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    • Life Is Strange: Episode 3

      3 years ago


      My plant died.

      Aside from that, this episode is undoubtedly my favorite so far, holy shit. The end part literally gave me goosebumps all over my body.

      To "celebrate" the release of the third episode; have a Chloe cosplay picture!



      (Oh, and if you didn't know about it yet; I have a Facebook page! Feel free to check it out smiley12.gif )

    • Twenty

      3 years ago


      That's my age as of today. Feels weird not being able to refer to myself as a teen anymore.


      I also got a cake (four in total, in fact) and like @bgibbles I don't have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) which in my case means I don't have to share them with anyone. I'm not on a diet though, thankfully, so I can eat it all. #blessed

      I think for every level up I go through, I become less and less mature. Reverting back to childhood here we go.

    • Today was... interesting

      3 years ago


      I've got an exam tomorrow, so my friends and I went to the city library (which, fyi, is gorgeous) to study. We went outside to the balconies on the side of the building to take a break, when we saw two older men drinking directly out of vodka bottles, chilling down by the water. We thought nothing of it, assumed that they wouldn't empty the bottles and that they would control their drinking (besides, it's Little Saturday in Sweden, after all).

      We went to take another break outside a few hours later, and noticed that one of the men was lying on the ground. We assumed the worst until the other man started talking to him and he sat up again. The second man then tried to help the other one to stand up and walk, several times, but he kept falling over. Since they were so close to the water, we were scared that the man might fall in, so we did what other people failed to do as they just sat there staring, pointing and laughing at the two men - we called the police.

      For some reason, it took ages for the police to arrive, so we went down there ourselves to check on the two men and give a bottle of water to the one who kept falling over (as if that wasn't enough, he was wearing a winter jacket, and it was really hot outside). He had a wound on his head from one of the times when he had fallen over, and there was also quite a bit of blood on his forehead.
      The other man started drinking out of another vodka bottle and talked to us about things that didn't really make any sense (including murder, knives and wrestling - it sounds worse than it was) and also told us that they had emptied three bottles of vodka each. Yikes.

      A little over an hour after our call, the police finally arrived - but did nothing other than talk, for a minute or two, to the man who had fallen over (the other man left when the police arrived).
      I'm not often disappointed with the Swedish police force, as they tend do their job pretty well (with some exceptions, of course), but today I was. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no position to tell them what they should do, but they could have at least helped the man to stand up and make his way to a bench where he could sit up properly, rather than practically leaving him on the ground; especially with that wound on his head. Oh well.

      What bothers me the most, though, is all the teenagers who just sat there staring and laughing at the men while they tried to walk away, and when one of them repeatedly fell to the ground (which was, might I add, covered in concrete). Sure, those men shouldn't have been drinking that much, but that doesn't give you the right to make fun of them when they fall over and hurt themselves, especially when the possibility that they could fall into the river is there. And sure, people falling over can be amusing at times (skadeglädje, as we call it in Sweden), but not when there's a chance that they could actually die. Jesus, people.

      At least we called the police so that the men could get help (even though I guess they didn't? I don't know if anything happened later on as we left about an hour later) and went down to give them water.
      Good deeds are so important. A friend of mine and I bought food for a homeless person the week before and saw her eyes light up. Being a decent human being is way better than making fun of people. I wish more people would realize that.

      Speaking of odd things happening, on the way home I encountered someone driving on the wrong side on the road. Thank goodness I saw him, because he didn't even slow down while driving towards me. Some people, man. Some people.

      TL;DR - two men were a bit too drunk, good deeds were done, and I almost got in a car accident.

    • Age of Ultron

      3 years ago


      Three words:

      Watch your language.

    • 3 years ago

    • Hi, my name is...

      3 years ago


      *tika tika* Slim Shady.

    • Existential crisis

      3 years ago


      Procrastinating and avoiding responsibilities that don't give me joy, or even lead me to anything that could give me joy, makes me really think about life sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if there's a point to anything we ever do.

      Why should I do something so dumb as to write an essay about second language acquisition when the possibility that we could all die tomorrow exists? Why should I do things that are so incredibly insignificant to the universe when there are most likely other beings out there saving the galaxy right now? There could randomly be a gigantic Reaper descending from the skies tomorrow and we'd all die within days doing things we don't want to do...

      I've been playing too much Mass Effect lately.

    • Monty Oum Tribute

      3 years ago


      A bit late perhaps, but, better late than never..!

      I spoke to a few RWBY fans/cosplayers here in Sweden and got a few pictures from them, to show that it doesn't matter where we're from or where we live; the characters and stories Monty created sparked something in all of us, and united so many of us, and we will always remember him for giving us this. We will always keep moving forward, and thanks to him, it's something we will never forget.

      (Katerina - Ruby and Blake cosplayer, is working on Coco cosplay)

      (Felix - is working on Sun cosplay)

      (Lina - Yang cosplayer)

      Monty inspired us, and through our inspiration, he will live on. smiley12.gif

    • 3 years ago

    • Games before all else

      3 years ago


      Life Is Strange E2 is out, along with a Dragon Age Inquisition DLC.

      Today is a pretty damn good day.

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