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      Hey late journal what's up

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      RT Podcast July 20

      1 week ago

      Over the last year or so, Twitter has been a great place to hear from the audience while they watch the livestream. Going forward, I will be using my journal on the site. Might get a little bumpy once we launch the new version, but I'm very excited to be back home.

      So. What should we talk about? FYI, we are planning a Gavin or Google tonight, after a long hiatus.

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      Free Play

      2 months ago

      Hey everybody we are discussing the Free Play pilot. It's been almost a week since we aired it so you have had a little time to digest it. Any thoughts? Would you like to see more?

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      Upcoming Speaking Engagements

      3 months ago

      2015 was meant to be a year of fewer speaking events for me as I focus on production, but I still have a couple of dates on the calendar of which I wanted to make you aware.

      April 15 -- Cannes, France at the MIP International TV festival. This is a stupidly expensive conference for international TV execs so I doubt many of you will be attending. But if any of you are lucky enough to live in Southern France or Northern Italy maybe we could do a meet up later in the week?

      April 22 -- Texas State University School of Communications. I will be taking over a graduate level Communications class for a session. If you attend the school, it may be possible to audit. Might be easier to come to Austin the next night for..

      April 23 -- University of Texas Austin This event is open to the public. Facebook event page here: www.facebook.com/events/1428984374065033/

      July 23 -- Vidcon 2015 (Anaheim) Keynote speech and various panels. Badge to Vidcon would be required.

      August 7 -- RTX 2015 Of course.

      October 1 -- University of Nebraska Lincoln A very rare midwest event. I have asked them to make this open to non-students. Stay tuned.

      Unfortunately I had to turn down just about everything else, due to schedule. Even the Buzz Aldrin event. I hope he doesn't walk on my face in response.

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      Blast from the past

      3 months ago

      That moment when you learn that the huge hazing scandal that happened right next door to you in college may have involved a future super-star.

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      Cool new promotion

      3 months ago

      We are announcing a cool new promotion on the podcast tonight. If you're a sponsor, be sure to tune in. And be thinking about crowdfunding and cool stuff you would do as a crowdfunded project. Hint, hint.

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      Jack by proxy

      4 months ago

      In this week's RTAA, we briefly discuss a video in which I had Ryan wear a fake beard and imitate Jack. There's been a few questions about that video: this is it

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      New Gig

      4 months ago

      Very proud to have been cast in the movie HIT, which was an enormously funny script I read while on the set of Lazer Team. In fact, the crew of HIT consists of lots of the people who worked with us on the production. You may also recognize Kirk Johnson from the "not inflammable" part of the trailer. He's an absolute riot and I am glad to be working with him again so soon.

      HIT is currently in the middle of a crowd-funding campaign. If you feel inclined, you should check it out. This will be my fourth acting role this year.


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      A Day With Joe The Cat

      4 months ago

      We attached a small SD camera to our cat's collar and let him go about his daily life. Check out the video to see what a surly feline does with himself all day:


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      One Month On

      4 months ago

      It was early February, about one week after you died. I was standing at the top of a snowy hill in upstate New York, watching my boys sled down a hill and climb back up. Growing up in Texas, they had never seen snow and this was the year I was determined to change that. Ashley and I talked about canceling the trip after you passed, but you always told us to move forward. And years ago I told myself that nothing would pull me away from my time with my children. In my mind, you and I had said goodbye already. We said it when I stood in that hospital room in the setting sunlight after you had already taken your last breath. When I put my hand on yours and thanked you for being in my life. I thought of that as my goodbye.

      So there I was standing on the hill in early February, watching the boys make their runs. They would sled down the hill, then climb back up while arguing about who had dragged the heavy sled back to the start more times. And when they reached the top they would ask me if I saw. You know the way that kids do. Watch dad, look. Did you see? And I would say that I did. And then back down the hill they would slide. It went on like that for a while. Sliding and climbing and them asking did you see and me saying I did. As though there wasn't anything else in the world to see. The day was as close to perfect as days get.

      The snow started then. Big snowflakes, fat. Some as large as half-dollars. So big I could hear them falling and plop plop on the snow around me. If you had put them in one of your movies I would have said they looked too fake. And you would have done your half-smile, half-shrug and said yeah but big snowflakes look cooler. And that would have been that.

      The boys asked me if I saw their last run. Did you see? I said you bet I did. One more run, boys. Snow's here and it's time to call it a day. So they nodded and they slid down the hill, laughing and whooping and making the day almost perfect one last time. At end of the run when they reached the bottom of the hill, they seemed suddenly so far away to me. Just two blurs through all that thick, unreal falling snow.

      And as the boys began climbing back up the hill, I watched that snow start to fill in their footsteps and the channels the sled had dug through the powdery hillside. I watched it slowly covering the tracks of their day. And I had this moment of panic. A dark, black thought that my boys would climb the hill and their footsteps would fade away, buried flake by flake inevitably by the falling snow. There would be no evidence of their time there. No one would know about all the joy they felt that day. I thought of the fleetingness of all we do, each of us. The efforts we put in to our lives and our work in the hopes that either might be relevant for a year or two or a decade. But then slowly, inevitably they are covered over by time and lost to all but those who were there and cared to remember. And after that... gone.

      The boys were halfway up the hill when I could hear them joking, talking about the day. Debating over which run was the best. Arguing and jockeying in that weightless manner that only children have. It reminded me of sledding with my brother when we were children, but my memories of those days were not of sleds or of words. Those details had been lost to time long ago. The memories had transformed to something else I couldn't grasp anymore but that had nonetheless drawn me back to the hill that day to share with my boys. The way my own father had been drawn to do the same. In ways I had no ability to comprehend, but that no snow could bury.

      I realized that joy isn't a thing that lives and dies. It's not something we make on our own or keep to ourselves. It's something that is handed to us by those before us, around us. And we take it and we shape it and add to it and pass it on. And in those moments it becomes a part of us and we of it. My boys would carry the joy from that day in unrecognizable ways, for as long as they could carry it. And when the day comes that they can no longer carry it, they will have long since passed it on to the people in their lives. In ways I will never see and to people I may never know because I won't be there.

      And then I thought of you. And all the beauty you added to the joy while it was in your hands. You didn't just add to it, you made it fight and you made it jump and you made it dance. People came from everywhere to watch and I was one of them and it was beautiful. I thought then of all those people you touched who would take that joy and build on it and shape it and pass it along. And the people they passed it to would in turn do the same and so on and so on. And the joy you have made will live and breathe and move forward in so many ways that we as people can't and in so many ways that we as people can't even imagine.

      So, I stood there at the top of that hill, amidst all those drifting, giant snowflakes and I did the only thing that made any sense to me at all. I cried.

      I cried at the beauty of that thing.
      I cried about all the future days of your short life that would go unlived.
      I cried about that great joy untethering. Out of your hands now and already moving through the universe, passing from person to person through all of time.
      But mainly, I suppose I cried because I missed my friend.

      And then the boys reached the top of the hill.
      They asked me if I saw.
      I said that I did.

      And then we went home.

      Goodbye, Monty.

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      PitpercKid Holy Cleric

      4 hours ago

      Hey I was at work and forgot to send a message to remind you about the MREs I am hoping you remembered.

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      5 hours ago

      So do you still own 636? If so, what is it used for now/ what are your plans for it?

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      5 hours ago

      Did you go in the ball pitt at Vidcon? Saw you talking to some peeps in the huge movie line but I didnt say hey

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      Hey, I'm not sure who's job the RT Podcast page is, but just wanted to point out that Podcast #332 doesn't show up under episodes.

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      21 hours ago

      Yesterday I was on my way to work and I stopped off at the gas station to get some gum. As I was walking in, I held the door open for the guy behind me. After looking at gum for about 30 seconds he came up to me and asked for money. He told me the only reason he came up to me was because I held the door open for him and I seemed like a nice guy. I gave him a dollar and told him it was all the cash I had. He kept telling me to go to the ATM to get more money out to give to him.

      It reminded me of the story you told on the podcast about helping those guys push their car. You're right about what you said. No good, no matter how small, goes unpunished.

      • Pooter_sack


        21 hours ago

        No good deed, no matter how small, goes unpunished.

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      1 day ago

      Hey Burnie I was just looking for an old RT Comic and I can't seem to find them on this new site. Did you guys get rid of them or am I just not looking hard enough?

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      3 days ago

      Are the red vs blue episodes on here the full ones or? Cause on netflix season 1 had episodes that where like 50 minutes.

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      3 days ago

      I just wanted to ask is RVB going to be in halo 5 ?

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      Someone copied Lazer Team on Indiegogo. Just wanted to let you know.

      Here the link to the copied campaign:


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        links dead

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      I think I've found your British twin-brother

      • Fredster33


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        Dammit it was removed..