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      8 years ago

      It is with great sadness that I must report the death of a member of the RVB community. . .The world is in mourning at the carnage and bloodlet which took place sometime between 10 PM Eastern on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 and 3 AM Eastern on Thursday, December 20, 2007.

      Our beloved heroine FROGGER was killed by a stray Torpedo fired unexpectedly by a group of clandestine enemies. . .No medics were on the scene during the carnage however all indications are that he went peacefully. The frog with the gigantic cock (which is readily displayed in his profile pictures) will no longer be of service to dispense of his sexual advice to the youngsters, these same youngsters who have been clamoring to the 18+ forum to learn the differences between the inner labia and the clitoris.

      His body was in complete disarray and the final results of the carnage cannot be shown. . . however this is the torpedo which ultimately led to FROGGER's demise:


      A funeral is currently taking place on the scene of this torpedo strike. Some of the notables in attendance are:

      Gigantic Old Boob Lady:


      FROGGER's beloved girlfriend Latenex:


      The Lee Brothers, givers of some of the best midget blowjobs and handjobs this side of the Mississippi:


      Some old guy who I think was just there for the free weed and tequila:


      and of course the lady who is still trying to find her DAMN soap


      Do not be sad for our beloved FROGGER, as he lived a good and sexy life. . .his only goal in life was to present his sexual wisdom and humor in a manner which would make people think, which would keep people guessing, and would hopefully make people laugh. For those who did not understand the FROGGER, his simple word if he were still alive, would be this:

      "Lighten up, don't take yourself so DAMN seriously, don't take sex so DAMN seriously, and don't take your life so DAMN seriously"

      "We're all just here for a little while. . . while you are here why not enjoy it"

      And seeing that this funeal is starting to turn into a Roman Orgy and that the Lee Bros. are starting to get a little crazy, I think FROGGER would also wish that this funeral/orgy be done in a safe manner, hence an excellent selection of colored condoms has been dropped off for the grieving mourners:



      This is NOT goodbye. . . . . It's just that FROGGER will never see you ever again

      However he is in a better place now. . . . . FROG HEAVEN:


      A place where it is o.k. to be a loner and say things the way you want to the say them. A place where it is o.k. to have strange views about sex that don't agree with everybody else. A place where it is o.k. to be sarcastic and post funny pictures of old ladies' boobs. And most importantly, a place where FROGGER can do what he loves to do the most, which is munch down on beatiful female frog clitorises from dusk til dawn everyday.

      There were quite a few people that FROGGER actually enjoyed on here, and you should know who you are.

      But for now. . . let us be thankful that FROGGER is now on his way to heaven (and by heaven, I mean a 4 month vacation to Egypt, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Armenia, Thailand, and wherever else floats FROGGER's boat - - - just after the start of the new year)

      I will send you all postcards!!!!!!!!

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      in Forums > OMG MALE BABES V2.0 *TOTALLY NSFW!!* | Follow this topic

      I bring to you the new thread to show images of hot and beautiful MEN in sexy outfits and sensuous poses. As with the previous thread, all NSFW images must be linked and there must be a warning to indicate it. Even so, some images will be directly posted that are not safe for most work environments, so viewer beware.


      Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.

      And without further adieu:



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      I'm worried about my grandma

      8 years ago

      I went to visit my grandma a few days ago. I'm really worried about her. I think she might have a serious eye condition. Cuz she told me i was looking good.

    • frogger19

      I've never written a journal before

      8 years ago

      I prefer getting pearl tongues to giving pearl necklaces.

      I like bad girls more than good girls.

      I like a nice piercing, but not too many.

      I like sexy tatoos, I don't like big tattoos, unless they are sexy big tatoos

      I watch baseball only when i'm bored or its the playoffs.

      Sometimes I drink beer to make my stomach feel better.

      I'm not really gay, but my boyfriend is.

      I wish i could post a picture on this journal, but I don't know how.

      It would be a picture of me smoking a pipe in Egypt.

      But I don't know how.

      That's all.

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      2016 years ago

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    • frogger19

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  • About Me

    I'm actually 33 ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just put 16 because that's the age I ACT. . .he he he LOL

    All of my friend requests are random and i have a very white ass.

    oh, and some people on here take themselves way to seriously.

    I did an experiment once. . . I stood on the corner of the street in bangkok and as every female walked by I mentally marked whether or not they were fuckable. . . .It was usually 8 or 9 out of 100. . .

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    • Prodigy96

      8 years ago

      thank you for the pic comment :D

    • Nakoma

      8 years ago

      that is lame that they did that!

    • Nakoma

      8 years ago

      interesting journal

    • Riyoku

      8 years ago

      Eh... no, not quite. Haven't aged that far yet.

      Try this:

    • emmchick

      8 years ago

      Not much my little frogger friend.
      How about you?

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