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      2 years ago

      carltannler HotCarl

      It's been a couple of weeks now that Rooster Teeth has formed a partnership with ScrewAttack and I've been wondering if our sponsorship will ever carry over to ScrewAttack. I am not sure of the entire internal structure of RoosterTeeth, I know that Achievement Hunter was started by Geoff within Rooster Teeth so it makes sense that my sponsorship carries over, same with the Know that also started internally at Rooster Teeth. But Funhaus are the Machinima guys who came together to start Funhaus as part of Rooster Teeth so I guess it makes sense that my sponsorship works for them as well since Funhaus itself is an entirely Rooster Teeth made channel. But what about ScrewAttack? I love death battles and pretty much all of their other shows, but I am not sure of how this partnership happened. Every time I try to log into their page it says unrecognized username or password. So will I ever be a sponsor of ScrewAttack by just being a sponsor of Rooster Teeth or do I have to separately subscribe to ScrewAttack. If I do have to subscribe separately for ScrewAttack, doesn't that defeat the point of the partnership? I mean I am not going to pretend to know business or anything so I'm sure it''l all work itself out in a logical manner, but just wondering.

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      3 years ago

      carltannler HotCarl

      So I've seen that there are a lot of Rooster Teeth supporting communities out there. For example there's RT Philly and RTUK to name two. I used to live near Philly but now I landed a nice job in bumbfuck south in Nashville. I feel like internet and gaming communities down here are either a lot more sparse or there just hasn't been anyone or anything to bring fans together. I've seen some mentions of attempts to bring an RT Tennessee or something like that, but nothing actually ever happened. I would love for there to be an RT Community in Nashville, but I am not entirely sure what would be required for it, or what other groups even do. Do groups like RT Philly and RTUK just get together and talk about Rooster Teeth? If anyone has any information about what is the point of these communities and/or how to start one up and/or how to find people who would be interested in a big city. There were a lot of and/ors there, basically I would like to know what these community groups do and how one would start up and how to find people who would be interested. More than likely no one will read this anyways so this whole post is pretty superfluous, but whatever just trying to get connected with the entirety of the Rooster Teeth community.

    • RTX

      3 years ago

      carltannler HotCarl

      So this year will be my first trip to Austin to go to RTX. I figured what better way to go to RTX than to tell my friend that I'm going to their wedding and then ditching and going to RTX instead. Anyways I'm getting in to Austin on the 5th and am looking for things to do on the 6th. If anyone knows Austin and has some good ideas, I would love to hear some ideas. No idea if anyone will actually read this or not, but I figured I would try.

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      3 years ago

      carltannler HotCarl

      So I'm not entirely sure what these are for. I've only recently become a sponsor and made my own profile on here even though I've been following Rooster Teeth since 2003. I guess just a little on myself, I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics in 2013. I currently reside in Nashville, TN and work as a software developer for a start up healthcare company. I've always enjoyed video games and Halo has been one of my favorite franchises. I read the books and play the games. On multiple occasions I have almost bought an XBox for the sole purpose of being able to play Halo. My love for Halo is what first attracted me the Red vs. Blue and ever since those famous first words(any fan knows which ones I'm talking about), I was hooked.
      Although it really hasn't been until the past couple of years that I've started noticing all of the other awesome things that Rooster Teeth does and I really wish I had noticed earlier. I love RWBY, Immersion, the Gauntlet, the Podcasts and everything else. Rooster Teeth is so unique in the way that it can attract so many different types of fans and yet be so accessible. Even though they continue to have such success in everything that they do, Rooster Teeth always make it a point to acknowledge and appreciate the fans and make them seem like they're part of this community and that is something that no other company that's as, or more successful than Rooster Teeth, can do. I guess really I just want to throw my thanks to Rooster Teeth for being that company and that community that just does everything right, even when they do it wrong. Can't wait to go to my first RTX this year!

    • 2018 years ago

      carltannler HotCarl
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