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    • Anyone Around July 4th?

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      carboy66 Fuckin' Roombers

      My friend Zeph and I have a check out time of 12:00 PM and have to be at the airport at 6:30...does anyone want to hang out between those times? I dunno what we would do but it could range from just sitting around, watching RT content or walking around and doing stuff. Hope to see you

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    • The Four Maidens

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      Hi! I'm new and I figured the best way to start my adventure is to give people something. I'm not sure if someone has already done this but I guess it doesn't hurt to try.
      After being inspired by World of Remnant: The Four Maidens and hearing a multitude of other fans wanting to read this story to their children, I decided to write it out. It took me an hour or two and may still have some mistakes. If so, forgive me. But other than that, enjoy!

      Deep in the forests of Remnant, beside a great and mighty river stood the small fragile home of a cold, frail man. A lone wizard. Hidden from the dangers and distractions of the world, the wizard seldom had visitors. But on this day, as he peered out his window, he gaze fell upon a young maiden. Calmly she sat beneath his tree, in a state of absolute tranquility. When the wizard demanded an explanation, the maiden simply replied, “My name is Winter. I am on a journey and I am waiting for my sisters”. With that, she closed her eyes and sat in silence. The wizard told himself the girl was a fool, but the longer she sat, the more he wished to share in the serenity the young maiden enjoyed. In time, he grew tired, and decided to close his eyes as well, thinking on this strange predicament. Upon opening his eyes, the wizard was befuddled to find that a second maiden had appeared beneath his tree, cheerful and spry with a basket of fruit and flowers. When he asked for an explanation the girl simply replied, “My name is Spring. I am on a journey and I am waiting for my sisters”. To show her gratitude for his reluctant hospitality, the girl retrieved a handful of seeds from her basket, and planted them in the wizard’s garden. The old hermit could hardly believe his eyes, as the maiden turned what was once a mere pile of dirt and manure into a beautiful garden, from which life would surely blossom. It’s likely that he would have gazed for hours, were it not for the unfamiliar laughter he heard from beneath his tree. A young woman with a warm smile now stood beside the two maidens. The wizard begged her to introduce herself, to which she happily responded, “My name is Summer. I am on a journey and I am waiting for my sister”. Of course thought the wizard. But another chirp of laughter left the old man perplexed; what in the world was so funny? As it turned out, it was him! The new arrival found the wizard’s insistence on staying in doors so very amusing; why choose to view the world through a small window when the door leading out to it was right at his side? It was a compelling argument. And after only a moment of brief hesitation, the wizard left his home and stepped outside. The warmth of the sun brought with it a surge of energy and life. And soon the wizard wasn’t feeling much like himself anymore. He was feeling much better. As the day drew to a close, the maidens and the wizard all settled down and prepared a feast. Winter set the table, Spring supplied the crops, Summer prepped the meal, and the wizard was the happiest he’d been in ages. But in all the excitement, he nearly failed to notice the delicate woman that now stood beneath his tree. He smiled and beckoned her to join them, asking only for her name. “My name is Fall” she replied softly. “I am on a journey and I’m here to meet my sisters. Who are you?”.
      “Me?” the wizard wondered. “Well, I am but an old hermit, I have lived alone in this woods for centuries and I’m afraid my story is not very interesting, as I have no one to love and nothing to my name”. The elder sister looked up at all that surrounded them.
      “But sir, do you not see? You have so much”. It was true: with their help it was now clear to see that the wizard had everything he could ever need. He was grateful, but a question lingered in his mind; “Why me?” he asked. “Why did the four of you choose to open my eyes? To share with me your gifts? Why am I so special?”. The four sisters looked to one another perplexed. Finally, the eldest spoke, “I beg your pardon sir, but we did not do these things for you because you were special. We do what we can for everyone, because we are able”. The old wizard was at a lost; never in his years had he come across such kindness. It was in that moment that he knew what should be done. The wizard summoned his magic, every ounce he could muster, and bestowed it upon the sisters. He smiled, “Take this gift, and know now that you are able to do so much more”. Now armed with the elements, the very powers of nature and the unimaginable magic of the wizard. The four maidens: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall promised to carry onward with their journey, using their gifts to aid others just as they had aided him. One by one the sisters left, but before they did they made one final promise. They promised to return each and every year to visit their dear friend.

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