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    • how awesome season 10 would be

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      this would be the ultimate season10 start.
      episode 1:season 10 will start with the actual blood gulch gang still standing there and talking as ever.

      episode 2: it will show what happened to the epsilon unit after n+1 and the director shouting at everyone for not catching wash.

      episode 3: Tex and church escape the epsilon and both (by which i mean Tex) fight their way through the storage where it was kept and hijack a hornet (i have no idea what it's called but looks like a mini falcon) and get back to blood gulch to find that it's still a box canyon in the middle of nowhere with Grif's sisters grave (after Lopez killed her) but it is revealed by everyone to Grif it was a joke and she's been hiding in blue base for the past couple of weeks or months. (he is not pleased by that.) and storms off.

      episode 4: Is agent Utah attacking them in order to recover epsilon church and Tex for a mysterious client since they are the last 2 AI's after the EMP and the entire series spawns from this revealing that the client is actually...
      the directors assistant this is brilliant who agrees

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