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      1.) What the current leader of the RP says, goes. You cannot refute his decisions nor contradict him on important plot points in the next post. You may elaborate on what he says, but cannot deny it. If you have a problem with something he says that interferes with what you want to do, PM him and you may be able to work something out.

      2.) READ EVERY POST. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you have a thorough grasp of the situation so that you don't accidentally post something that makes no sense. So read every post in it's entirety and don't post until you understand what's going on.

      3.) Be fair. With this RP, your characters are not like Isaac, and might actually die. Most of the characters will be civilians, so they can't put up with the pressure that ensues after a Necromorph outbreak

      4.) Be nice. Don't get in fights with each other unless the story calls for it and don't godmod or the Admins will kill you. Common sense applies here.

      5.) Don't directly contradict what anyone says. If you disagree or have an issue, you can either try to manipulate the situation to benefit you, or plea directly to the poster and you two can work something out. If push comes to shove, one of the Admins can delete the offending posts and start over.

      6.) Another person's character can be controlled to a certain extent. As long as you don't kill them, beat them up, make them act out of character, or otherwise fundamentally change their character, you can dictate their actions and dialogue to an extent. As in all other things, be fair.

      7.) Concerning Necromorph-based characters (if we decide to have them), you must mutate into a relevant creature. Example: My male doctor cannot become a Lurker, Stalker, Pregnant, Pack etc. Your character must bear some resemblance to his original human form (except in the case of Leapers and Infectors, for obvious reasons)

      More rules will be added as needed.

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    • Factions

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      Since this is your RP, you should post background info on each faction, and whatever bonuses you get for siding with that faction.

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    • Devilish Reviews #3

      7 years ago


      Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer
      Genre: Multiplayer
      The multiplayer for Brotherhood is awesome. It distills the basic skills and objectives that makes AC so fun, but makes it competitive. The only downsides I have seen are:
      -Lag: When people initiate a chase sequence with you, you won't know until they have killed you
      -Broken Abilities: Sometimes, abilities won't work how they are supposed to. (e.g. I used smokebomb, so my pursurer is choking on smoke. When I stun them, it shows them killing me.)
      But otherwise, I quite enjoyed the multiplayer.
      Rating: 7/10

      Evangelion 1.01 - You are (not) Alone
      Genre: Giant Mech Anime
      From what I understand, this is a remake of the original Evangelion. But this is an interesting series. If your a fan of anime or giant mechs, watch this anime.
      Rating: 7/10

      Naruto and the Legends of the Stone of Gelel
      Genre: Ninja Anime
      All fans of Naruto should watch this. I liked it even more because there is a really cool fight between Gaara and one of the bad guys. Gaara rocks.
      Similar: Naruto
      Rating: 8/10

    • Devilsh Reviews #2

      8 years ago


      Dead Space: Aftermath
      Genre: Anime/Horror
      Takes place 7 hours before Stross arrives on the Sprawl. The story explores the markers effects on individuals (mainly what people that don't synchronize with the red Marker, and those that do), and shows what happened to Aegis 7 and the Red Marker. It has five different animation styles, each different for all five stories. For fans of the Dead Space universe, this is a must watch.
      Similar: Dead Space Downfall, Halo Legends
      Rating: 7/10

      Family Guy Presents: It' a Trap!
      Genre: Animation/Comedy
      The Family Guy parody of Return of a Jedi. If you have watched either Blue Harvest or SSSD (Something, Something, Something Darkside), or both, you will know what to expect.
      Similar: Family Guy Blue Harvest, Family Guy SSSD
      Rating: 8/10

      Genre: Horror/Thriller
      This is an Australian made horror film set in America. Here is the blurb on the back of the case. "During a weekend sailing trip, a freak wave capsizes Greg's yacht Triangle, forcing him, harried single mother Jess, and a group of their friends to board a passing ocean liner. On board the mysteriously empty ship, all the clocks have stopped, the corridors are eerily silent, and Jess has the uncanny feeling that shes been here before." Triangle is an interesting horror film which will have you mindfucked before the end of the first loop.
      Similar: Inception
      Rating; 7/10

      Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
      Genre: Action/Adventure
      While I have not finished it yet, this is a very entertaining sequel. This seems to have fixed most of the parts I considered boring, and actually made the quests a challenge (just like the Assassin's Creed 2 DLC), and the Assassin recruits are great fun to use. I have not tried multiplayer yet, but I will post it as a separate review.
      Similar: Assassin's Creed 2
      Rating: 8/10

      Saga of the Seven Suns #1: Hidden Empire
      Author: Kevin J. Anderson
      Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
      This is an amazing sci-fi series. This book starts the story with the discovery of the strange elemental beings that live within Gas Giant type planets, and the war that the discovery causes.
      Similar: Star Wars, Dune
      Rating: 8/10 (The Whole series is a 12/10)

    • Devil's Reviews #1

      8 years ago


      Each week, I'm going to start doing reviews of Movies, Anime, Games, books etc that I have watched/read/played that week.

      Review #1 - Pandorum
      Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror
      My Rating: 9/10
      Pandorum is the story about the last human survivors on the Transport ship Elysium. The Earth is dead, and the last remnants of humanity are heading towards the only other Earth-like planet that has ever been found, called Tanis. But something has gone wrong with one of the Flight Crews. This movie is worth watching, and will keep any Sci-Fi fans interested.
      Similar Movies: Alien, Predator, Event Horizon

      Review 2 - Daybreakers
      Genre: Horror
      My Rating: 9/10 (really an 8, but I gave it an extra point for having proper vampires)
      A fairly good film where 95% of the world are now Vampires. The last 5% who are still human are facing extinction, and the vampires are running out of blood and mutating into "Subsiders", bat-like monsters who feed on both Vampires and Humans. But a cure for Vampirism has been discovered. This film uses proper vampires (who explode in a ball of fire when they die or are exposed to the sun), and is worth a watch.

      Review 3 - The Crazies
      Genre: Horror
      Rating: 9/10
      A remake of George Romero's original (so you know it's good), this film is the story about a small town which is accidentally afflicted by an experimental military bio-weapon which causes Insanity and is designed to destabilize enemy towns. If you are a fan or George Romero's ... of the Dead series, you will enjoy this movie.
      Similar Movies: Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead

      Review 4 - Bleach Episodes 13 - 16 & 59 - 63
      Genre: Anime
      Rating: 8/10
      Bleach is an amazing anime which will keep you interested.
      Similar Anime: Naruto

      Review 5 - Hellsing Episodes 1 - 6
      Genre: anime
      Rating: 7/10
      Hellsing is a cool anime about is about a secret military organization known as Hellsing. The story focuses on Alucard, an ancient vampire who is believed to be Dracula, and Seras Victoria, a police woman-turned-vampire after Alucard saves her from a rogue vampire. This anime is worth a watch.

      Review 6 - Dead Space 2
      Genre: Sci-Fi/Survival Horror
      Rating: 9.5/10
      Dead Space 2 is a worth sequel. While there aren't any giant boss battles (there 2 that are there are more like quick time events), there are many exciting events, which are known as "Epic" moments, which usually are used to show the start of the next chapter. even the ending has a reference to people who have finished the first game.
      The multiplayer is great fun. It is one of the few games where you don't care if you lose of die, especially if you have good friends to play with. While there are only 5 maps at the moment, you will always discover new ways to to attack and defend on each map.
      Similar Games: Dead Space, Resident Evil 5

      That is all for this week, hopefully I'll have more next week.
      Please leave me comments, i want to know what you guys think.

    • Dead Space 2

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      Any one playing DS2? What are your thoughts so far of both the single player and multiplayer

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    • Dead Space 2 Multiplayer

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      Does anyone have Dead Space 2? I'm looking for a few fun people to play with

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    • Dead Space 2: Severed DLC

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      Does anyone have any info on the new single-player DLC that is coming out? Like release date, achievement details.

      All I have found out is that "it will be about Gabe Weller and Lexine from Dead Space: Extraction, and runs in parallel to Isaac's story. The player will take control of Gabe, currently stationed on the Sprawl as a security guard."

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    • Multiplayer Unlocks

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      Level 1 0 Solid blue suit
      Level 2 5,000 None
      Level 3 10,500 Lurker range damage increased
      Level 4 16,500 Solid army green suit
      Level 5 23,000 Stasis increased to 2 shots
      Level 6 30,250 Pack melee damage increased
      Level 7 38,250 Unlock line gun
      Level 8 47,000 Solid red suit
      Level 9 56,500 Spitter execution damage increased
      Level 10 66,750 None
      Level 11 77,750 Unlock force gun
      Level 12 89,500 Puker ranged damage increased
      Level 13 102,250 Solid Black suit
      Level 14 116,000 Plasma cutter magazine size increased
      Level 15 130,750 Lurker melee damage increased
      Level 16 146,500 Solid olive suit
      Level 17 163,250 Unlock seeker rifle
      Level 18 181,000 Pack execution attack damage increased
      Level 19 199,750 Pulse rifle magazine size increased
      Level 20 219,500 Urban camo blue suit
      Level 21 240,500 Spitter melee damage increased
      Level 22 262,750 None
      Level 23 286,250 Urban camo army green suit
      Level 24 311,000 Puker execution attack damage increased
      Level 25 337,000 Line gun magazine size increased
      Level 26 364,250 Urban camo red suit
      Level 27 392,750 Lurker execution attack damage increased
      Level 28 422,500 Unlock javelin gun
      Level 29 453,500 Force gun magazine size increased
      Level 30 486,000 Stasis increased to 3 shots
      Level 31 520,000 Pack health increased
      Level 32 555,500 Urban camo military suit
      Level 33 592,500 Seeker rifle magazine size increased
      Level 34 631,000 Plasma cutter weapon damage increased
      Level 35 671,000 Spitter ranged damage increased
      Level 36 712,500 Urban camo olive suit
      Level 37 755,500 None
      Level 38 800,000 Pulse rifle weapon damage increased
      Level 39 846,000 Puker melee damage increased
      Level 40 893,500 Rivet gun magazine size increased
      Level 41 942,750 Tiger camo blue suit
      Level 42 993,750 Line gun weapon damage increased
      Level 43 1,046,500 Lurker health increased
      Level 44 1,101,000 Javelin gun magazine size increased
      Level 45 1,157,250 Tiger camo army green suit
      Level 46 1,215,250 Force gun weapon damage increased
      Level 47 1,275,000 None
      Level 48 1,336,500 Pack gets out of stasis faster
      Level 49 1,399,750 Tiger camo red suit
      Level 50 1,464,750 Seeker rifle weapon damage increased
      Level 51 1,531,750 None
      Level 52 1,600,750 Tiger camo military suit
      Level 53 1,671,750 Spitter health increased
      Level 54 1,744,750 Rivet gun weapon damage increased
      Level 55 1,819,750 None
      Level 56 1,896,750 War-torn suit
      Level 57 1,975,750 Javelin gun weapon damage increased
      Level 58 2,056,750 Puker health increased
      Level 59 2,139,750 Visceral games suit
      Level 60 2,224,750 None

      Special Suits
      Zealot Suit: Redeem Collector's Edition content
      Viral White Suit: Kill someone with this suit

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