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    • Something hilarious

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      I was trying to sync the JNPR dance party alt ver footage with the verses in "Shine" and something synced so perfectly that my sides hurt

      "! know I've never felt like this before,
      I never really knew what love was for;
      I dreamed,
      But never did believe."

      These lines combined with the Grimm dancing to them in sync with the music caused me to cry from the pain in my sides that laughing so hard to the point where I choked caused.

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    • Theme songs and Ironwood

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      As far as I know the first and second verses from the Volume 2 theme song sounds more like what Ironwood is telling Ozpin what he will do. let's start with the entire first verse

      There's a point where it tips,
      There's a point where it breaks,
      There's a point where it bends,
      And a point we just can't take,

      There's a line that we'll cross,
      And there's no return;
      There's a time and a place;
      No bridges left to burn,

      We can't just wait with lives at stake,
      Until they think we're ready.
      Our enemies are gathering,
      The storm is growing deadly.

      In the end of Vol 2 Ironwood tells Ozpin "You brought this on yourself." which probably means that Ironwood has finally become sick of waiting and had "broken" and can't take it anymore with all the lives at stake with the gathering of the White Fang and other criminals plus the Grimm. Now Ironwood has crossed the line of no return since he thinks that making further concessions isn't possible given the current situation "there's a time and a place, no bridges left to burn". No to mention that when Ironwood feels like he's been "pushed too hard" and "now won't hold our (his/Atlas's) attack"

      The lines:

      "There's a day when we'll fight,
      And we're not gonna fall.
      There's a day when we'll stand,
      And a day when we won't crawl,
      Anymore." reference Ironwood's dream for humanity and the Faunus may not be in it.

      "We can't just cling to childish things,
      As evil just grows closer.
      Humanity's in jeopardy,
      This fight is far from over."

      Means that Ironwood thinks that Ozpin's students are inadequate and placing hope in them is foolish/childish as more Grimm appear and the last two lines don't really have any hidden meaning to them.

      Volume 3's opening gives even more away about Ironwood.

      "Maybe red's like roses?
      Maybe it's the pool of blood,
      The innocents will lay in,
      When in the end, you fail to save them?

      Their dying eyes,
      Are wide and white like snow,
      And now they know the cost of trusting you is obliteration."

      This is Ironwood's fear, that he will fail to save the citizens of remnant and why he cannot stand by as people are potentially at risk this fear is directed at Ozpin who merely sits back and observes the situation instead of acting immediately.

      Then there's:

      Mirrors will shatter,
      Crushed by the weight of the world. :
      The pillars collapse in shame.

      The first line seems to hint that people's view of themselves, or more specifically Ozpin, Glynda, and Ironwood's image as heroes will be shattered

      The second line hints that Atlas will do something and fail. If I remember my Greek mythology correctly Atlas was a Titan that held up the weight of the sky and Ironwood, leader of the military of Atlas seems to be trying to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders and this irrevocably changes him as a person.

      The third line hints that the headmasters of the academies will all be discharged (or something will happen to them) since they are the "pillars" and will collapse (lose their position) because the people demand it.

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