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    • Guns in Schools!

      5 years ago


      So I was browsing the toy section of Australian K-mart and in the catalogue for BACK TO SCHOOL I was disappointed that Nerf Guns aren't even on sale... We should not allow this basic right to bear Nerf in schools... lets get nerf-guards at the entrance to every school. Stand up and fight for your Nerf Rights!

      This is not sponsered by Nerf or Hasbro, if you can't afford nerf guns and can only get your cheap equivilents I would be happy to support that as well, after all in this economy and all ... ^_^

    • Zombies

      6 years ago


      Today begins the second day of filming our Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide ...

      Scary, but as a producer, exciting :D lol

      Will let everyone know how it turns out and maybe once done I'll put it up here ;)

    • Bated Breath

      7 years ago


      So I'm waiting with bated breath for the new trailer for RvB season 9 ...

      I only wish I had enough money buy Tickets to RvB:TX and the plane ride over there ...

      Ah well ...

    • Agh Work

      7 years ago


      As I head off to work today, I would like to say hello to all those on the RT Community that has to work. Isn't it just great.

      If I was any good with the film process I would so apply for a job at Rooster Teeth, even if it meant moving half way around the world.

      Oh well, back to selling phones to people who don't know how to use them.

      Maybe .... one day .... one can dream.

    • 100th Drunk Tank Ideas

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      Hey All,

      Even though Gus will probably ignore this thread, if anyone in the community has ideas (reasonable ones) about what the guys should do for a 100th Drunk Tank Episode. I started this thread so you, the community, could have some input.

      For example
      Best of J/J/G moments - the stupidest things said by Jack, Joel or Gavino on the Drunk Tank
      Burnie Rants - self explanatory
      Gus Gets Angry - again self explanatory

      Anyway like I said reasonable ideas nothing stupid

      Have fun guys


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    • Mother Nature hates Australia

      7 years ago


      I can't stop but think, although the floods in Brisbane and South East Queensland are definitely big news and all here in Australia, I am reminded of the events only a few years ago in the state of Victoria that most people saw on their television sets. Both have their similarities, and both have and will leave an everlasting impact on those communities for years to come.

      But it all comes down to one thing, mother nature hates Australia and wants to screw us over badly.

      *mumbles off list of disasters* floods, drought, fire, hail

      But at least we ain't cold :D

      Too all in places affected by freak weather ... stay safe.


      P.S. Holy Crap no-one's talking about Global Warming anymore ... Thank F*%$

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    • spitefire

      6 years ago

      kiss the brid

    • kennybkool

      7 years ago

      Hey man, its ok. I been on plenty of other forums before so I seen it all before.

      Thanks for the welcome

    • Quatters

      7 years ago

      Hey dude, I'm sorry for being such a dickwad.

      Anyway, welcome to the DT forums and I hope your time here is enjoyable.

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