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    • Game Days, 9th of August

      5 years ago


      TODAY, upon waking up i noticed Dead Space 2, as being "the playstation plus - Game of the month". This means that with a subscription to Playstation plus, you can download and play this game for free in the month of august. This for me is a great thing cause Dead space 2 was one of the games i totally missed when it got released.

      Now im waiting for my 11gig download to be complete whilst playing minecraft on my computer. Im really looking forward to Dead space 2 since i didnt play any of the dead space series. If anyone have some do's and dont's with the game, please comment and let me know what you think about the game, and the series :)


    • Game Days

      5 years ago


      In this journal i will post about my days with gaming (which is most days for me)

      TODAY, 3rd of August 2012
      - my adventure in minecraft goes on, this will be the second day in my minecraft history. I just recently purchased it for my computer and i started playing. After seeing the lets play's produced by the achievement hunter office i decided to give it a shot.

      Minecraft is a great game and im totally in to it, cant put it down. Even thought i suck at it.
      Playing some RTS' on my computer including Heroes of newerth (Dota style game developed by S2 games), Starcraft 2 (everyone better know that, or you deserve spanking) and Dota 2 (suuuuucks)

      The next couple of days ill be jumping into Darksiders on my playstation, and some more Minecraft with NBA 2k12 as a rage buffer, whenever i die in minecraft!


    • Brilliant thoughts

      5 years ago


      Money is like legs, it hurts to lose em.

    • 2018 years ago

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