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    • oct 22 2011

      6 years ago


      Ive just spent an entire day getting all the stupid feathers in assassins creed two. I was fun but it took forever. I would like to thx jack for the interactive map I don't think i could of done it without it.

      other than that im really looking forward to halo CE and battle field 3 they look awesome.

      other than that the rt adventures are really sweet, can't wait till the next one.

    • oct 20 2011

      6 years ago


      forza is really great i made some sweet decals for cars like the achievement logo etc if you guys want to get them go ahead i wanted to make the 0cr but the min id 1000cr sorry.

      Other that that im just waiting for the weekend to get more time to finish assassins creed 2 its fun but i find its a long story.

      Well im going to order battle field 3 soon and then halo ce there is just so many good titles this years the industry is going to get me broke. lol

    • oct 16

      6 years ago


      Im 3/4 thought assassins creed 2 its awesome and i think its the first game im gonna complete.

      other that that im playing through forza 4 and its good but has many flaws.

      I also ordered some rt tees can wait to get them its going to be pretty cool

    • oct 11

      6 years ago


      Thanksgiving was awesome i didn't have some of Burnie's jalapeno turkey but original turkey was fine with a big slice of pumpkin pie.

      Other than that ive been waiting for my post office to be open when i i get back from hockey and its only open till like 5 which really sux because i can pick up forza 4 but hey there is always tomorrow right...

      Anyways ive looked at the new rvb video its defenetely worth watching. Love what they are doing with the new series.

      Other than that i have got assassins creed 2. Its a little late but its better late then never. Awesome story line obviously a must buy in my books.

      Till another day

    • oct 8

      6 years ago


      I haven't been really been able to wright in this journal every day since i have lots to do so i think im gonna wright every two days from now on.

      Friday, i was really sick but i manage to finish half of the Doritos crash course arcade game. It's fun but gets hard as you advance through the levels.

      Other than that ive played the forza 4 demo and i cant wait to pick up the full game its going to be awesome.

      other than that i'm thinking of picking up the assassins creed trilogy to get ready for the upcoming one but there is lots of titles that are interesting lately.


    • oct 4

      6 years ago


      Today was a good day i manage to get some work done and get a good 1:30min reach session. I started playing online and to be honest i hope 343 doesn't change the game what so ever. To be honest I disliked the changes they came up with. They should of left reach as it was.

      Other than that there's not much happening

      ON a lighter note I lately per ordered Forza 4 it seems to be a great racing game. Im looking forward to it.


    • Oct 2 2011

      6 years ago


      another day of playing battle 3 bata, time well spent

      The beta stats better carry on into the full game cause i will be raging like matt

      How fun another school week ahead

    • 2018 years ago

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