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      FAR CRY 4

      9 months ago


      Now we have definitive proof that hunting wild game and warlords with superior firepower is a great recipe for how to have a great time.


      If you don't count Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (which as we all know was technically a stand alone expansion), this is the first full Far Cry Game I have played. I can't tell you how good the Far Cry series is as a whole, but I can tell you that Far Cry 4 is a really good game and is totally worth playing even if you have little familiarity with the franchise.

      The speed at which your character moves onscreen is very fast for a first-person shooter. It may move a bit too fast for some people, but those people are just old. Full Disclosure: I was one of those old people complaining about how fast the game was, but then I totally got used to the swiftness after not too much playtime and it is a positive feature of the game.

      The world you explore is gorgeous and gigantic. It rivals games like Skyrim in the size of the area they create for you to explore. The game does a great job of making all the places you visit in the game feel "lived-in.'

      If you like to get your moneys worth by putting in a lot of man hours to finish all that a game has to offer, you will not be disappointed. There's enough variety in missions and side quests too so that all the action remains pretty fresh throughout.



      You can jump of any cliffs and travel some decent distance by using a parachute suit. It's the greatest combination of parachutes and clothing since MC Hammers parachute pants ruled the beginning period of the 1990's.

      Honey Badgers are in the game and are always looking to attack, because as we know, they don't give a fuck.

      There are some great trippy action sequences that look like those old psychedelic Beatles cartoons. Theses scenes are just like those times when your on LSD and you run around shooting strangers with machine guns because you are convinced they are possessed by the devil... which I have never done. Yes, that's right, I've never done that. These aren't the droids you're looking for, move along.



      Hunting animals is a pretty big part of the game and for the most part it is fun, but my god it can get so difficult, especially with the really small animals. They move so fast and are so tiny that it can get really difficult to line them up and put an end to their annoyance. It is a funny quirk of the game where you may not have too much trouble taking on entire platoons of mercenary soldiers, but will then quickly succumb to the relentless ankle bites from the honey badger.

      The driving in the game feels different then what you are usually accustomed to with first-person shooters. In the beginning I found it almost impossible to go off-roading without hitting every other tree in the countryside. I really didn't like it at first, but eventually I figured it out. The driving isn't a really strong selling point of the game, but it's not so bad that it interferes with the game play.



      Far Cry 4 is one of the best and most enjoyable shooters of 2014. The game looks great and doesn't have very many issues. This is a must play for people that like open worlds and fast paced first person shooting.



    • greatmumphry


      10 months ago


      Assassins Creed Unity's spectacular next-gen graphics are not enough to cover up its numerous previous-gen technical issues.

      This game is gorgeous. After proclaiming COD Advanced Warfare the best looking Next-Gen game, I need to amend it slightly by saying that while COD has the best looking characters, AC Unity has the best looking environments. I wasn't alive during the French Revolution, but I imagine it looked pretty similar to what is depicted in the game.

      The co-op missions are actually a lot more fun than I was expecting them to be. I even preferred them to the single player missions.


      This game is like an alternate version of Les Miserable that doesn't have Russell Crowe singing. That is a clear plus.

      You get to kill snooty French people! Why people don't put this feature into games more often is beyond me?

      The game makes a smart decision to completely avoid the hornets nest topic of how Americans should pronounce "croissant?"


      What is so disappointing about this entry in the Assassin's Creed franchise, is that not only have the previous issues with their games not been improved, but they have gotten noticeably worse. Other than the beautiful graphics, there is nothing this game does that feel superior to the previous games and in several instances it takes a clear step back.

      Having free-reign to climb any and all buildings is a hallmark feature of the AC games; however another hallmark of the game has been the perennial issues with control responsiveness. There are continually times when your character does the exact opposite of what you want him to do. While the previous games technical issues have been annoying, they have at least gradually improved as the series goes on and have never completely crippled the game play. AC Unity comes dangerously close to flirting with the label "unplayable" because of its game mechanics

      The cover system for avoiding detection works horrendously and it's a shame since being undetected is only a major part of the game play. The cover system is so bad and caused so much yelling and swearing, that I repeatedly scared my dogs to the point they would look at me very worried and then leave the room. I did apologized to my puppies, but I'm still waiting to hear an apology to my dogs on the behalf of Ubisoft.

      This is the 7th AC game I have played and I can confidently say that for the life of me I still have no idea what the hell the overall arching story is about? AC Unity keeps up its proud tradition of having a historical backdrop be the setting for a story that is convoluted and makes no sense.

      This game was clearly pulled out of the oven before it was done baking. It's too bad, because you can see that the potential ingredients could have resulted in a good recipe. Maybe eventually they can patch some of these issues and the game comes together a bit more, but that time is currently not here. The game does enough things right where I was able to stick with it through to the end, but the majority of the time playing this game felt like an obligation as opposed to an enjoyable experience. It's a big letdown, but it hasn't soured me from wanting to see the next game the franchise puts out.


    • greatmumphry

      10 months ago

      Pretty much just a second helping of the first game, but this time Watch Dogs comes with a side of dreadlocks.


      Watchdogs was a clever and creative take on the open world action genre by giving you the ability to control a technologically savvy character that relied on a more surreptitious approach to taking down armed foes. It's not a perfect game but the series does show a lot of promise.I'm hoping that promise is fully realized when Watch Dogs 2 comes out.

      While the overall story of the first game is better, I do like the character T-bone much more than the previous protagonist Aiden Pierce. It's not that T-Bone's character has so much more depth, but rather I think I just like him more because he has sweet facial hair and drinks beer. I can relate to that.

      While GTA is still the reigning king of the open world game, one thing Watchdogs does do better is the driving. The vehicles control better and it's just such a great feeling being able to stop cars chasing you by seamlessly changing stop lights to cause collisions or erupting steam pipes under the road.

      The only thing the game really does better is T-Bone. I mean, come on, just look at the guy.


      Part of the problem of the original Watchdogs is that the action gets really repetitive and the DLC does nothing to change it. Bad Blood end up really just being a repeat of what was already repetitive gameplay and doesn't really add anything that significantly different. Which is fine by me because I'm still a fan of what the game does well, even if it is over and over. However, if you were not a fan the first time around there is nothing that is going to change your mind now.

      The game has plenty of depth and scope but it still doesn't compete with the GTA series. This is meant more as praise for Rockstar rather then it is meant as a critique of Ubisoft. They either can't or don't compete with the attention to the little things that Rockstar is legendary for.

      The following really isn't a big a deal and doesn't affect the fun factor of the game at all, but it still bothers me that the game has a very weak song list. I wouldn't have thought that seemingly minor and inconsequential would rank as high as it does on my list, but, well, it does.

      If you are a fan so far of Watch Dogs and the idea of doing more of what you already did a lot of sounds enticing, then Bad Blood is definitely worth checking out.


    • greatmumphry


      10 months ago

      A cinematic summer blockbuster spectacular delivered in videogame form. Call of Duty Advance Warfare advances the action of the game just enough to inject something new and fun while still maintaining the familiarity of the Call of Duty franchise.

      COD has always done a nice job of making fast paced video game action feel so gritty and realistic (Says the man whom the closest I ever came to a battlefield was one of those boring Civil War reenactments my Dad made me go to). Even in the parts of the game where you are essentially battling as or against a killer robot it maintains a certain level of realism, as weird as that sounds.

      My favorite parts of the game is when you get to play with the futuristic technology that we imagine militaries possessing someday. There really is no feeling quite like the one when you are operating weapons that will one day be designed by the brightest minds in the scientific field for the sole purpose of making it easier to kill more people faster. It does kind of make you think we are heading for a bleak and depressing future, but meanwhile in the present it makes for one hell of a video game!

      Best looking game I've played so far on Xbox One. The motion capture looks awesome and if they could only make the facial expressions feel a little less stiff, it would look pretty close to the real deal. I also know that this statement will make me look stupid in not too many years from now as the graphics keep improving to the point where we will basically be looking at a real human someday.

      Advanced warfare is another great example of where it is better to have the campaign be short and compelling rather than adding in hours of filler gameplay just for the sake of getting a longer game. Each of Advance Warfare's level are well thought out and add something to a very enjoyable and exciting action movie-esque story.

      Kevin Spacey is an American Treasure that gives a great performance in this game solely because he is incapable of not giving great performances. He is very much prone to overacting (which is pretty much the only kind of acting he does these days), but Kevin Spacey overacting is still an achievement that must be experienced at all times and in all forms. I want to see him continue to be motioned captured into even more video games, even when it doesn't make sense.

      I was kind of hoping for better and more exciting gameplay. By no means is the gameplay dull or limited, but Titanfall has just done the futuristic warfare angle better so far. Titanfall made me feel more like an innovative and unstoppable killing machine then I got from this game. COD will just have to settle for second place this year in that specific category.

      Call Of Duty multiplayer and I just do not get along. I'm not that good at multiplayer in general, as I would describe my overall ability as "average.' With COD though I would say my abilities would be better classified as "I suck.' It seems like whenever I start playing it usually ends with people I don't know complaining about how I'm repeatedly holding the team back. Since I don't (usually) like getting ridiculed by strangers on-line, I don't end up getting that much replay value with COD games.

      As someone that pretty much plays Call of Duty for the campaign and just dabbles with the multiplayer I'm not really getting into the full Advance Warfare experience. However, just the campaign is enough reason to play the game, because even though it is short, it is still very well done. I ended up playing through the campaign twice, so even without getting into multiplayer I still feel like I got my money's worth.



    • greatmumphry

      11 months ago


      Sunset Overdrive is a furiously fast take on the open world third-person shooter that delivers high-quality gameplay and good times through all of its excessively loud silliness

      You are meant to traverse around the city as fast as possible by using your super human ability to turn an entire Metropolitan city into your own personal skateboarding park. Enemies move at you very quickly, so you have to use your physical talents to zip-line, grind-rail and bounce to both escape and attack enemies. The action is almost like a rail shooter, except you still maintain control of your character at all times.

      It took me a couple of hours to get the feel for how to really control your character. There's definitely a learning curve, but once you get the hang of how to move using the environment, you become capable of doing a lot of really cool stuff that's not that difficult to execute.

      Sunset Overdrive does a fantastic job saving your progress. I wish more games would adopt their generous re-spawn points, because I don't like having to replay a part I already did over and over again. The game also now claims the title of most humorous re-spawn animations, as they cleverly spoof other video games and movies so well it almost makes you look forward to dying.

      Most of the humor in the game comes from breaking down the fourth wall and simultaneously pointing out the foibles and absurdity of Sunset Overdrive and all videogames in general. This is not the first game to do that type of humor, but they are one of the better ones at it, as most of the time the jokes land. This is easily one of the funniest games of the year.

      I started trying to create a character that looked like me, but it ended up looking like Bruce Vilanch and Zack Galifianakis did the nasty and created a baby.

      You can change your character's appearance at any time, but when it looks like the love child of Bruce Vilanch and Zack Galifanakis, why mess with perfection?

      It did take a little longer than normal before I really got into the swing of the game and some people will be turned off because of that. The game feels like it controls a little stiff and difficult out of the gate, but as you become more and more familiar with the game mechanics, you soon realize that it always handled amazingly and you just had to work on technique.

      The campaign and side quests don't take that much time as I completed them in under 20 hours and there's nothing that really makes me want to go back and play any of the missions over. The game does have replay value, but it comes from going after the collectibles hidden throughout the open world. Because of how much fun it is to move through the city like a superhero, collecting scraps of toilet paper and stinky shoes becomes more fun than tedious.

      There is multiplayer, but it didn't do a whole lot to make me want to play it for very long. All you do is complete missions while working together with 8 players while also simultaneously competing against them for points. The first time I played it I finished 2nd and thought it was kind of cool. The second time around I finished 5th and then promptly lost interest.

      The best Xbox One exclusive game yet. Sunset Overdrive is a game that above all knows how to have fun at all times and just like the poisoned energy drink in the game that turned everyone into mutants, it's contagious.



    • greatmumphry


      11 months ago

      If you haven't already added me on Facebook and Twitter, please feel free to do so.


      I'm more active on those sites, so if you are wanting to read more of my moronic musings and see more of the horrible faces I can make, you will be pleased with what you will get.

      Also, if you have an Xbox Membership, please feel free to add me on that as well.

      Gamerstag: Seanygoodtimes

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      11 months ago


      A true spiritual successor to the Resident Evil series, this is the game survival horror fans have been waiting for. The Evil Within amazingly combines the groundbreaking isolated and bleak feeling of the first round of Resident Evil games, while also combining the well done run-and-gun action of the later Resident Evil games. It's like the first 3 Resident Evil games made love sweet love to the next 3 games and the beautiful love child that resulted was The Evil Within.

      The Evil Within is really, really creepy and pretty much gives you an unsettling feeling from beginning to end. My god does this game gets so depressing and violent. The game fits quite cozily in the genre of torture porn and sometimes made me wonder if I should seek professional help because of how much I enjoyed playing the game?

      The gameplay is intense, unnerving, overwhelming, difficult and somehow still really fun as hell. The game is a decent challenge on the Survival (normal) setting, as the game kindly pointed out to I had died 158 times while playing through the game. Honestly, I'm surprised it wasn't even more.

      What I really love about the challenging gameplay is that even when you are facing its most trying sections you still feel like you have what it takes to make it through to the very end. Unlike a certain game I played recently about a giant space monster where it felt like the developers were getting cruel sadistic pleasure from stacking the deck against your survival.

      Before the game even starts you are first greeted with a photosensitivity warning that states even if you've never had them before there's a possibility this game could give you epileptic seizures. Sweet.

      You level up your character's abilities by being bolted down to an old electric chair while green goo is electrocuted into your brain somehow. Double sweet.

      After judiciously managing your precious resources on the first play through, upon finishing the game you get a rocket launcher and now get to just blow shit up. We got triple sweetage.

      It does get hard to play this game for long stretches at a time due to both the games difficulty and disturbing setting. Yet now that I think about it, neither of those really stopped me from playing for long stretches even though it made me feel like an awful person for doing so. Again, I should probably seek help for that.

      I wish the stealth part of the game was better developed. While you can take out unsuspecting guards from behind, it's not all that easy to execute. It's not that big of a deal though and it doesn't keep the game from being fun. Still, it just feels like there was some lost potential by not developing more of your character's ability to be both simultaneously silent and deadly.

      The Evil Within is going to turn a lot of people away because of its unwelcoming environment and stressful gameplay, but for those people like me (that should seek help) who are huge fans of games that supply large amounts of hair-raising chills and violent thrills, this game is a must play near masterpiece.


    • greatmumphry


      11 months ago


      I was really looking forward to playing this game after the early buzz created pretty high expectations that it would really deliver on the scary. While the game does have its fair share of scares, I think it's more accurate to describe the overall gameplay as very intense. Just like the original movie, Alien Isolation does a great job of making you feel overwhelmed with few options against insurmountable odds. It just so happens that the weakness of this game is that it makes you feel overwhelmed with few options against insurmountable odds.

      The game is quite proud of its challenging gameplay and starts off by trying to shame you and your meager gaming ability by recommending you play the game "the way it was meant to be played' on the hardest difficulty setting. This is how real men play games, so I chose normal because I'm a total wimp that tries to avoid any and all things difficult.

      It turns out that I'm an even bigger wimp then I thought, because after dying over and over and over, it started to feel more and more impossible to just simply progress your character through a level from check point to check point. I couldn't take it anymore so I switched it over to the "Easy' setting for about the final 2/3rds of the game. The game became a lot more enjoyable after that and it was still plenty challenging because Alien Isolation's Easy setting is more often referred to in the gaming community as "Normal'.

      You can only save the game at save stations inside the game (like the old Resident Evil typewriters) and there's not a whole lot of them on any level which really ratchets up the intensity factor of the game. You have to make it from save point to save point without making a sound or being sighted by the Alien because it's an instant Kill if he gets you. On Normal the Alien always, and I mean always, hears and sees you. On Easy it gives you just enough leeway that it makes hiding from the Alien more manageable.

      The Alien is the star and strength of the game. The A.I. guiding the Alien's attacks is fantastic as it adapts to the way you play and move throughout the game. You never know when or where it is going to show up and you have to learn to use your tracker (just like the one in the movies) as well as listening for audial clues for when the Alien is near you. At times it seems like the Alien never goes away and then other times he won't show up for an extended period of time. No matter what, it always feels like he's just around the corner ready to get you.

      The game maintains the original films concept designs of how people in 1979 imagined what the future would look like. If you are a huge fan of big bulky electronic monitors and heavy smoking, you're going to love what happens to mankind in about 130 years.

      If you pre-ordered you can play as Sigourney Weaver on a bonus mission. If you're like my Dad and have always had a crush on her, then it's probably worth buying the game just for that.

      Now that we are on the subject of Sigourney Weaver, I love that scene at the end of the original movie where she takes on the Alien armed only with only her wit and pretty much only wearing panties. This has nothing to do with the game, but man that scene from the movie sure is hot.

      Part of what led to me to the point where I had to keep myself from rage quitting by reducing the difficulty setting, is how difficult it is to know exactly what you are supposed to be doing and where you should be going throughout the entire game. I think the developers did this on purpose to make the game more intense, and yes it is very intense when you hide under a desk from an Extraterrestrial Monster because you have no idea which part of the ship now has a button to push. In this instance it feels like it's laziness on the developers part rather then it is terribly creative game design.

      The game has very little of a tutorial and quickly throws you into to the deep end with the Alien encounters. By the end of the game you figure everything out, but it's a steep learning curve that involves a lot of trial and error and a healthy dose of luck. While nothing in the game can kill the Alien you can at least make him disappear temporarily (sometimes only very temporarily) as you start acquiring weapons and explosives. Other than the flame thrower they are all just kind of, meh.

      There is nothing wrong with challenging gameplay as long as the gameplay still feels smooth and responsive. This game feels at times like it is purposefully just making the game more challenging by simply making the character you control weak and limited. While the Alien is really well done, I'm not a huge fan of the character's abilities that you end up playing. There is no leveling up or progression system so your character is what it is aside from the weapons you can pick up. There is nothing particularly enjoyable about what your character can do. All the fun in the game derives from the cat and mouse relationship between you and the Alien.

      There were times I really enjoyed playing this game and there were times I wished it was possible to burn the game with a flame thrower and then send it up into space and let the Alien finish it off. Fortunately it did enough to leave me satisfied overall and to where I would recommend this game if you are a big fan of horror and/or stealth.

    • greatmumphry


      1 year ago



      This is definitely a rated R visit to Middle Earth and perhaps it's just the blood lust talking, but I love it! It makes me hope that when they do (inevitably) remake or reboot the series that they at least give us this ultra-violent version. Also, if we're going to go down the edgy fantasy route, the new version should show boobies.

      The game combines stealth, hand-to-hand and long range attacks to combine fast, fun and seamless button mashing action as good as any game I've ever played. Any of the 3 combat categories would be fun by itself, but the fact that the game pulls of all 3 unique fighting styles simultaneously is what makes it a great game. The combat flows very well (similar to that in the Arkham Batman series) and while the fighting can get challenging, it is never due to the stiff controls or difficult combos to execute.

      The RPG system works well and reigns supreme in the realm of button mashers and will keep you feverishly invested in leveling your character up. The abilities break down into 2 categories, Ranger and Wraith, and the gameplay leads you down a path where it is beneficial to spend points in both areas. Both ability types play well together and are essential to taking on the more and more enemies the game throws your way. You level up your weapons by killing Chief Uruks that appear all over the map and collecting the runes they leave when defeated. The more difficult the chief, the better the rune and the more chiefs you kill also unlocks new tiers of Abilities you can purchase.

      There's a little bit of a mini-game component called Sauron's Army and it allows you to move Chiefs that you have turned into spies up the hierarchy to becoming a war chief. If that sounds a little confusing, that's because it initially is. The good news is that the game does eventually walk you through exactly what you need to do and it's a lot easier then it initially sounds. Sauron's Army is at least something different to do in an action game and it ends up being a moderately enjoyable feature.


      One of the bad guys you can defeat in the game is named Kaka.

      You can stealth kill an Uruk in the face while he visibly takes a pee.

      It is a good thing for your character to consume brightly colored mushrooms and pipe weed. You know, just like in real life.


      The overall story is a little disappointing especially with the LOTR/Hobbit pedigree. The story starts off in muddled and confusing fashion and does very little to pique my interest of where this tale is taking me. Combine that story with a gruff and emotionally bland protagonist and it creates a character I never get emotionally invested in and that's a shame for a game of this stature. The story does do some things well. It does a good job of tying itself into the franchise and lets us know what exactly was going on in Middle Earth during the time between the greatest adventuress of Bilbo and Frodo.

      While the main character is quite handy with the sword, bow and dagger, he must not have had any more time in his schedule for working on his abilities to ascent buildings. Just like in the Assassins Creed series, you can scale all the buildings in the game, and also just like in the Assassins Creed series you will want to swear and throw your controller at the screen at times for the sudden brain farts your character develops when he is confronted by his biggest challenge in the game, climbing. Thankfully this doesn't happen enough during the play through to ruin the experience.

      While the graphics aren't bad, there's also nothing amazing about them. Specifically the backgrounds leave much to be desired. On the Xbox One version I was hoping for visuals that would rival the movies, but this must be the part of Middle Earth that they refer to as "fly over country'.

      Once you complete the main and side missions, there isn't a whole lot left to do in the game. So the replay value might not last a long time after that, but you'll more then get your money's worth playing what the game has to offer. It took me around 75 hours to get to 100% story completion and then a few more hours spent going for achievements. I ended up with a total of 915 achievement points, so the game is not stingy when it comes to working on your gamer score.

      This game does the Action-RPG genre proud. Rarely do button mashing games feel this rewarding to play. The game easily survives its few minor issues because they never come close to affecting how fun it is to play. The best game I've played so far on Xbox One and one of the best Action RPG games ever. Shadow of Mordor is a must play and has earned the title of My Precious.



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      Hello Everybody!

      1 year ago

      It's been a long, long time.

      I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with all the awesome people on this site. Now that Nerdybella and I have sold the tamale company, it will allow me to get back to my passion of posting pictures of midgets and the horrible expressions I can make with my face.

      So without further ado...



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