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    • Is Apple right for me as a laptop??

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      Firstly, I want to apologize. I am positive that someone has posted a topic like this before. However, this forum alone has 150+ pages of topics and the search bar didn't bring up a specific topic. So I am starting a new one. If anyone has a link to an old one answering my questions, feel free to link me there. Then a forum mod can close or delete this.

      Okay. With that over with, I would like some opinions. My desktop will always be a PC, that's just how it is. I like that I can crack it open to modify or repair it. Most games are optimized for PC as well. This topic is specifically for laptops.

      Basically I want a laptop that does the every day stuff, social networking, streaming movies/shows, etc.. But I also want to get into video and music editing. I've always wanted to get into graphic design/video editing. It's one of the many reasons I love Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. They do amazing work on their videos and I have always wanted to do the same. I also play guitar, I have friends and family who do the same too. And all of us would love it if we could mix some music, make some music video's and basically produce some basic albums/videos. From what I hear Apple is perfect for all of the above. Also, of course, it has to be able to game. If I am travelling, I'd like to be able to boot up a couple of games so I do not have to always pack my desktop. I'd like to be able to put on Skyrim, or SIMs, or Star Wars the Old Republic.

      So the question is; should I spend the money and get an apple laptop? Or will a PC do just as much? If I do get the Apple, which one do I get? MacBook Air? Or MacBook Pro?

      To everyone that reads and responds, or directs me to a piece of useful information; thank you very much in advance!

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