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    92% of teenagers has movin on to rap. If you are one of the 8% thats still into real music, copy and paste this in your profile RAP SUCKS!!!

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    • eponymous
    • DeadlyChief


      9 years ago

      Hey mate sorry if you dont like these posts just delete it but could you please vote for me here.

      I have made it to the final round and need to WIN, it would be must appreciated if you could vote, and greatly appreciated if your friends could help out

      Please post in my journal if you voted

      Desperately NEED YOUR HELP


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    • DeadlyChief


      9 years ago

      Hey mate sorry if you don't like these posts but could you please go here to vote for me, i have proceeded to the next round

      Same deal post in my journal once you have voted

      Thanks mate, you are awesome smiley11.gif and thanks for helping me get through to the next round

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      Heres a lil pic for you guys smiley11.gif


    • DeadlyChief


      9 years ago

      Hey mate Could you please vote for me here. I could really use the mod points.

      Ill give you one mod point if you do, just comment in my journal.


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      TACTIKILL OnHighHorse

      9 years ago

      "92% of teenagers has moven on to rap"

      Has 'moven on...'? Really? Do you think that's the best way to start off your opinion and still expect people to take it seriously...not so much by mispelling...but by using a word that isn't even a word?

    • Peach_heart


      9 years ago

      Happy Holidays!!

    • blueboy191


      9 years ago

      fuck yea rap sux rock on.

    • angamarth


      9 years ago

      i am one of the 8. ROCK ON! \_/
      ( )

    • 9mmofo


      9 years ago

      nice pix and where is Rage Against the Machine under music in your profile?

    • Sammyz_15


      9 years ago

      I play both paintball and airsoft but I play airsoft mostly cuz it is way cheaper.