from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    • Dea7h_kNight

      12 years ago

      Rob you're a n00b damn it.

    • 4974

      12 years ago

      ive seen u post stuff EVERYWHERE lately

    • Squwigy

      13 years ago

      I love your pic.

    • SwordsmaN_42

      13 years ago

      hi, im just going around posting random christmas messages and wishing you good luck for the new year - congratulations - YOU GOT ONE OF MY RANDOM MESAGES!!!! =D

    • SwordsmaN_42

      13 years ago

      sweet pic lol

    • r3dman

      13 years ago

      hey i am from australia too

    • scramcam

      13 years ago


      i wish i could have seen the screening
      but i live in brisbane

      though redvsblue got a mention in brisbane's courier mail
      thats a good thing

    • RED_Command

      13 years ago

      i love that pic so much

    • CaBoosefive0

      13 years ago

      WE all know that brisbane is the best...i'm mean it's just obvious...but apparently it's not good enough to screen there!

    • Rowdy

      13 years ago

      Heya -

      y'know, Adelaide's pretty nice too (insert Melbourne envy; way cooler than Adelaide + Sydney. Perth is no competition)... only like twenty six days till Halo 2 (or so). Midnight opening at EB! Yeah!

    • pprbckwrtr

      13 years ago

      i remember getting into a fight on xanga about the better-ness of melbourne high school: my melbourne high in florida compared to YOUR melbourne high in aussie land.
      id like to think that the rooster teeth people are slightly more intellegent than xangaians.

      and i wish that i lived in YOUR melbourne so i coulda gone to the screening. but nnooo im on the other side of the world in a different hemisphere whoo

    • JMY

      13 years ago

      *sigh* I missed the Melbourne screening. I'm so sad.

    • caboose4eva2

      13 years ago

      love the pic really cool!

    • Melos

      13 years ago

      Melbourne rocks. I went and saw the RvB guys at the screening. Hope you didn't miss out.

    • bigamanman

      13 years ago

      nice pic...u should see mine...possible...not really...o....k


    • catchthathog

      13 years ago

      me me me

    • poseidon

      13 years ago

      I dunno.... the FAQ's are around... in hidding my guess. Btw love the movie you got there.

    • AndyT

      13 years ago

      livin' in Melbourne, you lucky bastard, did you go see Gus and the guys while they were there?

    • 1st2nd3rd4th

      13 years ago

      suppp, just checking out your journal... well peace.

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