I spent the last week in LA for a couple of different projects. I started the week helping out The Know with E3 coverage. We did a couple of streams on Sunday from one location then on Tuesday we moved to the actual E3 show floor to continue our coverage from the show itself through Thursday. I can't stress enough how pleased I am with everybody who pitched in to make the E3 streams a success. The crew was excellent and did an excellent job making use of a super tight space for our set and interviews. Big shout out to them because they were always there before I showed up and they always stayed after I left (actually I think I beat them in Thursday morning by about 1 minute). Ashley did a great job coordinating all our schedules and lining up developers for us to chat with. Eddy and the rest of the gang back in Austin were awesome at getting us background info on specific games and developers so we actually really knew what we were talking about. I was super proud to be part of that team and all the people who were behind the camera really helped those of us on camera shine extra bright (except the makeup lady, she kept my forehead from shining under the lights).

After E3 wrapped I headed over to Hollywood to meet up with the events team for Let's Play Live which happened on Friday. It was really awe-inspiring to be putting on an event in the Dolby Theatre and they were great hosts. All the on stage crew from the Let's Play family were absolutely hilarious on stage. I saw one of the attendees posted a gallery of images which you can check out here: http://imgur.com/a/doH6V

The crew really worked hard to make sure the show went off with no hitches. Adam Baird had a crazy look in his eyes but he managed to help bring everything together. The events team led by Bethany coordinated a ton of moving parts and helped execute an unforgettable show.

I feel really lucky to work with such talented and driven people who are willing to give their job everything they have. Many hours of sleep were lost last week but I think in the end that it was all worth it. I hope you guys enjoyed our E3 coverage and that if you were in LA that you were able to join us at Let's Play Live.


This doesn't even cover the work I wasn't involved in like Camp Camp and Day 5, both of which are incredible and everybody should watch.