Can Salem create people-like Grimm? If so, is Cinder already one of them? As stated before, Cinder has the Grimm arm now, but I don't think it was just put there. When Ruby used the Silver eyes the first time, it seemed to only affect the dragon and Cinder. The dragon became frozen, presumably even "stone-fified", but still alive on the inside. When it hit Cinder, it froze up her face and did something to her arm, what we thought to be destroying it. When Ruby used the eyes again this time, it did not do much, but it definitely seemed to hinder Cinder a little, yet not anyone else. My theory is that the silver eyes can freeze up/mortally wound the Grimm, which is why many working for the darkness side are trying to take them out. This then leads into my actual reason for this, I think Cinder is a Grimm construct. I think her "human form" is just a husk for whats on the inside, that when Ruby used the eyes the first time, it broke her arm shell, letting loose her real arm, and that the black eye hole Cinder now has is just a window into the inside of the husk, letting us see her real form.