I have a huge list of stories that I collect to talk about on the podcast, and sometimes we just never get around to them. In this journal I'm going to post some stories that we haven't talked about and probably won't get back to any time soon. These are just a few of my favorites. I may do this every few months when I purge my bookmarks.

Unabomber letter

I was fascinated by the Unabomber when I was a kid and thought it was bizarre to hear something about him so long after he's been in prison.

Kinder Surprise egg

And people still wonder why you can't get these in the US.

Selfie statue


Kid calls 911 on father

6 year old rats his dad out for running a red light.

Giant alligator at golf course

Don't think I'm going to start golfing any time soon.

iPhone catches fire during a flight

I've mentioned batteries catching fire being a fear of mine on planes.

Man is denied beer on a flight so he makes a bomb threat

I don't think he ended up getting his beer.

Man buys all tickets to see Transformers: Age of Extinction to show his ex how successful and rich he is

Can't imagine why these two didn't work out as a couple.