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    Happy birthday images In any case, I had the nose painted full of these doctors. Inflated people. Morons. Of tacks and bubbles no idea, but taught rumlabern. I went home furiously. There I encapsulated completely and searched the entire scientific literature on alopecia. To my great pleasure, I found only what I already knew: balding is hereditary. Since Hamilton's research, this has been clearly demonstrated. Science is not the least doubt. There is no shaking. This belongs to the general education nowadays. There is no need to know what dihydrotestosterone and 5-alpha reductase type II is.

    I thanked God and the relentless regime of my family for my good genes.

    Strengthened by the indisputable knowledge of science, I continued my statistical studies even more conscientiously.

    Happy birthday images As the trend accelerated, I was close to suicide. An old acquaintance advised me to go to a naturopath. "She understands what she is doing, and she's also a globally recognized astrology capacity." Yes, this combination was just right. It was only through the mediation of my acquaintances that I was able to get an early appointment with this much-sought-after Koryphae. Well, six weeks, I still had to be patient. As the date approached, I was nervous at the end.

    Apparently she was afraid I would not see it. She held the tiny thing so close to my face that I almost pressed it on my nose. And this is where I am easily far-sighted. "Then take 3 drops from this bottle daily, dilute it in an eight-liter sesame oil, warm the solution on an open flame, never on an electric or a gas cooker, making sure it is exactly 37 degrees. Rub the whole thing into your hair exactly twenty-four minutes before going to sleep, and you'll see your happy birthday pictures problem fixed in three months. "

    Happy birthday images Embarrassed, I followed her instructions. The first month passed. The second month passed. The sinfully expensive miniature bottles were running low at a fast pace. But the trend continued mercilessly. I dare not confess what losses were to be deplored week after week. Ascending trend. Every look in the mirror made it painfully clear that my hairline moved further and further backwards. Mercilessly. Millimeters by millimeter.

    I had crawled into my apartment. Firmly isolated from the family. Then I received the news that my brother Siegbert, almost four years older than me, finally marries. In three weeks. Thank God, that was also high time. Then the Brautschau would soon be launched for me. The joy lasted only briefly. Back on the ground of the facts, I was fully aware of the hopelessness of my situation. I could not look at the family party. Absolutely no way. It just did not work. That was impossible. But a family celebration was an inevitable must. There was no excuse. No if and no buts. Especially not when it was a wedding. Especially not at the wedding of my brother. A lack would have been possible only with a written certificate from the intensive care unit. And even with notarial authentication. Happy birthday images.

    The salvation came quite unexpectedly. When my fellow student Spinderella stood outside the door, unannounced as always, I did not want to let her in first. But a woman like Spinderella can not be shaken off. She held her thumb for so long on the bell button, until I capitulated completely unnerved. "My God, Bodo, what do you look like? What happened to your hair?" The shock was deep. But Spinderella is a robust nature. And she is also very practical, her nose always in the wind of the latest trend. When the first shock had come, she had, as always, a solution ready. The magic word was Feng Shui. "It is sun-breezy, Bodo, that your hair in this environment must take away! Bring order to your environment, and you bring order to your head." That's it. I felt a stone from my heart. Yes, with Feng Shui I would get all the problems under control. Once and for all. So I was able to drive to the wedding party. Immediately after the feast, Feng Shui would restore the broken structure of my world. Happy birthday images.

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