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    • Dayz Shenanigans

      5 years ago


      Been playing on the Rooster Teeth private server for a couple dayz now and been up too some crazy shenanigans. The first day that it went up my friend and I found and repaired 2 uaz and a pbx. I may have destroyed our first uaz leading us to finding the second but hey, I thought I could go trough fences.
      A week later, started playing with some more friends and we repaired the same atv about 4 times, then finally got our shit together and painstakingly repaired a helicopter. I had the most fun I have had for a while now. since repairing the heli I have killed quite a few people. The first victim being "rts mike" who happened to be at the NE airfield, where we had decided to fuel up.
      We had found another heli there at the NE airfield that we attempted to repair; however. another group in a UAZ, which I am pretty sure was stolen from us, ran right up to us dropping off a guy who ended up killing a team mate. When ended up running into the UAZ and destroyed it with the side gun. Sorry disz and cruel. Then on our way to pick up our fallen comrade, we run into a green hatchback. I disable the tire and two players run into the woods. We make several pass trying to find an angle on the player and eventually I am able to lay some rounds into who I can only assume to ShootTheHead, who later alt+f4s. I end up being dropped off behind the 2 players that I assume are still alive as the chopper flies back in front of them. I end up killing alan, who was a good sport and died.
      All in all had a great time.

    • Podcast Marathon

      6 years ago


      Finished a Podcast marathon today, I started listening to the Drunk Tank/Rooster Teeth podcast about 2 months ago while doing homework, studying for final, or now while working, and today I finally caught up with today's 149th podcast.

    • 2018 years ago

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