but something has come up so she isnt sure anymore. well the younger sister (not that much younger and is the one i'm trying to get to know better and yes she is legal) might go with me. so i'm nervous as hell. any advice? i'm still just trying to get to know her better so no making out or touchy feely stuff. i dont wanna screw this up cause i feel different about this girl than i have about others..i mean she actually makes me giddy like a little kid when she writes back to me and she puts a huge smile on my face. yes other girls did that too but they all were extremely flirty. this time i wanna do things right and take my time and be friends first..i dont wanna get into the friend zone but i wanna be her friend. any advice about the date (though i wouldnt really call it that) or any other advice?

    • bolbol


      8 years ago

      school. is. kicking. my. ass.

      pharmacomedicinal chemistry

      i could barely even spell them correctly so just google those words. enough said.

    • bolbol


      9 years ago

      so i'm in montreal right now. anyway that wants to come here i will buy them a drink. simple as that. but i'm not able to go anywhere else in the country. customs agents have been alerted and they are watching me 24/7..except when i'm taking a shower.

      oh and the MCAT. it went well. Considering the fact i never studied (no exaggeration, trust me) i went to all the Kaplan classes and i took the 5 mandatory practice exams by Kaplan i'm sure i got at least an average score. probably around a 26. but i plan on taking it again and imagine if i actually study for it this next time then i'd make past a 34 no probably :) but thats my intention. with a min. score of 30 and a PharmD. (pharmacist degree) i'm sure i'd be able to get into a medical school like Duke. probably one of these top 20 schools found here excluding Harvard, Yale, and Cornell. but i'd be almost guaranteed to get into the rest of the schools on that list! i dont mean to sound like i'm bragging but i'm so excited. i've been dreaming forever of the day when i actually begin the medical school process and the the very first step. anyway, in 2months i'll let you all know how i did.

      take care all!
      hopefully i'll try to get on again before the 28th..thats when i start 4th year. this year is the hardest year. pharmacology (i have to know the top 200 drugs, their generic names, brand names, all the companies that make them, the systems they affect how to manipulate the drug to work how i want it to, etc etc), medicinal chemistry (like organic chemistry but on crack x200) and pharmacokinetics (physics on crack x200 as well for pharmacist on how the drug actually works in the body)

      ohhhh for pharmacology lab class...we are working with lab rats injecting them with different drugs and seeing how it affects them!

      <3 this year.

    • bolbol


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