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    • A bit of writing...

      8 months ago

      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      Trying to get in the swing of things, and Laurin Crozier was kind enough to let me use her images for inspiration. No idea of character names or context of some, sooooo taking a few liberties.

      = = = = = = = = = = = Laurin Crozier Artwork = = = = = = = = = = = == = 

      The Nirvana drifted through endless space, the only ship for millions of kilometers. It was a small vessel, but the crew of seven kept everything functional enough. They were friends, family even. Yet, even those surrounded by family can feel isolated at times.

      Linora woke to the gentle hum of the Nirvana’s propulsion system. It was almost imperceptible, and would be in a few minutes as her hearing acclimated. For now she could hear the heart of the ship, her head resting against the bed.

      The air felt a bit chilly as she sat up, an effect of the life support systems entering conservation mode. An advanced model could run for months on end, but the crew figured they could deal with a cold cycle every few hours. They weren't exactly rolling in credits. Linora actually liked the cold cycles. She enjoyed the sensation against her skin, and the eventual warmth when it returned.

      The man sleeping next to her interrupted her quiet serenity with a  sudden snorting snore. She 

      glanced down at her bedmate, annoyed. 

      His long, wild hair covered his idiotic face and as she brushed them out of the way she saw his idiotic expression. His mouth hung agape a line of drool already pooling on his pillow. Not only that, his nose twitched with every snort giving him the look of a troubled puppy. She sat up and faced away to stifle the chuckles that were trying to escape her throat.

      And then she saw it.

      A purple glow filled the room, and as she looked out the window she could see a torrent of vibrant particles drifting by. She held the covers closer to her body. It was beautiful. It was everything she wanted be, an amalgamation of strength and beauty. 

    • Writing about superpowers, online worlds, and overpowered protagonists?

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      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      As I read a lot of manga, some popular tropes include: superpowers (heroes and villains), immersive online worlds (usually games), and reincarnation stories (where the protagonist uses his prior knowledge or a power up to gain an upper hand).

      So anyone got tips, advice, or recommendations of books to read? I know some material won't translate well, but I'd like to give it a shot when writing. Stuff I've read includes:

      • Worm, an online web serial about superheroes and villains where everything is in the grey area.
      • Ready Player One, popular media references in a video game world you can connect to paired with the easter egg hunt of the ages.
      • Epic and Saga, post apocalypse society where everything in real life (status and wealth) is dictated by how well you perform in the game.
      • Wild Cards series, alien virus causing powers

      There might be a few more, but those are the ones I remember clearly.

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    • Spelunker (something I wrote in my off hours, of which I rarely have these days)

      1 year ago

      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      It was a cold morning, and the only alternative to stuffing my hands into my pockets was placing them just above the massive vibrating engine that was the dying junk ship motor. I had weighed the odds before, and the rough winds tossing the ship didn’t improve them. Deciding against the possible scalding of my palms, I shoved my hands deeper into my pockets. I remained with the other spelunkers, huddled together in one giant mass of sweat, rough leather diving gear, and oil. I pushed into the crowd and they parted for me, the unvoiced agreement that we would rotate to make sure no one fell sick like Tin-shoe Tim. No one spelunked while ill, too many cases where they dove into the wreckage and were pulled out later as dead weight. Sometimes quite seriously dead weight.

      In the center of the huddle the pungent smell intensified. I stopped just short of the middle, my knees bumping against a young boy’s head. Another unspoken agreement. It was bad enough to have to spelunk for living, another to be brought in so young. The least we could do was make sure they got to the site with feeling in all their limbs. The markets were doing poorly again this year, so a few merchant's children were here to make up for losses. It was obvious from the brand clothing they wore, what was advertised as good quality spelunking gear but not what an experienced eye would choose. The majority were probably from the orphanage having just reached the age to work and were unfortunate enough to not be chosen for apprenticeships and the like. There had been some talk to increase the age threshold of labor laws, but the fatbacks would have none of it.

      A crime on economy, they said.

      The hard won experience of a good day’s work, they said.

      Of course we spelunkers knew what they really meant. After all, the fatbacks weren’t evil. They were some of the hardest workers in the world, and I even knew a few personally. They paid for their luxury in sweat, and it was well deserved.

      No, the fatbacks were machines, highly trained machines with only one purpose in mind, making the cash flow in. And like all machines, after awhile these machines start to see everything in numbers. Assets and liabilities, risk and reward, profit and acceptable losses.

      This wasn’t too objectionable either. Old Tin-shoe Tim was a machine himself, the way he strove to bring up morale after a long hard day. Late nights after the shifts were over, we’d gather round after seeing the young ones home. Pints were passed and Tim would pull out his small guitar.

      An heirloom, he said.

      Passed down from generation to generation, he said.

      It was ukulele, a folk instrument that was common novelty. I had a found a few in the wreckage from time to time, put in the research to find they were worth as much as a few pieces of chicken. But I let old Tim have his fun. He’d play for us into the night, singing about pretty woman and handsome men. Songs about making amends and making promises. And when we had finished living, we woke those who were lulled to a more peaceful place. A land where dreams weren’t figments and the grass wasn’t so patchy and grey.

      We had reached the site, and the mass huddle parted as each man began to move towards his jump area. Solid thuds sounded as man after man hit his palm firmly on another’s back before moving on. It was old tradition, started by a man I’ll never meet, in a time I’ve never lived. Still, it was a small comfort and I was thankful.

      I reached my station, hooked myself in, and waited for the horn to sound. The man to my right, a thin-framed youngster, gave me a small nod as he leaned back against his harness. He had been of education, but discovered too late that fatbacks were concerned about money, not knowledge. He still had a glint of hope in his eyes, waiting for the day he could wrench his existence from the mire we live in. But it had been two years since he first signed on, and he had grown complacent, weathered from the daily task. Firmly entrenched in the mire, the longer he could keep his hope, the happier he would be.

      The horn signaled the start of the shift and one by one the crew began its descent into the depths below. I didn’t move. Seniority came with a few benefits that served to sweeten the idea of dedicating a hefty portion of your life serving someone. With my experience and general work ethic I was an asset so the fatback machines wouldn’t get rid of me. Not until I dipped into unprofitability.

      It would be around this time I’d spend the next ten minutes chatting with Tin-shoe Tim, share a smoke over talk about who we were. It was the favored pastime of the old, comparing our past moments before our lives were not our own. Old Tim would recount his first sweetheart, a young man from abroad, and would grow more and more excited. His words would garble in his mouth as he rushed the story out, as if he could live out a few years of happiness again if he could get it all out fast enough.

      Memories were much more intoxicating than any cheap alcohol I could have brought, but I couldn’t share my memories with him today. Not anymore.

      “For you Tim.”

      I placed the watered down alcohol on his station to my left. We’d have nights filled with laughter betting who could stomach the most before our bodies rejected it. It’d be gone by the time I got back from my first dive, some senior with no respect taking it upon himself to not let a drop go to waste, or a maybe even a youth who’d try anything to drown the pain away.

      I didn’t mind. Tim would have wanted it that way.

    • Pathfinder Humble Bundle

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      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      If anyone is interested, Humble Bundle has a Pathfinder e-book bundle going on. If anyone else plays, maybe we could get an online RT group going.

      Link Below.

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    • Public to-do list

      1 year ago

      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      1. Take advantage of the college software I have access to, so I can learn every adobe program I can get my hands on. Better than paying several hundred dollars to buy it.

      2. Go to the gym at least 4 days a week. Yeah....kinda packing on the pounds. My face shouldn't be this round.
      3. Read up on recent (past 5 years or so) entrepreneurial businesses (airbnb, uber, loot crate, etc) and study business models, funding, and success stories. I want to successful so I need to learn how people are doing it now, so I can predict in the future.
      4. Do my taxes. Yuck.
      5. Stick to a scheduled release of original web fiction and fan fiction. I like to write, so I should keep writing to improve.

      Hopefully I'll make some progress in a week or two. Just got to keep at it and not forget my goals.

      Then again....I could buy a New 3DS XL....

    • RWBY Non-spoiler reaction

      1 year ago

      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      I-I can't even....

    • Heartache and Progress

      1 year ago

      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      So life has been happening, probably the same for most of you.

      Long story cut to a short 5 minute film piece, I had a friend I had a feelings for and told her how I felt. We tried going on a few dates but in the end she wasn't feeling it. Since then, relocated back to my hometown and when I went to visit she seemed pretty into another guy who had joined our circle of friends. After ten minutes of talking to him, I realized that he was an awesome person who had great taste! (rooster teeth, funhaus, rpgs, and obscure board games). To add to that, the girl I liked had a very awkard stance towards me and I left, an hour an a half car ride home, thinking.

      And so here's what I came up with.

      1. I still like her a lot.
      2. It hurts to see her so affectionate for someone else.
      3. There is no reason for me to dislike this new guy or the girl. The whole reason I asked her out is I thought she was awesome.
      4. Both of them are still friendly to me, so why shouldn't I be friendly back?

      Yay Logic! Well, I would be lying if I said my heart didn't ache a little still. But I'll get over it. I think I'm starting to understand though how dangerous it is to be trapped by imagined future happiness, or past troubles and pain. I just got to focus on the now.

      In other news, still reading lots of financial books in an effort to understand how money works in everything. Also came up with a character name Rowan Elwood, a young man who was raised by Wiccan parents (core Wicannism, that focuses both on Mother Earth and the Horned God).

      Hope to be further along in life next time I write. See you!

    • Infallibility of God and Religion

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      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      Odd thought to pop into my mind, is God infallible?

      Now when I say God, I refer to any and all religious analogues and equivalent cosmic over-minds, but yeah I just really wonder is God, a greater being, unable to be wrong, and what does that mean for us?

      What got me started on this was remembering Bible stories and the like, where God would weep for the terrible things we did. Does God make mistakes? Are humans a mistake? Something less than perfect? By being Almighty, God should know the consequences of everything he does, but doesn't that mean our misdeeds are his own by relation?

      I'm starting to think of God as not some all-powerful being, but some kind of higher human, that feels joy, weeps when sad, strikes in anger, has children, etc. In relation to the creation mythos, does that mean that when humans die, we return to God, become part of the high human?

      I'm pretty sure I got a bunch of different jumbled thoughts in there but something that's been bothering me.

      Is God always right?

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    • Steam Winter Sale 2015 - Must Buy Recommendations

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      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      Another sale is upon us my friends, and I am curious about the deals you recommend others to take advantage of. Any suggestions?

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    • Existence after Death

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      inxpitter Stray Thoughts

      So yeah, weird existential thoughts flowing into my head.

      To put it simply, I'm scared of death. From a scientific standpoint, my mind, personality, and thoughts are just a combination of neurons firing at each other, and someday will stop and I will cease to exist.

      And that's frightening.

      I've never really considered the "after" part of life. Even a spiritual take on afterlife is a bit weird to me. Take Christianity (which is the religion I know most about). I have a problem living in paradise forever, since I like the ups and downs of being human. I'd rather go through a thousand lifetimes than an eternity of being happy. I guess if I had my ideal afterlife, I'd just keep reincarnating over and over again in the cycle of life experiencing all life has to offer.

      I really hope this isn't a sign or something about a soon to come event, but what are your guys' thoughts? Spiritual identity after death, scientific predictions, I'm open ears for some solid conversation.

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      1 year ago

      Haven't seen you around the site in a while. Hope everything is alright! You're probably just in different threads than me. Hearts!

      • inxpitter FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Stray Thoughts

        1 year ago

        yo. Yeah, been busy with work so not as much to time internet socialize. Have a couple days off so will probably be on scoping the forums

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