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    • dr_indigo

      The Monty We Knew

      8 months ago

      With the recent news of his shocking demise, I cannot fathom the idea that he's no longer with us. Much with ally of his fans, I never got the chance to meet him, and yet in many ways I feel that I have. As quiet as he is on the podcast or when he's not interrupting asking whats going on or telling people this has already been told on the podcast, he had such a wise presence when referring to his work and his creative imagination was always priority even in the tightest of schedules. His work was an extension of himself and I can safely say I'm proud to be a fan and that his work, like many of us, is how we met him. I really think that there will never be anyone else like him, but after this tragedy, I know many will be inspired by him. During this difficult time, I can only say to his family, his friends, his co-workers, especially Miles, Kerry and Grey, that I wish you all the best and my condolences for such a loss but never forget to consider that you were lucky to know someone as unique as he was.

      The brightest star was behind the scenes and we miss him so much.
      Thank you for gifting us with your creativity that you happily shared with us.
      We will never forget you, Monty. I hope you know that.

    • dr_indigo

      Featured Wha?

      11 months ago

      Alright, I guess thank you for giving me featured user for this time around. That desperate to find someone, you chose me, I guess, but thanks anyway.
      Whilst I'm posting, I just want to say I'm thrilled to hear Gavin s actually one of the main characters of Lazer Team, I just assumed he'd have a cameo, but no, he gets bigger. I now double can't wait to see it, and as a sponsor, it's worth the money I spent.

    • dr_indigo

      Achievement Unlocked - Lazer Team

      1 year ago

      The past month has been an incredible mountain that Rooster Teeth, the community and funders constantly climbed with such ease. Certainly shows that as fans, when RT needs your help, we really pull through for them. Honestly, doubts were raised about the push for Strangerhood (good luck with that) but we even got close to $2.5mil. Thank you rooster teeth for giving is the opportunity to help your project, but as alway the biggest of thanks to everyone who helped cash in. We all cannot wait for what is to come for the future of RT.

    • dr_indigo

      Take the Good with the Bad

      1 year ago

      I'm really ecstatic that the fund raiser for Lazer Team has blown up as much as it has, I certainly hope we can stretch it to 2 million at least. That has been the best news today.

      But with this good news comes some bad news. One of Britain's greatest comedians well over the past 30 years and one half of my favorite comedy duo of which is my biggest influence in whats funny,,Rik Mayall of The Young Ones, Comedy Strip Presents,Filthy Rich & Catflap, The New Statesman ,and my personal favorite, Bottom to name a few shows, dies aged 56. It's one of those things that someone you've never met but has made the biggest influence on you from their work. Such respect I have for his work.

      So I have some mixed feelings right now.

    • dr_indigo

      RT YouTube Stats

      2 years ago

      So here's some facts as of 6th August 2013 8AM UK Time:

      343 videos are over 1 million but less than 2 mill. (Only on the RT channel, Lets Play Channel not included)
      The lowest million being the Captain America Parody (In a recent BRIAN BLESSED top 10 video for geek week) with 1,083,746 views
      The Highest million was RQ Nyan Cat Adventure with 1,999,146 views

      117 videos over 2 mill, less than 3 (Wait, am I seeing this right?)
      Lowest 2M - Halo Reach FotW 40 [2,002,106 views]
      Highest 2M - Another RQ - Super Meat Boy [2,964,661 views]

      19 over 3 mill, less than 4
      Game Fails of the Year 2011 [3,016,429 views]
      Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe: Fatality Walkthrough Part 1 [3,955,480 views]

      8 over 4, less than 5
      RQ - No Luca No [4,147,696 views]
      Siri: Horror Movie Trailer [4,999,414 views]

      Another 8 over 5 mill, but here is the top 10 list
      10. RQ Happy Wheels [4,978,671]
      9. Siri: Horror Movie Trailer [4,999,414]
      8. LP Minecraft Part 3 - PLAN G! [5,576,426]
      7. RQ Slender [6,007,296]
      6. RvB BGC Episode 1 - Why Are We Here? [6,231,627]
      5. LP Minecraft 1 [6,803,846]
      4. RQ Surgeon Simulator 2013 [7,259,087]
      3. RQ The Impossible Game [7,266,959]
      2. RvB Revelation 10 - This One Goes To Eleven (Tex fights Reds and Blues in awesome action sequence) [9,143,772]
      And quite a huge leap of views from RvB, surprisingly:
      1. Angry Birds - The Movie Trailer [22,934,803]

      Of corse these are just YouTube stats, so the Angry Birds, RvB, RT Shorts will weigh in with more views on the site as well but there's no public information on that.

    • dr_indigo

      YOU had 10 years...

      2 years ago

      It's April 1st Midnight here in the UK so I'm getting this out now. Happy 10 Years, Rooster Teeth/Red vs. Blue!
      I wasn't there throughout all 10 years, I came in around the break time between Seasons 4 and 5 of RvB. Remember, whilst Season 5 was hitting out, many of us thought that RvB would be no more, the first thought was that I regret turning up late, but happy were many when It didn't end with BGC.
      So I still celebrate your 10 years on the internet and playing video games- wait, maybe that doesn't sound so worthy. I'll go with 10 years of the rise of media on the internet. I've just bought some blu rays and the RTAA DVD, looking forward to that, and Here's to a bright and wonderful future for this amazing media company.
      Personal message, the time I've spent seeing this has been a big influence on me, it made me want to write scripts which is so much fun, it gave me a love of Halo and it gave me confidence in my work, so thank you.

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      You are featured! YOU. ARE. SPECIAL!

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      Happy FU day!

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      Congrats on being Featured User!

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      Congratulations on earning the achievement: "Featured User"!

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      merry featured user day!

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      3 years ago

      Wow--that's really really great to hear!! we probably like a lot of the same music I bet. I know exactly what you mean, it's rare that you can hang with every song on an album. I always felt like the transition from LPs to CDs --where the max length went from about 45 min to 70 min--made people put out more crap that they prolly didnt really think was great anyway.

      You'll have to send me your address and I'll send you a copy of the Uggos cd that we did for the Strangerhood series, odds are that you would like it to.

      Thanks for taking the time to send the good word, it makes a tremendous difference!

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      3 years ago

      Hahahahaha Good looks man!

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      Caiti Velvet Scarlatina

      4 years ago

      Hey there! I'm Caiti & I'm one of the admins on the RT Live group that hosts TeamSpeak.
      I'm just letting fellow members know that TeamSpeak has gotten bigger and better and we'd love for you to join us there!

      We're hosting awesome groups such as Glowden's Storytime and we have our always active RT Live Thread.
      We're also doing some fund-raising to keep our server alive, if you have some spare internet change you can donate!

      So now you've got the links - I hope to see you within the RT Live group soon!


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      my gamertag is wintrslayr02