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    • Rwby team idea part 1

      9 months ago


      So i'm making my own characters for a team in RWBY for fun. Seeing people do these inspired me so here I am. (feel free to comment on anything and enjoy)

      Name: Gray Warm

      Gender: Male

      Age: 18

      Race: Android. Technically human

      Height: 6ft 4inches

      Hair: Black hair, bicep length dreadlocks.

      Build: Tall, slender, muscular

      Appearance: Dark skinned. Right eye is a warm brown. Other eye is a bright yellow. Toned face covered in scales similar to a dragon.

      Outfit: Gray wears a gray tank top under a black bikers leather jacket that is left open at the neck. Has a long red bandanna around his neck. The right sleeve has a 3 spikes on the shoulder and is ripped revealing a combat arm guard that goes up to his forearm. Wears leather pants with armored knee guards. Has on military combat boots and wears dog tags. Wears a metal back harness that carries his guns.

      Personality: Grey is an upbeat and overly suave guy who expresses himself with vitality. Behind this attitude he is dark and depressed and tries to live life to it's fullest in order to fill this void. He drops any personal problems or desires when anything serious forces him to take the leader/friend role. He can be smart mouthed, cocky, and rude if hes not careful, this makes him seem mean and insensitive when he doesn't mean to.

      Weapons of choice: Two silver double barreled hard ballers with laser sighted scopes (named them his "Lighters") that can be modified with dust for additional effects. When his guns are holstered, Gray can pull off the entire harness guns included and transform the whole thing into a huge double bladed war axe (named "Match"). Gray's fight style revolves around his skilled axe swings and brute strength. Will sometimes fire off shots to keep his enemies on edge. Is very skilled in unarmed combat.

      Semblance: Can use the powers of a Chinese dragon including sharp claws and teeth, armored skin, fire breath, and even (limited) flight. Gray also gets some infinite effects such as super strength, speed, sight, and a bit of good luck. However he is constantly at risk of losing control over himself to his inner dragon. This entity within him threatens his very sanity and will sometimes make him commit villainous acts such as stealing, hospitalizing people, and even committing murder. Gray has learned to suppress this to a certain degree and limit his semblance usage. 

      Skills: Can eat and digest iron. Eyesight is twice as sharp as an eagle. Strong enough to chuck a Paladin mech about 15ft. Excellent motorbike driver (owns a hot rod)

      Weaknesses: Can get overconfident and cocky in a fight. Trash talking leaves him ignorant to his own openings or disadvantages. Might temporarily lose control to his inner dragon or be corrupted entirely.

      Strengths: Is usually level headed in a fight. Can coordinate well with his team and any assisting huntsmen. Thinks on his feet efficiently. Uses his weapon in smart and imaginative ways. Incredible prowess in combat. Excellent counter-attacker. Trash talk can work to his advantage if it distracts his enemy.

      Backstory: A newly built android was engineered off the body of a dead soldier to be the perfect weapon as part of the new synthetic human project. It was engineered to be an obedient mindless robot that would revolutionize the Atlas military. As Project-32X was in the middle of development west of Vacuo, the research lab was raided by thieves and the scientists were all slaughtered. The criminals eventually found a way to activate 32X and turned it into a pawn for their crimes. The following attacks influenced a massive crime wave across Vacuo bringing about constant Grimm attacks and fear. As 32X began to evolve it became aware of the pain and hatred it had caused and left the thieves in an attempt to go back to Atlas. Unfortunately 32Xs robotic nature slowly began to devolve into a nearly non-existent mind that wandered the desert. Eventually the android was discovered by an old washed up huntsmen named Luke Warm who took in the android and gave him a home. Luke trained the android to be a skilled and effective huntsmen and over time helped 32X redevelop the dead soldier's personality. After a couple of years, Luke died of old age. The android then gathered remaining clothes, food, water, and set out into the world. Along the way he fought many criminals and busted many robberies earning him the nickname the "Gray Dragon" which became the android's name. Eventually he met up with outcast huntsmen and formed a team with them.

    • Rwby team idea part 4

      11 months ago


      So this is the last member of team GHYM (for those wondering ghym is the first three letters of the color Gamboge) hope u like the final team member or any of the others!

      Name: Mark Revlis

      Gender: Male

      Age: 19

      Race: Faunus (hawk)

      Height: 6ft 3inches

      Hair: Made of silver feathers (genetic faunus coding). Combs feathers into an Uncle Jesse mullet but the top of his head is nicely combed over

      Build: Lanky, semi-broad chest

      Appearance: Is pale. Baby blue eyes, weak facial features

      Outfit: Wears a tight casual white dress shirt covered by a classy black button down vest that is left open to reveal a strapped harness. A little black bow tie rests his neck. Has on tight tuxedo pants with his own custom made brown vintage shoes. Outfits pants with decorative chain. Wears a pair of dark rimmed modern nerd glasses.

      Personality: Mark is a classical and thoughtful guy who is very old fashioned. He respects those who don't open up in a conversation or just want to be alone. Due to his harsh childhood, losing his job, and faunus heritage, Mark has a hard time making friends and is socially awkward at times. Mark is a huge nerd and would spend days working on a project or new invention. Despite his awkwardness Mark is smart and overly witty to the point of annoyance.

      Weapons of choice: A large left handed combat shotgun that Mark has great accuracy with. Charges ammo with his dust pack attached to his harness. Vintage shoes can charge up with gravity dust to launch the wearer several feet. Has a glove on his right hand that can also be charged with dust to create effects such as restoring electricity to a power box, shooting fire, lowering the area temperature, etc. Mark's gloves can also produce 3 wires that he can attack enemies with or can use them to fix/hack things.

      Semblance: Can create an infinite solution board. How this works is that Mark can visualize universal algorithms (solutions to problems) almost instantly and use them in battle. Although Mark can find a solution to any problem, the solutions he produces are endless and most of the time beyond his own understandingmaking them sometimes useless if Mark can't comprehend a solution.

      Skills: knows every kingdom and their heritages. is a polymath. Genius at inventing things. A master at deceit and manipulation. Talented actor. Can go days without eating or sleeping

      Weaknesses: More vulnerable to pain then his teammates. Sucks terribly when it comes to hand-hand. Sometimes takes a while to figure out things with his semblance. Very low stamina and strength. Will choke if in the middle of a dire situation. Nearly blind without his glasses. Usually requires lots of dust in order to be effective in combat. Almost useless without weapons and tools

      Strengths: An excellent marksman. Smart and his fight style of long range/running away can be annoying to the enemy. expert at combining dust. Can quickly reach high distances. Is a tech savvy.

      Backstory: Born to a poor family in a bunker on the outskirts of Atlas, Mark had it rough nearly all his life. Thankfully his old parents kept him going and home schooled Mark in various subjects when he wasn't mining for fire dust or scavenging food. They taught him the value of education and told him to not let his race stop him from reaching his goals. Once he turned 13 his parents died, but before they passed, told their son to dream big. Inspired by their final words, he spent his time creating a new efficient way to mine dust and present it to Atlas. Packing with him his food, supplies, and his project he set out to the main city of Atlas. Upon arriving 1 year later he presented his project and the officials were so impressed, they gave him a spot in Atlas as a junior scientist where he earned enough money to get a fancy apartment. Over the next 5 years, he spent his life creating record breaking technology designed to change the world and along the way met the Atlas soldier Veronica Honydew. For a while since he began he learned of how his employers were mistreating the faunus workers and even how they became responsible for "accidental deaths". As of learning that he was only valued for his knowledge, Mark quit after confronting his bosses. Now out of a job, Mark was left unsure of where he was going with his life when close friend Veronica got kicked out of the military. She then asked him if he would travel the world with her in a personal pursuit of justice. At that moment Mark knew that wherever she took him was his next calling, and to do that he would become a huntsmen. So he created an arsenal of weapons and agreed to the idea if she promised to train him. Traveling the world the two met Amarillo and Gray while stopping a dust robbery in Mistral and joined together to form team GHYM.

    • Rwby team idea part 2

      1 year ago


      Name: Veronica Honydew

      Gender: Female

      Age: 18

      Race: human

      Height: 5ft 10inches

      Hair: Brown hair straight hair. Right side is neck length, left side goes down to her bicep.

      Build: Short, thin, toned shape

      Appearance: green eyes, baby face

      Outfit: Neon green full body suit. Covered with a black tactical bullet proof vest (chin high collar) and a camo military harness. Wears camo shorts, steel leggings and brown custom sneakers.

      Personality: Calm and reserved person who is hard to become friends with but becomes a really good one in the end. Has a cynical view on life due to fear of ever getting let down again and submitting to depression. Can be a daring person at times and would be willing to die for others and her cause as a huntress. This counterattacks her calm nature and she tries hard to suppress her dangerous side.

      Weapons of choice: Veronica wields two Vityaz SNs for long and close range shooting. In her harness packs she has multiple butterfly knives she throws or if in a pinch can use them up close. Carries a large machete she can use up close for stabbing and slashing. Tips weapons with poison. Uses vicious kicks in hand to hand situations. Sneakers can produce spikes for enhanced kicks or running up walls.

       Semblance: Can slow down time. When this happens she has a moment to counterattack or dodge attacks. She can only do this for 2 seconds at a time. Veronica's semblance is not a spidey sense and she must activate it on her own instinct/reaction.

      Skills: A very good interrogator due to intimidation. Can make poison. Is a natural survivalist. Isn't scared by Grimm. An excellent assassin and military agent. adept at Kickboxing and Taekwondo like fighting style.

      Weaknesses: Can't make decisions in the moment. Doesn't have any good defensive options. Daring personality can get herself killed. Tends to over complicate things. Prefers to think for herself rather then coordinate with team.

      Strengths: Can think for herself. Knows how to use environments to her advantage. Likes to approach a fight stealthily. Makes plans ahead of time. Very accurate with shots and can easily follow a moving target.

      Backstory: Veronica Honydew was a lonely child who had abusive parents and a cruel sister. Often times her parents would get drunk and leave the house purposefully avoiding caring for Veronica while her sister would beat her up and destroy her belongings. One day her drunk parents got lost in the woods and were mauled to death by Beowolves. With no parents  6 year old Veronica and her sister moved in with her grandparents who taught them how to care for themselves. Although her grandparents took care of her, she still endured abuse from her sister and fell into a depression. She soon packed her bags and ran away to the forest to hide. When she realized she needed to come out of her depression so she learned to hunt and fight Grimm. After spending 9 years in the forest she decided to set out and join the military in Atlas. A few months later she arrives and earns a spot as a soldier due to her incredible skill. While at the military she learns even more skills and meets a local scientist whom she befriends quickly. Unfortunately she is quickly stripped of her rank due to not following orders and for not coordinating with her teammates. Humiliated and depressed again she lived a dull life in her home when the scientist convinces her to embrace the world again. Now inspired to become a huntress she set out to discover more about herself and took the scientist with her. Eventually she met two outcast rebels who they shared a common goal with. Together they formed team GHYM.

    • Rwby team idea part 3

      1 year ago


      Part 3 is here! enjoy

      Name: Amarillo Volt


      Age: 18

      Race: human, Mexican descent

      Height: 6ft 4inches

      Hair: dirty blonde hair, wildly curly

      Build: tall, bit bulky, curvy

      Appearance: violet eyes, attractive face, tanned

      Outfit: short bra crop top covered by a fitted denim jacket armored at the shoulders. wears two titanium belts with one going across diagonal to her waist. denim short shorts and knee high riding boots wrapped with 4 belts. wears iron gauntlets and has a lone tattoo along her right arm.

      Personality: Brave and determined to her cause as a huntress. Somewhat of a knucklehead and usually does things without thinking them through. Is a kind person and often considers other's feelings. Get's kind of flirtatious which makes others (guys mostly) uncomfortable around her.

      Weapons of choice: wields two flails with gigantic mace heads (named Grand Plumeros. Uses the for heavy swinging combat or can use them as deflective shields. Amarillo can also use them to quake the ground beneath her enemy. Slow but combined with Amarillo's natural strength can deplete aura very quickly.

      Semblance: can increase her size and to a maximum of 25ft. Weapon will grow according to size. Can increase the durability of her aura and is hard to kill even without it. Can only maintain increased body mass for so long. Can create strong gusts of wind while big and can lift heavier weights.

      Skills: Can pull war ships together. Tough enough to get stabbed without aura and not only survive, but not even flinch. Can hold her breath for 10 minutes. Held up a random support beam with her legs. Perfected hearing to an almost superhuman level. Can leap buildings.

      Weaknesses: Not very creative in a fight (eventually overcomes this). Has hard time hitting fast opponents. doesn't think enough in a fight. Weapon will sometimes slow her down. Over exerts herself.

      Strengths: Can fight well without weapon. A natural super athlete. Overwhelms enemy with size and power. Uses resistance to pain in order to catch enemy off guard. Aware of the worst ways to hurt an enemy.

      Backstory: Born into a happy family and trained to be a huntress since she was able to hold a weapon, Amarillo had a perfect life and entered into Haven academy. Although she was a skilled warrior, she often fell behind in her classes and was being constantly picked on even by her own teammates. Eventually the teachers sent her out of Haven and back home. Furious and scared she ran away. As she was preparing to kill herself Amarillo was stopped by an old man who told her she could do great things if she looked at life with a positive attitude and never stopped moving forward. Upon hearing this she returned home and traveled the world looking training her body to absolute perfection. Although she failed combat school, she was considered by those who met her a true huntress. One day while fighting a gang of thieves, she encounters strangers who help her fight the thieves. These strangers eventually become her only friends and teammates.

      Hope u guys are enjoying these characters I made. Anyway part 4 will be coming soon so stay tuned.

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