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    • Battle: Los Angeles

      7 years ago


      Just saw Battle: LA.

      This movie is bloody AWESOME. It's one of those films you need to see in a Cinema, for the awesome surround sound, and huge screen.

      The only thing wrong is the plot, which is very basic, but it makes sense.

      My advice: Go watch it. NOW!



    • 7 years ago

    • EA's cross-promotion armor

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      Has anyone else noticed that the Blood Dragon armor is a very Mass-Effect influenced armor (as in it is very good for tanking early on), while Ser Isaac's armor is more suited to the rogues style of play?

      I wonder if EA's next cross-promotion will be Mage style armor............

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    • EA Cross-Promotion Armors

      7 years ago


      I have a feeling that EA's next single player game will unlock Mage Armor in the next Dragon Age game.

      How I came to this Thought
      By the time I had managed to get to the area which allows you get all your DLC equipment, I had created my typical warrior, which suited the Blood Dragon armor which I usually end up using. But I wanted to try something new, and I proceeded to try and equip Ser Isaac's armor, and was a little confused that it required 20 Dexterity and 20 Cunning points to equip.
      When I had first seen screenshots of the armor, it showed Hawke wielding a great sword, so I implied that it was a warrior's style armor. I had maybe 1 or 2 points spent in Dex and Cun, because I usually take the role of DPS/Tank warrior, which requires all points spent in Strength and Constitution.
      I am roughly 1/3rd of the way in, where you really need to focus on what style of Warrior/Mage/Rogue, so I had to waste 6 levels in upgrading Cun and Dex, only to find out that the armor is useless for Warriors, and better suited to the run and stab approach of the rogue.
      Since I have the Black Emporium, this only mildly inconveniences me (Because I can buy Attribute redistribution potions), so I am warning any others to not waste the effort if you are playing the Warrior path.

      My Proof (Please note: This is in reference to Dragon Age 2)
      Mass Effect 2 offered us the Blood Dragon Armor, which is styled after the tanking gameplay style of Commander Shepard, and requires most players to spend points in Strength and Constitution (Which are attributes that makes warriors heavy hitters, and damage sponges), thereby reinforcing that Blood Dragon armor is Warrior armor.

      Dead Space 2 unlocked Ser Isaac of Clarke's armor, which is styled after Isaac's "run-and-gun" style, and requires players to spend points in Dexterity and Cunning (Which are attributes which increase the evasiveness and persuasiveness of the rogue), thereby reinforcing the fact that Ser Isaac's armor is Rogue armor.

      Therefore, it can only be assumed that EA's next biggest single player (whether it be ME3, DS3, or a new franchise which has a play style reminiscent of the Mages) will unlock armor best suited for Mages.

      What do you guys think?

    • Rules for the Necromorphs

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      This is where we will discuss the rules for versing Necromorphs, and for controlling Necromorph characters.

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    • The Sprawl #1

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      Titan Station, also known as the Sprawl, is a civilian space station built out of the remains of Saturn's moon, Titan, which was the site of the first planetcrack. It has since become a sprawling metropolis, which serves as a critical research station and a way station for all current planet cracking missions.

      ".........and that was 'Witchcraft' by a 20th century Australian band known as Pendulum. And now, continuing with the Australian theme, we will now play 'Dead Space, by 20th century Rock band Sick Puppies." The radio announcer proceeded to play the song.

      John was surprised how much he like the dark and moody song. Since recovering from the indoctrination, he had trouble listening to music, starting to hallucinate, but the constant change from soft and punk to heavy and rock. But he got a sense of foreboding as well, as if something wrong was about to happen.

      John shook his head, and waited for his tram to stop at the Concourse, so he could get a Lightspeed energy bar before heading over towards to the Cassini towers, and put up with the constant glances, and the murmuring whenever he turned away from the Unies who lived there.

      John sighed, then headed towards the Lightspeed energy Bar stand, and looked towards The Beauty of Real Wood, knowing he was close to buying a few things made from the wood there. It was one of the few shops which sold real wood, and he had heard good things about the Carpenter there.

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    • Devilish Reviews #4

      7 years ago


      Dead Space 2: Severed
      Genre: Survival Horror/Sci-fi
      Do not play this unless you have played on Zealot difficulty and are used to the idea of Swarming. Every encounter with Necromorphs in the DLC starts off with you only seeing 2, then when you get near them, Swarms attacking. The achievements are fairly easy, and you will really only miss one of them, because it is a secret one for no reason. BTW, the Twitchers are back, but they are harder to kill, and much faster than the original Twitchers. The only thing that would have improved the DLC would have been a giant Necromorph fight.
      Similar: Dead Space, Dead Space 2
      Rating: 9/10

      Dragon Age 2 Demo
      Genre: Action/Adventure (with dragons)
      Just think Dragon Age strategy, with Spartan: Total Warrior gameplay. It starts off with you getting to play as End-Game Hawke (as in Fully Upgraded), so you see how powerful Hawke will become. Unlike DA:O, you actually feel like your characters are getting more powerful. An example of this is the mage.
      In DA:O, the mage had only a very basic spell which didn't cost mana, which hardly did any damage. In DA2, does a combo of 4 or five blasts of magic (which will reflect your magic style, as in if your a fire mage, your shoot balls of fire, if your an ice mage, you shoot balls of blue magic.), then finishes with slamming your staff into the ground, sending a wave of magic towards your target.
      Also, if you have a Bioware social account, you will unlock Hayder's Razor, a free sword for playing the demo.
      Similar: Dragon Age: Origins, Spartan: Total Warrior

      Starship Troopers
      Genre: Sci-Fi/Action with a splash of horror every now and then
      I'm a big fan of this movie, and the Roughneck cartoons. So when this was on the TV, I couldn't help but watch it. If you haven't seen it by now, and are fans of Series which include creatures like the Flood or the Tyranids, you should watch this. It is a bit slow starting off, but gets good as soon as they get to the First Bug planet.
      Rating: 8/10

      Blood: The Last Vampire
      Genre: Vampire Anime
      While a bit short, I enjoyed this anime. The story is about a young girl, Saya, (who is believed to be either the last of the original vampires, or a Hybrid) hunting down rouge vampires, known as Chiropterans, who resemble the more bat-like aspects of Vampire legends. The only thing I didn't like about this anime, is that it would constantly swap between English and Japanese for no reason. An example of this is just after the fight in the Sick Bay, both the Doctor and Saya both speaking fluent english, then suddenly swaps to Japanese, for no reason.
      Rating: 6/10

    • Devilish reviews postponed

      7 years ago


      I shall be posting this weeks reviews at the end of the week, since I have been busy helping my Dad, and trying to keep my Mum happy.

      P.S. (To my RP buddies)

      What happened? Why did you guys stop posting? I set up an awesome race, and only one person has replied?

      P.S.S. (To all buddies who like Dead Space and RPs)
      Go to my groups and look for the group called "Dismemberment". It's an RP series set in the Dead Space universe, and we need at least 2 more people to start it off. (CrazyTrain, while I would love to do an RP with just the two of us, we need the diversity.)

      P.S.S.S. (To the negative Modders)
      WTF? While I understand that, for some reason, you looked upon my reviews and didn't like them, could you have the decency to at least post, and tell me what you didn't like? Or at the very least, just ignore my reviews instead of negatively modding them?

    • Ideas for Locations

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      We can brainstorm locations for stories here.

      i was thinking, for the "Our Characters won't survive" stories, we use traditional locations like Aegis 7 and The Ishimura, to save us the hassle of creating a new environment.

      Otherwise, we will use The Sprawl, or a completely new environment.

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    • Character Sheet

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      Armor Style: Engineer or Security (They start off at Level 1, and will be upgraded as the story progresses. Also, you can't be a Engineer, or similar job type, and use Security armor, and vice versa)
      Ethnicity: (African, Irish, Australian, etc)
      Weapon of Choice: (Only Admins can have themed weapons, like the Zealot Force Gun. Only one weapon per character to start off.)

      What else would you guys recommend?

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