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      so this is my first time posting in this side of the forum and i just wanted to know if anyone else out there plays high school football. if ya do, what state?, whats your mascot? and whats your current record?

      mine is Alaska, North Pole Patriots, 8-0 (got playoffs this weekend)

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    • NPHS Patriots

      9 years ago


      Fuck yeah! My Team is simply kick ass. We rusted the Colony Knights, chained the West Valley Wolfpack, scalped the Wasilla Warriors, and caged the Eielson Ravens. And just last night we shoved the West Anchorage Eagles into the cage as well.

      1st quarter: score 0-0

      2nd quarter: 0-0

      3rd quarter: 7-0
      - marched the ball all the way the field right up the middle of the defense.

      4th quarter: 28-7
      - after we scored the first time, we kicked the ball and got it back, then offense scored
      - kicked again this time west got the ball, and defense got a pick and ran it all the way
      - kicked again and got the ball back after we hit wests ball carrier so hard that we
      dislocated his shoulder and dropped the ball
      - West scored on our 3rd string varsity with 1.5 minutes left in the game

    • The ex thread

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      If you have an ex who you are glad that you are no longer dating post their names here so that others may avoid that crazy bitch / asshole. Also post why to avoid this person ( crazy, stalker, serial killer).

      For Example, avoid Jane Doe because she will paste her face into every picture with your face in it.

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    • Bones, Bruises, & Scabs

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      this forum is to share with the RvB community the worst time you have hurt.
      this can be broken bones, bruises, scabs, stitches, just as long as it isnt "this girl broke my heart"

      ok ill start the worst bruises i ever got was in the middle of a football practice. we were practicing kickoff. i kicked the ball the hauled balls down the field. so me and this other guy were goin full speed at the ball and we both dove for it. anyway his knee went in my crotch and i had to sit out for a good 20 minutes. it hurt to walk for two day. my nuts got bruised for a week and my groin was bruised for 2 1/2 weeks.

      that was the worst bruise ive ever had

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      sorry tried to post during an update and it made two posts for some reason

      Post edited 7/27/08 5:19AM

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    • new personalities

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      this is just to find out what type of character would make a great addition to RvB. so far i think that if anybody is added to the series a few characters that would be welcome might include:

      a guy with ADD,

      a weightlifter with roid rage

      a old guy who reminices about the "old days"

      or (fill in the blank)

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    • the ice zombie empire

      9 years ago


      These documents are super duper classified so keep it on the DL.

      A long time ago in a land overrun with the undead, there reigned two species of undead: the regular zombies and the ice zombies. the regular zombies would rule over the warmer climates and eat the brains of humans in their turf. the ice zombies would rule the polar regions and would eat the brains of penguins. eventually the ice zombies began to run low on penguins but soon they discovered that they could eat human brains if the humans had brain freeze. so they rose up over the regular zombies and killed all the regular zombies. they were able to do this thanks to their superior technology. they used their B-2 stealth bombers, .50 cal sniper rifles, and their gamma radiation exposed hulk-like zombies to combat the regular zombies slow movements, low pitch moans, and uncordination. by the time they ruled the world they were ready to start eating human brains that had brain freeze. at first it was going great but then the humans noticed that the ice zombies only hung around DQ and the freezer aisle of the local supermarket. so the humans stopped eating ice cream for about a year. The ice zombies soon died out due to starvation and Chlamydia.

    • predictions for episode 9

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      just wanted to see what everybody else thought about whats going to happen in episode 9 of reconstruction. on that note ...

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    • 2018 years ago

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