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    • What the heck have I been up to?!?

      1 year ago


      Well, stuff. Yes stuff. I mean a lot of my friends may have noticed that I dropped off the face of the earth for like a month, but life just happens to get in the way... so here's a real quick summary for all 3 of you guys who give a damn!

      1. NEW PODCAST - yep back at it again. But this time, its a faculty podcast that I'm getting played on my radio station. its cool, you should check it out (i say health alot)

      2. PRODUCTION TEAM - so this is kind of cool. Been working at building up my production team at work... and its going pretty well! We've been doing a lot of music videos and other fun little things... its like Achievement Hunter-ing RT? analagous i guess :P (here's our youtube link

      3. PERSONAL VIDEOS - well its been a rough time, but just finished up a game... and uploading videos on my personal channel! What?!? yeah its a little long though. be forwarned. (

      4. SCHOOL - Jesus christ. final semester, and everything is just happening. Also chemical structure elucidation sucks. don't do it.


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      PLEASE DON'T BE HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN DAY 5. It'll take away the surprises and we wouldn't want that to happen!

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    • Keeping Up With the Times

      1 year ago


      Woah! Last time I posted a journal was like... months ago. Heck I think it was before Spring even started! Welp, things have started to change a little bit so here's a couple of big things that I kind of wanted to talk about.

      Let's Play Community - first of all, WOAH! Although this is probably old news to most of you, I haven't made anything about it besides a couple comments on the actual post. Understanding the atmosphere of how the community is built and also where it wants to go... this makes sense for Achievement Hunter to change the Community Hunter channel into this. Does it suck that I can't make some of the old videos I had fun making? Yes. BUT this opens up creative opportunity, and I do have more space now to work on something... more on that later. What I think is the best part of this channel is that it does give the community power over what it likes... In the end, the community drives what content is important by views and likes, and this new channel really supports that.

      Job!!! - yeah I can't not post a little about my life outside of the internet. I've been volunteering for a month now (basically full time hours) and they finally offered to pay me for it! It's good to see that my employers took notice of the stuff I was doing and wanted me full time!

      Shows - ok... this is where the big news happens. I have been working on a show in my spare time for the Lets Play Community. I couldn't be happier to say that it looks like it has a place on the LPC and that I didn't redo the pilot video three times (it looked horrible twice, and ok the last time) for nothing! Hopefully more on that soon :)

      RTX - hey. This crazy event is literally in a couple weeks. While most people might be super excited to meet their favourite RT employees (which I am SUPER excited for), what's more exciting is being able to hang out with my community friends for the first time. it makes me a little giddy inside.

      YouTube - I want to start doing this. Although it may be hard between my job and editing the LPC thing, it'd be kind of nice to have this happen...

      Anywho, that's all of the stressful and exciting stuff happening right now, so I guess I'll see you guys around. Or at RTX if that's your type of thing. Also bolding titles really makes this look more bloggy (which is a direction the RT site is going and I kind of like it!)

      - Ghostsol/Marcus


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      Hey! You saw Lazer Team didn't you? OF COURSE YOU DID! Well luckily enough, we were able to get our hands on posters to hand out and to win our LAST poster, just fill out this mad lib!

      post your answers in the comments below with the number corresponding to each blank. Winners will be selected based on the responses by MARCH 11TH. got that? MARCH 11th. so make sure you enter before the time goes up!

      For our mad lib selection, we've picked one of the finest scenes from the spectacular film:

      Woody: My Helmet’s abilities are growing as it __verb1 _ me, but this is all new. I’ve made this place so we can __verb2 _ mentally. I’m not sure how long I can do it, but I need to tell you guys something. So everyone concentrate

      Zach: Yeah, I’m really concentrated. Nobody __verb3 _ anything __adjective4 _ .

      Hagan: Are uh you __verb5 _ something __adjective6 _ ?

      Zach: No.

      Herman: Yeah you are! We can see you __verb7__!

      Zach: Well now you are too!

      Herman: You made me __verb8 _ this

      Hagan: I cant stop __verb9 _ ing either!

      Woody: Guys! I overheard a __noun10 _ . Adam wants to __verb11 _ us. He wants the pieces for __noun12 _ . If we don’t pass the test today, they’re going to cut the __noun13_ off. Just __verb14 _ !

      Zach: Alright I’ll stop __verb15 _ … Just… lemme __verb16 _ something else! I got it!

      Hagan: Oh you’ve gotta be…

      Mindy: Hey __noun17 _ !

      Hagan: Oh you __noun18 _

      Adam: … which is why the __adjective19__ matter ray may be the only thing strong enough to __verb20 _ the __noun21 _ . Let’s try it. Just remember __verb22__ and you should be fine. Ready? Begin.

      Best of Luck!

      Ghostsol (Marcus)

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    • JANUARY - in review...

      2 years ago


      Ever wonder what I get up to besides RT stuff? Ever wonder what i get up with RT stuff?

      well now you can! while watching me slightly above average in halo while you're at it!

      click me to watch that video!

    • RTX 2016!

      2 years ago


      So for those of you who know me, you probably know that I applied to be a guardian for RTX this year. Unfortunately, I was not picked, and although i was upset about it at first, i realized that the point of RTX (for me personally) is to finally meet most of you guys in person! That really is the main reason I'm going to RTX and even if I'm not a guardian, I'm still gonna be able to chill with a bunch of really cool people!
      and of course I'm going to reapply next year, hopefully after attending the event i'll have more of a chance!

      Can't wait for July :)

    • New Phone problem (Help!)

      2 years ago


      alright so I'm still using my old Samsung S3 and i've finally got an upgrade (thank god, this phone is cracked, crashing and just falling apart)

      But now the question is: iPhone or Nexus or Samsung again?

      ... indecisiveness is the bane of my existence. HELP!

    • 2016! Happy New Year (a couple days late...)!

      2 years ago


      so thanks to @DBenitez87 for tagging me in his post... its like a couple days late BUT i'm doing this now, so that counts for something right?

      this is going to be a little longer than his, so brace yourself...

      highlights of 2015:

      1) started editing a podcast!

      2) applied to be a guardian at RTX

      3) survived a bunch of fourth year courses in my third year (shoutout to me being "smart" and fasttracking a bit...)

      4) put out a bunch more CH videos

      5) started playing D&D

      6) started volunteering with the Alzheimer's Society local to my city

      7) started to learn a little more in editing music audio by volunteering at my campus radio station

      Goals for 2016:

      1) keep up those CH videos!

      2) increase my squat, deadlift, and bench press weight

      3) floss more!

      4) learn a bit more with editing Let's Plays and just regular videos using premiere

      5) become more active on the RT community

      6) go to RTX (Hopefully as a guardian!)

      Anywho, that was a little long... Here's to a great 2016! and next I'm going to tag @Dudemoo although it might be too late now...


      2 years ago


      So there have been a couple changes that were made to the podcast... ITS NOW ON ANOTHER CHANNEL!
      Basically what happened was we decided that we should just start our own channel for lets plays or random misc stuff like this podcast!

      This month we've got @DBenitez87 @Riles @MaxDV and, @Tathie ! give it a listen! and if you have any suggestions, leave a comment so we can hear what you think! thanks :)

    • Snow Problems.

      2 years ago


      Saw this video on freeplay, and definitely worth the share!

      (Btw this has happened to me before...)

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    • Bizarre_Cap

      2 years ago

      Thank you for the friend request :D

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