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    • RWBY Chibi request: Can we please have Ragna make at least one appearance?

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      Just to have some "WTF" fun, it'd be hilariously awesome if Ragna the Bloodedge got to have a guest star appearance in an episode of RWBY Chibi. Since Ruby and Ragna crossed paths in Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle, this could milk that crossover for all it's worth.

      Come on, Ragna is in Gag Reels all the time; an appearance in RWBY Chibi would be pleasant by his standards.

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    • Request for a RWBY Chibi skit involving Blazblue CTB

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      Since all four Team RWBY members are going to be in it, can we have a segment where the Chibi's get it, sit down to play it, and then all make remarks at how Arc System Works gave 3/4 of them big boobs? You'd get some comic gold out of that, especially if Weiss is all "Why didn't they give ME big boobs too?!"

      You can use euphemisms as much as you like, but the gist should be there.

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    • Speculation on Volume 6 (SPOILERS!)

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      Now that we're through Volume 5 with a win for the good guys, it's time for us to speculate on what might happen for Volume 6. We know we'll be going to Atlas, which means it'll be time for Weiss to shine (this season was pretty much all Yang and Blake).

      Here are a few things I speculate could happen, but take appropriate NaCl.

      - Jacques Schnee is going to end up being the arc villain, perhaps forming an alliance with Salem just to get the SDC back in business. Or at the very least, he learns about the Relic in Atlas and tries to take it for himself.

      - Winter will return and there will be plenty of belligerent sexual tension between her and Qrow.

      - Emerald will attempt to leave Salem's faction now that Cinder is dead. She was already visibly horrified at the things Salem has at her disposal, but only stuck around because of Cinder.

      - Weiss will confront dear daddy in a one-on-one duel, because simple words aren't gonna get through Jacques' thick skull.

      - Whitley will end up royally screwing things up for everyone just for his own agenda, even pulling one over on his dad. (All just so we hate the little shithead even more.)

      - The Winter Maiden will have some sort of connection to the Schnee family. (It'd honestly be awesome and totally punneriffic if Winter herself is actually the Maiden.)

      - Neo will finally make a return somewhere. (We were told she'd be in V5, but she's nowhere to be found.)

      Oh, and as a request to RoosterTeeth, can we have at least one hot-spring or hot-tub episode in Volume 6?

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    • [DEATH BATTLE IDEA] Blake VS Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

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      Two highly-mobile badass females in a fight to the death. Who do you think would win in a Death Battle?


      My money would be on Blake.

      Blake is more maneuverable than Mikasa, who relies on her 3DMG to maneuver, and Mikasa's gear is vulnerable to mechanical problems and fuel shortages, meaning she's screwed once it runs out. Blake is also tougher than Mikasa, having taken an explosion at her feet from Torchwick's gun and getting up seconds later like it was nothing, while Mikasa once took a hard fall and was incapacitated from it. Blake's Aura also affords her more protection, so Mikasa loses out there.

      Mikasa does possess the reflexes necessary to block a bullet in flight, but Blake has deflected automatic fire (as shown in the Black Trailer). Gambol Shroud might be a match for Mikasa's blades too, as it could cut through Atlesian Knights like they were paper. Mikasa's only real advantages would be physical strength and combat experience, but Mikasa's experience is against slow, lumbering Titans, not a fast Faunus like Blake.

      Lastly, Blake's Semblance would make this fight totally unfair, as Mikasa would have zero idea on how to deal with it. If Blake combined Dust with her Semblance, it'd be a one-sided slaughter.


      Even if the result is abundantly clear, it doesn't mean a fight between them wouldn't be awesome to watch.

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    • Miles and Kerry need to read "Resurgence"

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      Post Season 3 - The strongest are those who can get back up with the bitter taste of defeat still fresh in their mouths. Ruby and her new team are trying to save as many as they can while they wait for Cinder's next move. But Cinder has a new weapon in store for the huntsmen in training. And this weapon wears a familiar face...

      Best RWBY fanfic ever!

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    • Please raise the level cap in RWBY Grimm Eclipse to, say, level 12

      in Forums > Please raise the level cap in RWBY Grimm Eclipse to, say, level 12 | Follow this topic


      Still being stuck at level 10 in Forever Fall feels limiting. I'd like to be able to max out more stuff.

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    • Wild Mass Guess Theory: Cinder will merge with the Grimm Dragon as a last resort during her final battle

      in Forums > Wild Mass Guess Theory: Cinder will merge with the Grimm Dragon as a last resort during her final battle | Follow this topic


      Why, you ask? So we can get a variation of this Disney gem:

      "Now shall you deal with ME, oh Prince, and all the powers of HELL!!!!!"

      That and Jaune could get the crowning moment of his Huntsman career: slaying a dragon who also happens to be an evil sorceress (and avenge Pyrrha's death).

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    • Theory: Pyrrha will return, but in a "Came Back Wrong" sense

      in Forums > Theory: Pyrrha will return, but in a "Came Back Wrong" sense | Follow this topic


      I've been reading a VERY good RWBY fanfic called Resurgence in which Pyrrha is resurrected by Cinder as an unwilling puppet, and eventually even gets turned into a Grimm Thrall. Talk about heart-breaking, right?

      Now, I actually think this isn't outside the realm of possibilities. Yes, Pyrrha was disintegrated, but her soul could still exist, trapped by Cinder in something like a Soul Gem (ala Elder Scrolls). And we don't know the full extent of the Maiden powers, which could transcend life and death. Heck, even Salem could be the one who resurrects Pyrrha into a puppet minion.

      But why resurrect Pyrrha in such a way? Well, there's one good reason: Cinder/Salem may wish to use her as a "hope destroyer".

      Picture this: Pyrrha is famous and beloved by pretty much all of Remnant, especially the people of Mistral. But no one outside of Vale knows she's dead. Now imagine she returned to Mistral leading an army of Grimm, and started slaughtering innocent civilians. Wouldn't that send the people into utter despair and panic?

      And it'd be extremely effective too. The people would suddenly see one of their most beloved rising stars become their worst nightmare. Wouldn't they become immediately distrustful of all young Huntsmen, fearing they could turn out the same way?

      And imagine what this would do to our heroes. Having to fight their dear friend? Jaune at least would be devastated.

      Salem wants to snuff out hope, and this would be a stellar way to do it.

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    • Tales of RWBY (It needs to happen!)

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      Dunno how many of you have seen this on Deviantart, but in case you haven't: iceninjax77.deviantart.com/gallery/

      IceNinja is just AWESOME making these videos, blending together RWBY with the Tales series. It seriously makes me want Namco to cut a deal with Rooster Teeth and produce a real "Tales of RWBY" game.

      Please say it'll happen someday. Please?

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    • Create a character for RWBY

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      I'm surprised no one has done this yet. Basically, if you've got an idea for a RWBY-verse character, post it up here. :)

      I'll start with one. No need to follow the format, but it helps.

      Name: Robyn Sherwood (play on Robin Hood)

      Gender: Female

      Appearance: Looks like this (I didn't draw this)
      Found here: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/645060 (this site can be NSFW)

      Weapon of Choice: Composite Blade Longbow (the bow can be split into a pair of daggers when needed, or just be used as a large blade in its bow form)

      Personality: Congenial, almost to a fault. Very altruistic; would willingly break the law if for the greater good. Lived in poverty, so she hates rich, snobby people (i.e. Weiss) (though she gets along well enough with Pyrrha). Loves animals (doesn't extend to monsters, thankfully). Claustrophobic.

      Skills: Can shoot a bird in the eye about a kilometer away, FLYING. Very acrobatic (like most of the other girls) and pretty good at knife-fighting, but she prefers to use her bow. Knowledgeable about Dust crystals (which she uses for special arrowheads; she normally uses steel arrows, though). Skilled at picking peoples' pockets when needed.

      Aura Semblance: Eagle Vision
      Robyn's vision is beyond 20/20; she can see things from miles away, and perceive things others cannot. It even lets her see things through most solid objects (kinda like X-ray vision, but better). (Think of it like Eagle Vision from the Assassin's Creed series.)

      History: Lost her parents years ago over a Dust mine incident, which the Schnee family was partially responsible for. Lived on the streets for years, stealing to survive, but often giving away what she stole to the poor. Was arrested at age 16 and scouted by Beacon, who ordered her release into their custody. Enrolled at Beacon one year later.

      Likes: Cute animals, apples.

      Dislikes: Weiss (eventually gets over it), enclosed spaces.


      Anyone wanna try?

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