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    • conrad500

      RIP Monty

      8 months ago

      Monty Oum was a huge inspiration to me. He was a great guy with a great mind and infinite potential.

      And I've done nothing with his inspiration... I hope I can one day match his drive in any of my pursuits.


    • conrad500

      Selling PAX South Weekend Pass

      8 months ago

      I will not be going to PAX South sadly, but I was able to snag a weekend pass, so it'd be a shame to let it go to waste. I'll take the best offer I can get for them, but I'd like to remake my $80 back at least (More would surely help my financial situation though!)

    • conrad500


      11 months ago

      Good run for such a messed up schedule. Thanks for anyone who tuned in!

    • conrad500

      Almost there...

      11 months ago

      4 hours left... 40% of my goal raised...

      I'm more awake now than I have been, but my mind is going... WOOO! Almost there!

    • conrad500

      I'm quitting the internet

      1 year ago

      In the last podcast they mentioned quitting the internet. It sounds like a good idea.

      There is so much more life to live, I think I'll try that for a while.

      Bye for now roosterteeth!

    • conrad500

      D&D Log 2.5

      1 year ago

      Both previous adventures being on the same day, the team needs some time off. They pull up to a town and agree to meet back up Saturday after the city's fishing contest (It was currently around dawn on Monday). Tezet had his own things to take care of and you can't live out of a carriage!

      Thagi and Neph decide to meet up at 4pm after doing some shopping and finding a place to rest for the week. (neph bought a very fancy pitch black cloak/mask)

      They meet at the job posting board and this is what they see:

      Lured by the promise of gold, Old Man Peterson is their first stop. A child tries to warn them that he's bat shit crazy, but Neph tells he isn't going to take the word of a kid, who then runs off and tells them to fuck off.

      Peterson rushes them inside and locks the door. He fashions them metal hats to ward off the aliens (wraps their horns/spikes too just to make sure) and the two ask him some questions. He informs them that the aliens aren't in his house, but they are in his mind, but they aren't IN his mind, but he keeps the hat so that they can't get in there more. He insults them for asking such stupidly obvious questions and then asks them who they are and why they were there. They decide to leave. (they keep the hats)

      They decide to check out Farmer Thomson. They learn his wife is being kept tied up and kept "alive" by some wards and spells the priest cast for him, but nobody was powerful enough to return her to her original form, so he has been trying to get adventures to help him. They learn that he is a farmer in his mid to late 30's and that she is a young blonde around her mid to early 20's. She went out 10 days or so ago and was missing until an angry mob found a zombie that turned out to be her a few days ago. Without much information to go on, they decide to check out another job.

      They head to Lance the Necromancer's place. He has his own "manor" (some would call it a lair by how it looks) equipped with its own graveyard in the front. (Lance provides free funeral services for the town)
      They are greeted by a zombie butler. They tell him they're here for the job and Lance uses the zombie to tell them to come inside.

      They meet lance, a generic Necromancer looking guy who apparently throws the best Halloween parties. He explains the nature of his powers: one of his thralls obedience hadn't been renewed when it escaped. After some talking they learn that no respectable healers will live in a town with a well respected necromancer (the racists) and that he's the only one who can bring back loved ones for those who are truly desperate. He also uses the dead as city guards in dire need (which is one reason people love him. The other being his kickass halloween parties). Lacking any leads, they decide to check out another job.

      They go to Professor Oaken's lab and are greeted by an eccentric old man. They tell him they're there for the job and he rushes back to the lab; they follow. "Before you start your journey, I must know... are you a boy or a girl?" They have a feeling it will be just easier to entertain his questioning and do so. "What is your name?" he asks. Neph tells him the truth, but Thagi decides to use a fake name and tells him that it's "Red". He shows them his invention! A magical paper that will send him everything they write on it. They are to discover new creatures, record their size, appearance, location, cultural information, etc. and write it on the paper. Once done the paper would go blank and whatever they had drawn would appear in his encyclopedia of creatures, he calles his CreatureDex!

      Now with that out of the way, he offers them an elemental. Neph and Red choose a fire elemental, which was good since it was the only one left! Apparently his grandson... "I can't seem to remember his name... Do you perhaps know it?" Red suggested "Asshat" which offended Oaken very much. They decide to leave him unnamed... His grandson had taken a water elemental with him and some 11 year old children had taken the earth elemental.
      Neph asks if he can nickname the elemental. Oaken thinks it's a wonderful idea. So, he's made of fire, so his name should have char in it. Also, we know he doesn't have a gender, but Neph wanted to think of him as one. "Charman! What a great nickname!" says oak. But neph wasn't done. "It's a brand new elemental. He probably doesn't have much experience, he'd kind of dumb, so let's add der to his name. "Yes!" exclaimed Oaken, "Dercharman! It's a great nickname!" And thus, Dercharman was named. Oaken ushered them out and wished them good luck on their adventure!

      After reaching the town center, the elemental starts acting weird. Neph tell Dercharman not to flare up so much. They roll for initiative. Unarmed, Thagi decides to run away, Neph tries to use the fountain to splash water on it, but slips and falls out of the fountain and onto the ground. The elemental attacks! They both avoid any serious damage, but their magical papers were destroyed by the flames!

      Out of nowhere, Oaken summons a storm cloud to smite the elemental. He didn't know the elemental had to stay a certain range from the caster! His grandson is fine, being that he's also a wizard, but... He "fires" the two stating that being unable to beat such a weak elemental was proof they weren't up for the job and runs off towards the spot his tracking spell located another of his CreatureDex pages... (those poor kids)

      Having failed that quest, they go to see if they can help Lady Danarian (which TOTALLY NOBODY noticed was very similar to Danaries JUST FYI *cough*) with her missing totally human baby. They are escorted by guards to Lady Dannie and she tells them how the kobolds stole her precious baby boy from her! She was very flustered and eager to get their help. FOR SOME REASON the two are wondering if the "baby" in question is actually a dragon egg (WHICH IT TOTALLY ISN'T) but she just continues to call it her precious baby boy. Cont.

    • conrad500

      D&D Log 2

      1 year ago


      So the three adventurers, Tezet (me), Thagi (bec), and Neph (Justin) decide to raid a bandit hideout at night!

      After a nice long rest, the adventurers stop near a town under constant harassment from a gang of bandits that makes its home in the hills and high grass. Tezet got a tip off of where their base might be, but it was still too well hidden to be certain.

      The adventures decide to let our sneaky rogue (who actually could sneak this time!) scout the tall grass since there was no way of seeing very far in any direction.

      Neph catches a halfling guard sneaking towards his (loud) dragon companion! He works fast and slits his throat from behind. They find a map to the entrance and sneak a peek inside the cave.

      One guard is not paying attention as he is setting up a pit fall trap (unbeknownst to the adventurers) and finds himself faced with three enemies who slay him almost instantly before he could raise any alarm.

      They found a map with trap locations on it, so they were able to proceed with caution.

      Neph showed the team that he was a lot better with sneaking than he was at disarming traps as he failed to disarm the two blocking their path (but at least he didn't trigger them!).

      No way around it, they leaped the pit trap, throwing away any stealth for a all out attack on a second halfling thief. He was able to sound the alarm and tried to escape towards a human ally, but was put to death soon after receiving reinforcement. (Neph didn't make the jump and fell in the hole, but he landed gracefully at least!)

      The human bandit, taking a critical wound to his shoulder, seemed to flee into a solid dirt wall! The team was too busy to investigate as the rest of the guards from above had come down to check out the commotion.

      The guards were dispatched easily enough and the team examined the wall with very few results. Tezet figured it was some sort of illusion or barrier and knocking it down would be the best course of action.

      Thagi whacks the wall, shattering a large section of it, only to be met with a barrage from two human bandits waiting in ambush.

      Thagi was pissed and began to attack, but didn't expect for one of them to escape through a SECOND enchanted wall. The second bandit wasn't stupid (I guess the other one wasn't either, but he was dazed) so instead of just running through he tried to disable the trap he knew to be on the other side. Neph and Thagi both tried to move him and failed and critically failed respectively, landing Thagi lying on her face.

      The WIZARD saved the day when he GRABBED the bandit and the team were able to subdue him after a few more rounds of his running away. He let them know the escaped bandit had the key to their chest, so they left him tied up and went to get the key.

      They found the other bandit unconscious in a pit trap on the other side of the now dispelled wall. Thagi spat on him, then went down to throw him out, resulting in her slamming him into the wall of the pit instead. After intimidating him into cooperation, they find out the location of a secret wall safe and decide to bring him to make sure it wasn't a trap.

      They get to the wall safe, he unlocks it, but that wasn't good enough. The team makes him open the safe. As he does, he dodges out of the way and a dire rat runs right at Neph! After a short battle they kill the bandit bastard, loot the safe, and head back home.

      Quite a few magical items were found, but Tezet let Neph keep the magic armor and dagger as they were mundane and of no use to him.

      Failing to solve ANY of the skill challenges themselves, the team is still at level 1... They are much closer than they were before, but this seems to be the start of a very long journey!

    • conrad500

      D&D Log 1

      1 year ago

      Going to post the story as we play it out of our first D&D session as roommates. I'm DMing while Rebecca and Justin play. It's a 2 man party with a NPC partner (me)

      DM/Tezet - Me
      Thagi - Dragonborn Warlord - Rebecca
      Nephreus - Tiefling Rogue - Justin

      So Tragi wakes up in some strange moving house. She goes talk to the driver very confused, but ends up just going back to bed after a very brief conversation.

      Neph wakes up very suspicious. He looks around for stuff to steal and realizes it's his own belongings and also realizes that he doesn't want to vandalize this moving house. Very confused, he goes to talk to the driver who let's him know that it is very common to lose some memory before sealing a magical contract.

      Approaching their destination, some unimportant town, Tezet calls for his two new companions to join him for breakfast and discuss their first adventure.

      Over breakfast he explains how they are now employed by him as adventurers! He is an avid collector of magical items and all of their adventures are to add to his collection! He has no interest in gold, loot, or any other rewards as long as he gets his item!

      Their first adventure was to retrieve a family heirloom, a magic shield, some goblins stolen. The family was one of the important founders of the town they were currently in, but it was the poorest of the founding families without much fame or power. Tezet's sources were fairly certain that it was an easy job, but they needed to act fast before the family could learn of the goblins' hideout, robbing them of their adventure!

      They travel on foot to find the goblin's cave. After the THIEF, the one trained in STEALTH, stumbles to the cave entrance and sees nothing, the heavily armored FUCKING DRAGON, quietly spots two shadows being cast in the distance.

      They stumble/sneak closer and without much vision decide that their opponents are too few and too weak to stand much of a chance against them, so they attack!

      An unseen sharp shooter along the back wall along with the two other goblins intercept their attack and the battle begins!

      Tragi takes massive damage as one of the goblins crit her, but she uses her inspiring words to heal herself and goes on the offensive.

      Neph seems to have no luck with his attacks... at all...

      But that doesn't stop Tragi from critting and then slaying one of the other goblins. Seeing that their advantage in numbers was gone, they tried to run and escape through a side passage, only to be cut off by Tragi and flanked by Neph.

      The two cleaned up the rest of the goblins, finding the hiding spot of the shield during the chase, only to hear a ferocious roar from behind them!

      A hobgoblin had watched them finish off his minions and was charging in a blind rage!

      The two adventures were very worried, until the creature's heart burst from his chest. Tezet had stopped the sneaky hobgoblin with a single well placed bolt of magic.

      The companions looted the place, and Tezet let the two of them decide what to do with the shield as a reward for a job well done.

      They decided to let Tezet keep the shield, which Tragi would use in battle. Cus fuk dem poor peeps. We want dat shield yo!

      So they head back to the wagon and set off for more adventures.

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      I hope you're doing well and that things are goin' your way. Look forward to meeting you SOMEDAY at RTX. smiley12.gif

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      Happy feutured user day,sorry you quitted the interwebs

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      Congrats on being Featured User! I hope you're enjoying life outside of the internet!

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      Congrats, man! Happy FU Day!
      Too bad you quit the Internet

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      You quit the internet and then become Featured User! Congrats!

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