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    • geoff

      Favorite Sports Moments

      1 day ago

      We are looking to compile your favorites moments from our sports (baseball, football, soccer, etc) let's plays. It be a huge help if you could leave a comment here with the name of the video and the timestamp of the part you loved!


      *This journal was requested by Geoff and written by Caleb.

    • geoff

      Impromptu AMA

      1 week ago

      I'm stuck at a bar in Austin right now (it's a tough life), with nothing to do. It's been a little while, so let's do an AMA. Got any questions, concerns related to AH or LP or GK or GF or AHCV? Do you even know what all of those acronyms are? Let's chat.

      EDIT: Ok! I think that's it for tonight. Thanks for hanging out with me.


    • geoff

      Where's Part Four of Until Dawn?

      4 weeks ago

      Great question! So we've been undergoing some extremely annoying technical problems for the past week or so. It's all very complicated and has to do with our audio de-synching on longer videos. That's why we had to re-upload LP Minecraft last friday. We've been dealing with it all week, and have been able to stay ahead of it on our other releases, but with Part Four of Until Dawn, it got extra worse. So bad that we're still fixing it. That's why we weren't able to get it out to sponsors yesterday. It's damn near done, and should be up for sponsors in the next hour or two. The plan is to have it out to the general public by 4pm CST.

      Luckily, part five wasn't nearly as fucked as part four, so it will release to sponsors today at 5pm. Thanks for your patience. We're glad you guys and girls seem to be enjoying this experiment. Unfortunately, as with most experiments, there are sometimes problems. Doing this is helping us identify them, fix them, and alter our workflow to pull something like this off more seamlessly in the future. We've had a blast doing this Until Dawn playthrough, and look forward to doing it again and again in the future.

      Now the problems on the final two videos, don't even get me started...

    • geoff

      Quick Let's Play question

      1 month ago

      I kind of feel like adding a new "series" type show to the Let's Play channel. Maybe not a weekly video like Minecraft or GTA, but at least monthly. Have there been any games we've played lately that have really grabbed you? It doesn't have to be in a persistent world/sandbox like ARK (though it could be), but could also be in the vein of Worms or Cloudberry.

      Has there been a game that you've seen us play lately, or want to see us play, that you think could sustain a semi-regular release schedule? Maybe an MMO?

    • geoff

      Achievement Hunter Video Contest

      2 months ago

      So as mentioned in today's AHWU, and today's Ryan the "Slide" Guy video, we're doing a video contest. If you feel so inclined, you can download a copy of the slide video HERE here and create your own remixed version of it. Go crazy, dubstep it, stubdep it, whatever you want. Just be as wacky and creative as you feel, and of course, don't use licensed music.

      Once you've made your video masterpiece, send me a link to your video in the comments of this journal. Next Monday we'll pick our three favorites, mash them together, upload them, and dole out some prizes.

      Third place gets an autographed AH poster of your choice, second place gets the poster and a shirt, and first place gets the poster, and a hundred dollar gift certificate to our online store.

      If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to ask them in the comments. Remember, you have to get your submission in by 10am CST next Monday (Aug 3rd). So get to it!

    • geoff

      Stuck on a plane, so AMA

      4 months ago

      So I'm sitting on a plane right now with nothing to do. I know we did one recently, but I'm bored. If anyone has any burning questions, fire away.

    • geoff


      4 months ago

      Go to the store or some shit.

      also something about community day. Caleb sucks. He made me write this. He's fucking standing behind me whining. Ugh.


    • geoff

      Community Appreciation Week "AAHA"

      4 months ago

      We like you guys a bunch, so in addition to the whole "vote on what games we play" thing, we're going to do some more crap. The first, an AMA with everyone in Achievement Hunter, or AAHA (Ask Achievement Hunter Anything) for short.

      Ask questions in the comment section, give your favorites a thumb so we know you really want them answered! We'll be answering them throughout the week.

      <3 Geoff and the dudes and ladies of AH

    • geoff

      Fan Appreciation Week

      5 months ago

      Hey Guys and Girls,
      May 15th is community day (as it is on the 15th of every month), and Achievement Hunter wants to do something a little different for this one. Instead of just a community day, we're going to show you guys our thanks the entire week!

      For the entire week of May 11-15, we'll be releasing Let's Plays that you pick for us. Just tell us which games you want us to play in the comments of this journal, and Steffie will go through and compile a list. The games that get the most votes will be the ones we play. In addition, let us know what you want us to do in Minecraft and GTA for the week as well.

      So, to reiterate, we will do a Minecraft of your choice, a GTA of your choice, and three random Let's Plays in games of your choice. All you gotta do is make a list of your suggestions, and post it in the comments! We will stop taking new suggestions on May 4th. Also, please only list your suggestions once. Thanks!

      <3 Geoff and the dudes and ladies of AH

    • geoff

      Fan Art

      5 months ago

      Hey there,
      We get a lot of really cool fan art sent to the office (hence our art board), and we've decided we want to start showcasing it in AHWU every week. So, if you have any cool art you've done that's AH related, and want to have it featured in a future AHWU, please put a link to it in this journal.

      Thanks you talented bastards you!

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    • Z7945


      2 days ago

      Geoff you and Griffon were awesome singing tonight on RockBand 4 Live on YouTube you guys killed it great fucking job. d('-')b two thumbs up!

    • AlphaV1990


      2 weeks ago

      Hey Geoff, don't miss out on the Black Spindle exotic sniper by doing the Heroic Strike and going to an alternative path! It will help you guys out on the raid (if you guys haven't done it yet).

    • ColeFlint


      2 weeks ago

      Geoffrey Quartermaine Ramsey the Third, One of the founders of Rostertoth, the King of white guys that play video games! May I beseech thee to ask one simple question: can I has sponsorships pweese? Or can you hire mees.

    • ThomDo


      2 weeks ago

      Yo Geoff I hope you feel great and drunk! I know you like punk rock music and I just have a little suggestion for you! You gotta listen this kid Mac Demarco, he is great. More like indie rock and roll than punk put give it a try, it's great!

    • AquaGirl


      2 weeks ago

      Hey Geoff, great news. Life is Strange EP 5 is aiming to be released 20th October

    • Sirath154


      3 weeks ago

      Hello Geoff. really liked your lets plays and vs videos. I was wondering if you have ever tried to do a team vs against Uberhaxornova and The Creatures to see who is the best group of gamers? Maybe a tournament.

    • EHaley


      3 weeks ago

      Hey Geoff, just wanted to leave you a comment and let you know how much I enjoyed the Until Dawn Let's Watch series this last week. It was easily one of my favorites series you guys have ever done, especially that last episode. Keep up the great work man!

    • LucasS0326


      3 weeks ago

      Please have Ryan do the last part of Until Dawn. Considering that he did every other part, knows the controls the best, and probably wouldn't get basically everyone killed.

    • Xylian

      Xylian Bleep Bloop

      3 weeks ago

      That feel when everyone loves you a whole heap more after Until Dawn Part 7.....

    • BrandonChri4


      1 month ago

      Where is todays GTA 5 Let's Play?