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      There was an rt comic that ended with Gus riding on a pony. I can't find it anywhere in the comic archives though. Does anyone know where it went? That comic was 20% cooler than all of the other comics.

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      -Estimated Achievement Difficulty: --
      -Offline: -- (-- points)
      -Online: -- (-- points)
      -Approximate time to 1000: -- hours
      -Minimum number of playthroughs needed: --
      -Number of missable achievements: --
      -Glitched achievements: --
      -Do cheat codes disable achievements? --
      -Does difficulty affect achievements? --

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      This is a thread to discuss anything that happened in the series that doesn't make much sense. We then try to figure out why that happened. For starters, the gauss warthog changing to a chaingun warthog in revelation was most likely because it was too damaged to drive. This theory is also supported by Sarge referring to it as "the new jeep" at the end of episode 2. Things that don't really make much sense are things like Tex saying "Where are they going? Close the hatch!" in Sheila's videologs. Junior was the only other person on the ship. Also, how did Junior even find Tucker? He had to have found him, even though he wasn't seen he was mentioned, plus, there was no other way for Tucker to have regained his sword. Does anyone have any theories for this?

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    • 2018 years ago

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