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    • Possible Dark Mirror characters to the rest of Team RWBY?

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      With all the new story arcs for Team RWBY and all that there was this topic I've had in mind to talk about and that is about how certain RWBY characters are in some ways dark mirror counterparts to our heroines.

      With Blake it's a no brainer. She obviously has Adam Taurus as a dark mirror version of herself and her beliefs but what about the rest of her team? I have some thoughts on this.

      For Weiss I think her own sister Winter is a dark mirror to her. Reason why I say that is that despite not being an outright antagonist or even a bad person she has a personality and viewpoint that seems rather off to me. Like how she thinks leaving Weiss on her own as an attempt to make herself stronger against their father which is understandable in a sense but being there when her sister really needs her is just as important. Not to mention her personality seems to have no problems acting cold and militaristic even to Weiss and she seems to imply to have quite a temper in her own right like in V3 against Qrow. I wouldn't be too surprised if what happened in Beacon also made her personality go even worse then that. In short I think Winter is someone seems to have let her own bitter experiences at home over the years get to her and made her into someone no better then their father and someone Weiss would've ended up being as had not Weiss met her friends who helped made her more open about herself and show a more healthier growth.

      For Yang I think the obvious one is Raven. We still don't know too much about why Raven ended up turning her back on her old friends and brother and made her tribe. We got a big chunk of it in V5 true but I think for a twist and to add to Yang's development that Yang finds out that there was a time Raven wasn't all that different from her yet certain events like possibly one of Raven's friends ended up leaving her behind or something like that made her untrusting and bitter towards everyone. Thus it could make Yang shaken up because there's a chance that she could end being the very person who gave her up if she still held on to her issues this strongly especially if this was afterwards taken place after her exploding on Blake which could later on making the two make amends for good. 

      Finally there's Ruby which could be interesting. It's clear that Ruby's still trying to not let the traumatic events get to her and possibly her belief system so I wonder if her dark counterpart could be none other then Cinder? If you look at Cinder's inspiration which is Cinderella that character always still believed your dreams or good will happen if you keep pushing on tough moments. If cinder's backstory is a lot like that then there might have been a moment where Cinder broke and threw away her good belief thus making her into someone who's out for power and thinks only for herself.

      So what do you guys think? Have any ideas of who you think could be dark counterparts for Team RWBY or really even Team JNPR?

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    • Bendy and the Ink Machine thread.

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      I don't know if there's a thread for this already but if not then that's good.

      Anyway the thread is about the horror game that's based off the rubberhose cartoons from the 20s and 30s and so far it's among my favorite games from last year along with Cuphead. The fact that Roosterteeth helped get it on to consoles later this year makes this even more exciting. :) 

      So has anyone played it yet? If so what are your thoughts on the game?

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    • RWBY Crossovers you'd love to see?

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      Like the title says is there a crossover you'd love to see RWBY go with? Like what specific series and characters you'd like to see the world of RWBY interact with?

      I do have some ideas of my own.

      RWBY with Transformers: I've been playing around this idea for a long time now and I think there's a lot of elements in transformers that can fit in quite well with RWBY especially if you've known a good deal of a lot of the series and mediums Transformers have like with it's myths,themes,characters,etc. Also who wouldn't want to see Optimus Prime with Team RWBY go against Megatron and Salem?

      RWBY with Kingdom Hearts: I feel like with how Kingdom Hearts normally delves into the theme of hearts and friends it would fit in quite well with RWBY.

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    • Complaints on RWBY you don't get/agree with?

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      RWBY has gotten some complaints some valid or some subjective but are there some you don't get or at least don't fully agree on? Just figured it'd be an interesting thread to discuss about.

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    • Was Pyrrha's death her own fault?

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      After seeing the thread of is it Jaune's fault about what happened in V3 I figured maybe a similar topic for Pyrrha may be interesting.

      People have been saying that Pyrrha was being dumb to go up to that tower and to be honest while I get some of their points I've been thinking of some of the other side of the argument and I wanted to hear some other thoughts about this. If you don't think it is or at least don't think she was being 100% foolish I'd be interested to hear that too.

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