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    • halo_lord

      Hello, and I'm a Mac?

      6 years ago

      I always needed a new computer, so I thought a Mac would suffice for a good ol upgrade.


    • halo_lord

      Seeing someone else in others.

      6 years ago

      Ive always had this weird thought that i saw a genetic clone of people i know, all around the country over the internet (cause I have not the money nor patience to stare at everyone as quickly as the intarwebz speeds by)

      But seriously, Damn today was like visiting a year book and looking back at pictures on here.


      Sheesh to be back on here again, i forgot my ID number this website gave you

      i was 163k something.

      Ive always remembered my first internet community was this one, and it was the first i left, not a card club or a music club, this community/forum was the first i left for an extended period of time.

      In all this time, I have lost alot of the contact with anyone who remains on my friends list.

      I think some faces here even remember me, I do not.

      Like I think I have came about on here, I right stories and hoohah on myspace.

      To be 14 and discover this place all over again.

      I mean damn, my only accomplishment was putting up a forum topic that had 30,000k+ Posts at the end of its life, The highest of its time.

      Yea, Any other topic got shut down xD

      uhuh, I do geetar, weakass photoshoppe and other stuff.

      What It do?

    • halo_lord

      Werthers Originals

      6 years ago

      Popping them like its crystal Meth.

      Been awhile ladies and ladies.

      Kinda miss the old layout still, but hey, lets get this show on the road.

      Ill post a blog journal of when i joined the site, seems people left and right are pouring emotion out of their digits.

      Maybe I'll even post my story on here.

      Its a lackluster Pos that i finished tonight this morning

    • halo_lord

      has it been 4 years already?

      6 years ago


      Well I frequent myspace now, i have alot more freedom of posting images, i think thats what i cared for alot.

      I write stories on there too.

      Face it, I was always the itbetween videogames/life inner battle, I live a double life xD

      I started playing guitar back in october, the 31st, so i think its been.....5 months?

      Coming up in the world, Getting passed the basics of it now, to tell you the truth, the only hard part is remembering the names of chords, i can form alot of them.

      If you want to know what i like to play, just listen to Blink-182/AvA/+44 or The Strokes and Ska.

    • halo_lord


      7 years ago

      Staring at the ceiling, he had 5 minutes until he had to get ready for school. Getting up, he gets ready and heads to the door, taking the loose change from yesterday with him, he walks to his car, a white pick-up, slides in and drives aimlessly to his destination. Arriving more than enough time to be early, he sits in the car. Life has become a lifeless one, no excitement, no suprise, no nothing. He turns to his side to pick out his Ipod and turn it on, listening to a song he likes. Playing his schoollife through his mind, with the song dubbed over it, he watched a homemade movie in his head. Realizing the song was over, he looks at the time, School starts in 20 minutes. He locks the car for the day, walks to the hangout spot, and sits patiently.

      Friends arrive from all walks to the school, some from buses and most walking or getting a ride from their parents, while some drove themselves. They all greet eachother, today is a new day in all their lives, but only He sees what it is. Clock Ticking Til It Stops & Time For Him To Get Himself Together. Sitting on the wall, he watches everyone conversate, talking about favorite TV shows, Books they have yet to read for homework, talking about girls, talking about boys, the coed group wastes no time reviewing their lives. Noone pays attention to him. 6 minutes until the late bell for 1st period rings. He waves them off, announcing his leave, not turning back to see who waves, he suspects none of them returned the favor. Arriving at his class, he sits down, slouches his arms onto the table and rests his head. No sleep again, his mind is troubled.

      Bell rings, everyone returns to their ordered arragement, quickly disbanding back to the hangout spots when roll is done being taken. 3 people walk towards his table, grab chairs, and talk. Hes of little importance to them, but they all enjoy his company. He loves the attention he gets from them, but he wouldnt dare take it in as pride or companionship, they are friends, nothing more, just friends. They get along til the period ends, he makes his way to the door but not without saying goodbye to the posse for the day, they all wave him off. Arriving at his 2nd period room, he undresses for PE, and walks to his rolecall.

      Other days, he would wait for friends at a ledge to walk to PE, but today he walked ahead, avoiding them, not because anything was wrong, he had something on his mind. Walking along the railing, he spots her. Never has his heart raced so fast, it couldn't run miles for anyone else besides this girl. He met her this year. They've become friends over the past months. They share the same tastes in most things, besides clothing and other* products. They've stayed friends for the past months to comfort eachother. One day at PE, he noticed her crying while he was hanging out with his friends from across the gym. He walked over, sat next to her, with her lifting her head from her arms asking what did he want. He said why would you be crying? your too beautiful to have the makeup run and ruin the rest of her day. She stared at him, then looked down, and wiped her eyes. She said her name was Alex. He introduced himself, The modest normal sophmore that concerns himself with others, to comfort them. His friends finally noticed him missing, spotting him in the bleachers, leaving him alone. For the 1st couple weeks, he asked her why she was crying. She explained on top of her parents divorcing, so suddenly, Her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, at 56 he had so much to live for, died 2 weeks after his first kemo. And as of recently, is no longer in a relationship. He couldnt come up with a sob story, nor brag about his boring life. He just joked with her. Trying to not focus on the gloomy subject of concern that hung over her head. She chuckled, liking the change of tone for the day, better for all.

      Along the 3rd-4th week of them knowing each other, he was introduced to her friends, whom coincedentually, he already knew them. Alex was suprised they never met, hes supirised they hid her from him. One of her friends, a snob and so-called leader of the group, explained to him, you break her heart, we break you. He took her by the shoulder, almost a small huddle, saying he wouldnt make a move on her, shes too much a wreck to have him to handle. She looked at him in a suspicous stare, then eased up, smiled and politely said thank you. Alex started to get personal. Asking him what he did with his life. He explained his love for networking, desiring a career in it, or if all else fails, he would become an artist, a guitar player. He knew his life was dull, but she blurted "you play guitar?".

      He nodded. She took him by the hand and led him to the band room across the school, searching for an acoustic guitar. He was puzzled, asking if she wanted a concert or something jokingly. She sat next to him with an Electric Guitar, a fender telecaster, old, beatup, but suprisingly hidden between two cabinets in the old room. She hooked it up to the 50 year old looking amp, practically throwing it at him, asked him to play a song. Stunned, he tried to remember something. In a stooper streak, started beating against the guitar playing power cords to a popular pop punk song. He got into it, changing half way through his rockathon, to a more pleasent tone. He looked up, her eyes were closed. He took this time to take this all in, strumming on a chord for 10 seconds.

      She was not much shorter than him, but still towered most girls her age. She was not heavy set, nor anorexic. Brown hair ran to her lower ribcage, mid waist, it glowed against the sun shining into the room from the door. She started coming to, he changed chords. This lasted another 20 seconds before she yanked it from him, and literally, started shredding the thing.

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    • halo_lord

      The way It Goes

      7 years ago

      Im just rambling.

      This website has always been a community i know and loved.

      But it seems the new waves of RvB fans never ends.

      The people from my Generation (1-3 years ago) Understood the faults of the site, and were fine with it, we got along peaefully.

      Now, people who joined when we became communists (infinite mods!, but one use only!), Are snots, sorry.

      Shitheads xD , obnoxious little twits who have no respect and all the curiosity in the world to why we always say we are glad the system changed or why it shouldnt change.

      I lost touch with the intarweb a bit ago, and when i returned here, things changed.

      I would visit here each week, look at the posts Burnie or The Site Developers had to say. Talk to people ive known from the beginning.

      I choose to visit a predecessor to my original Calling All Blue Team Fans... thread. Its turned for worse into a chatroom.

      Recently, they finally got warned to not abuse the new site rules, Karma is linked directly now to site activity, them posting 50 times an hour effected it. On top of that, people stayed offtopic in the thread, where as i had to keep my original posters in line.

      Im not to bitch about this, and i feel wierd posting this now, but when i tried to help them out a little, tell them to cool it with things, they attack you xD.

      Its expected, immaturiy at its finest. Before it was the shower of neg mods, great. Now its verbal abuse from 20 people whom have never known you xD

      Its all good, they are new, some going through things with families, friends, people whom have no attachment to the social part of their lives, people who dwell this website and look for poor souls to attack.

      Some who have no friends, some who want friends, some who run away and blame people who are in the general area.

      Its ok, use this site, but remember, REAL LIFE HAS NO POST COUNTS.

      Karma is a bitch :/

    • halo_lord

      When did you start caring for karma (RT)

      in Forums > When did you start caring for karma (RT) | Follow this topic

      I started caring about a couple months before my fleet of absences here.


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    • LOST687


      6 years ago

      I use the Invader in my Jackson Kelly. They're great pickups.

    • D_Janissary


      6 years ago

      Hee.... Sorry for giving you out there, lol. But the Photoshop looks good! I've been doodling a lot more myself. Have a job aof designing a tat too (ha ha, get it? Tat? Too? Oh, horrible word play!)

    • LOST687


      6 years ago

      Yeah, I love to jam and then I'll turn around and play something like Since I've Been Loving You by Zep and it's like "Woah, this is a completely different side of me."

      I'd recommend the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge if I was you, if you're looking for a single coil sized pick up, if not, the Seymour Duncan Jazz is really good. Obviously I'm a Seymour junkie, haha.

      Yeah man, single coils are GREAT for clean stuff, they're amazing actually for clean. Humbuckers on clean are too washed out, the mids are too muddy. I hardly ever play clean though, so it's okay for me, though one of my guitars has a coil tap I use every now and then.

    • LOST687


      6 years ago

      Yeah, the only thing I ever use single coils for is the blues, but right now none of my guitars has single coils, they're all Hum-Hum. They're amazing for what I do. I play a lot of hard rock and Metal, so yeah, humbuckers are really the only way to get that sound.

      But you're right about it all being preference, that's how it goes. I like a really bright tone with a lot of high end and tight low end. I've never liked a scooped sound, so I throw a pretty substaincial amount of mids in too. My high's probably at 8, mids at about 7 and my lows at 9, before I hook a BBE Sonic Maximizer to my Blue Voodoo. I would say I've got a pretty unique sound.

    • LOST687


      6 years ago

      I've always wanted to try P-94's, just can't get my hands on any of them.

      I'm after one of the Les Paul Traditionals and an Explorer.

    • D_Janissary


      6 years ago

      Jordan :D

    • Vip


      6 years ago

      You bought a camera? smiley3.gif

      It's a HD150 smiley6.gif

    • spikep


      6 years ago


      Yeah buddy seems like it Lol

      Yo hit me up on Live! my gamertag ALPINA L SQIKE

      like to catch up on some old stuff man


    • spikep


      6 years ago

      Yo! buddy!!

      How you been?

    • kirkchurch


      6 years ago

      So true. Boxy cars are coming back. Just not in 2-Dr Coupes and Sports cars. Every thing else is or always has been boxy. Trucks, SUV's, 4-Door Sedans like the Civic, WRX (Except their new STi hatch), Nissan Maxima, Acura TL, all Ford, Chevy, Dodge 4-Doors, etc.

      The Skyline's (not the GTR) always kept that 'battering ram' look until now. I'm sure down the road when the 1998 GTS and 1999 GT-R R34's become 15 Years Olds in 2013 and 2014 they will see Canadian soil. As for now it is left to companies who import them for deconstruction, rebuild them with a new VIN tag and sell them for slightly more to the US and Canada. 2 companies I know now are Kaizo & Cannonball-R (owners of a competition Drift R34 RWD with a x-vin tag = Racing only).

      As for a 2000-2001 Diablo 6.0L or hopefully a 2002+ Murcielago or LP640 I really hope soon down the road I can get one in the color I want and for a sensible price here in Canada. BTW, are you form Canada to by any chance??? If your are you can get a Supra TT 6-Speed imported for dirt cheap and in good condition too. Since this past MAY 2008 the 1993 is now 15-years old and eligble for importing.