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      The Mythical Creatures RP

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      Okay, so the basic concept of the game is that it is the 1600's, and you assume the role of a mythical creature.You can be anywhere in the world that is habited, but can't change history (i.e. making the Royal Family werewolves) in a major way. You can be part of a group of creatures or on your own. But remember:

      Don't act like a complete god. Only use the powers that are actually associated with your mythical monster (i.e. no going into sunlight when a vampire).

      Don't try to make lame excuses to violate the first rule. It brings the game to a standstill and ruins it for everyone.

      Have fun and don't try to ruin the game for everyone else.

      Other than that, when you start just enter this info:

      Monster: (no gods or aliens!)
      Where you are:
      History: (how you became what you are, any other facts)
      Appearance: (you know, apart from being furry if you're a werewolf, for example.)

      So to start,

      Name: Nathan Stokes
      Monster: Werewolf
      Where I Am: 1600s France
      History: Grew up in a small village in the countryside of Southern France. Was in the woods one night when I was bitten by a werewolf. Now I wander around the country doing what I can to survive.
      Appearance: About 5' 9", brown hair/fur, abromally long fingernails.
      Age: 25

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      This game is based off the one from Who's Line is it Anyway? What you do is start out with a scene and act it out. Every once in a while, someone will come in and say change, and whatever the last person said they will have to say something else. When it starts getting old, suggest a new topic.

      Example: Scene: A husband and wife are onboard their honeymoon.

      Husband: Isn't it nice here?

      Wife: It sure is.

      Husband: Why don't we go check out the buffet?


      Why don't we go rock climbing?


      Why don't we go skinny dipping in the ocean?

      (Get the picture?)

      Scene: A team of explorers discover intelligent life on Mars.

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      Change a Quote

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      So the idea of the game is to take a quote from a movie, TV show, book, or video game (or something else), and insert what you would have said to make it funny or cool or something. You need to state is:

      Where this is happening

      When it is happening

      What you would say

      What is happening

      And any other important information.

      I'll start.

      In Stargate Atlantis, when the team is walking out of the village at the end of the Episode Irresponsible, when Lucius gets kicked in the balls, I would have said, "Don't you just love working at Atlantis?"

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      8 years ago

      So I went to Ikea yesterday to get some new furniture. I somehow made it through in under 6 hours. It was close, though. Like, 5 hours. Anyway, I got a new bed and desk, and I now have an actual place to put my computer! Yay!
      Anyway, that place is huge. And the furniture has great names. I saw this one thing that was called the "Jerker". I loled at that. The place smells odd, though. It smells like wood covered in marshmallow sauce. Don't ask me what it means. Don't. It was a good experience, though.
      Have you ever noticed how they have a little grocery store in there, though? And it's always at the end of the store right before the warehouse. I mean, who's gonna go there? It's not like I'm gonna say, "I need food. I'll go to Ikea and buy some! It'll only take me an hour to get there and another hour to get to the food section!" I just can't figure that out. Maybe it's a Swedish thing.

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      The Family Living Thread

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      Okay, so I've seen this come up in alot of threads. Basically, everyone gets off the main topic and goes into a kind of 'Sims' style of play where you just do crap around the house. Everyone is part of a big family that lives in a house and just goes around daily life. This is where you vent your off-topicness.

      So, if you don't have a real life, post here!

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      Now Drugs to Increase Intelligence?

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      Okay, I was listening to NPR and heard a story about how some British university has discovered a drug that they said could improve intelligence. The drug was originally conceived to counter sleepiness in tests. The subjects, when tested, found they were able to concentrate on the questions better. I'm not sure how that's increased intelligence, but that's what they said. Thoughts?

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      The Junior Thread

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      Well, I couldn't find anything on the little bugger so, I did this. Just discuss anything that is worth discussing about Tucker's kid.

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      The Original Arena Thread

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      Okay, the basic idea of the game is simple: you’re in a huge arena with weapons caches, bunkers, and other combat buildings. When you enter, you just have the clothes on your back. If you use complicated combat moves like kung-fu or tae kwon do, describe the moves. There are no huge caches of nukes or boxes of missiles lying around, so you CAN’T FIND THEM.
      There are only a few rules other than the ones already described:

      1) You are not a god. Don’t act like one.
      2) You cannot call in other characters to help unless they are roosterteeth members that are online (i.e. You cannot call in a huge fleet of Death Stars to blow everybody else to smithereens)
      3) You can’t get out and there is nobody else in this arena other than the players.
      4) The only vehicles you can find are jeeps, ATVs, and bicycles.
      5) You can only use technology that humanity has developed at the moment (i.e. No covenant plasma rifles)

      I’ll start.

      *looks around for weapons*

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      8 years ago

      Well, I just saw 300. Great movie. Very gory and very action-packed. I'm so glad I chose it over Grindhouse.

      Another great thing was that there were only 6 of us in there. I was the first one in, and I can remember just looking around at all the empty seats while hearing a song that had something to the effect of "We're not alone" or something like that.

      I seriously LMFAO.

      I guess the best part of the movie (other than that) was when they all go into battle with the rhino and the grenadiers. Good music. I'm kinda sorry that the guy didn't kill Xerxes in real life. It would have made a much cooler movie.

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      War with Iran?

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      Recently I’ve been hearing super-patriotic Americans say we should invade Iran. I disagree. I don’t think we don’t have the military force or public support to start a war that would be much more brutal than the Iraq war. In any case, I wanted to hear people’s opinions but found no thread for it. So share your opinions.

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