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      3 years ago


      No words I have no words *sobs*

    • Ok so, its been a over a year but...

      3 years ago


      Ok So I totally forgot to write anything for over a year seeing as my last post was about 2013 being better than 2012 and, if you have not yet noticed, its 2015 (gasp)

      Anyway, just read my last post and I was beginning to talk about how I was about to get beaten up by some soldiers. Now I don't really need to describe me, I have pics on this site if you really have to go and look. Suffice to say, the short one was taller than me and the taller one was substantially bigger than me. Firstly my two 19 year old female american flatmates were drunk and yelling at the soldiers for following them, and the soldiers were yelling at them because they were not, also, they were drunk. My mate Andy had buggered off at the first sign of trouble, nice one Andy you prick, leaving me the drunk-yet-sane one of the group. So what to do? My self defense lessons extended as far as game tutorials and the handful of fights I got in at school were unlikely to assist me against two soldiers. So I used the one weapon in my arsenal that might work, humour, or in this case, self deprecating humour. In short, I made fun of myself.

      I believe I said, and memory fails after a while, something along the lines of, "guys, I don't want to do this, but, if you make me, I will get brutally beaten up by the pair of you, but as I said, I don't really want to do that, so lets work out a way where I don't get beaten up because I suspect it hurts" and things along that lines which got the soldiers on my side. At that point my mate Andy turned up again and the soldiers anger was now directed at him, so I had to step in again and say similar things like "he is my mate and while I don't stand a chance I will get beaten up defending him" to which one soldier said "you would defend your mate even if you don't stand a chance?" i said "yes" and then he said "you should join the army" if one of the soldiers mates had not come along I would probably have ended up joining the army, and am very agreeable when drunk and go with the flow.

      Ok that is that story finished. More or less. There is always something more but not going into that on a public message. errr, what else? I am trying to remember why I decided to write this after such a long time. Oh well it will probably come to me later.

      To be continued if I remember....

    • 2013 > 2012

      4 years ago


      Hope my long since atrophied math skills have told which way round the > symbol is supposed to go. Anyway, 2013 is greater than 2012 for me at least.

      Lets see, the first two months of 2012 were the start of a rather stressful period in my life, i was in my final year at university writing my dissertation on The Economic growth of Japan in the Latter Half of the 20th Century or something along those lines, i don't remember. Two of my flatmates went abroad for the final semester of the year so we had two free rooms and were facing a potential rent crisis. Somehow the university heard about our situation and suggested we take i a couple of exchange students for the final semester, now i didn't really like the idea of having someone in my flat who might not speak English very well as it might make telling them to clean up after themselves difficult but, as it turned out, we were getting a pair of Americans named Kirsty and Sierra.

      Now around this time (earlt feb 2012) my families house caught fire. That was a boat load of stress as my parents were effectively rendered homeless for a couple of weeks until the insurance company paid up for them to rent a flat, luckily my parents and a 1 week holiday planned so 2 days after the house was burned they were in Nice, france, i won't bore you with all the details as i am sure this insight into my life is boredom enough but the fire was in Feb 2012 and we were told it was about four months work. We moved back home at the end of January 2013. Some of you may be thinking "that's more than four months" well you are correct it is. that fire became our year.

      Anyway back in Leeds where i went to uni my new flatmates, who were both 19 and therefore over drinking age in the UK but not in the US, wanted to go out and have fun on the town. one thing led to another and that night ended with me face to face with a pair of drunk off duty soldiers who would like nothing more than beat me to bloody, nerdy pulp.

      To be continued if i remember....

    • Part 11, Im back

      5 years ago


      Where have i been? nowhere. but my laptop died on the same day my phone stopped working minutes before my xbox red ringed. I managed to fix my phone by messing around with the inner workings of the code (to this day i still don't know how i did it) my xbox did the full red ring which meant it was easily fixed, unlike the dreaded quarter rings but my laptop was a different story. it also died in the middle of a podcast live stream. since then i have been surviving on what meager access to the internet i could scrape up from wherever i could find it. public libraries, the place i volunteer at even my parents laptop that is probably steam powered.

      but now my laptop is back with a new hard-drive so i have to go around re populating all these sites with my usernames and passwords, re-install Microsoft office and all my games, first world problems.

    • Blog: Part 10.5, I hate looking for work

      5 years ago


      I really don't like it. it sucks, you send loads CVs and get no replies. i am thinking of going travelling just to break the monotony.

      Oh well, time to waste time playing a game to avoid reality.

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    Im in the habit of sending a friend request at anyone who either comments on my comments or says something that catches my eye

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    • DlNGO

      4 years ago

      Are you doctor who?!

      • denseus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        4 years ago

        I am indeed. One of the ones after Capaldi. Or maybe before.... been a 600 years since then cannot remember everything correctly.

        Lol I am from the UK and a few years back I went to London to be part of the audience on one of the BBCs TV shows and outside the building where we were waiting their was a TARDIS, so i thought "no way in hell am I not having a picture" and tada. Result.

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      5 years ago

      Thanks for the FU comment smiley12.gif

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