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    • 2014 Scholarship Essay

      3 years ago


      The following essay is for the 2014 Scholarship

      As a child born on the cusp of the Millennial Generation and Generation Y, I consider myself a "digital native.' I grew up using the internet as early as elementary school, to do research for papers and to use Google to look up anything- even word translations for my Spanish classes. As such, I take the internet for granted. It's the way I researched colleges, applied to those colleges (with online forms), announced my acceptance to college (through social media), registered for classes, applied for scholarships and introduced myself to my roommate. For some of my classes I also receive and submit homework assignments through the internet. These are obvious, almost given ways the internet has impacted my educational career thus far. But there are some other, more creative ways that I have capitalized on the internet to shape my academic life. I have managed to save money on books using the Internet and am building a portfolio for my future job search by taking advantage of tools only found on the Internet.

      I am an engineering student at a college that has a cooperative internship that takes place during my Junior year. This means I get real world job experience while still in college. So as a freshman, one of the first assignments in our engineering seminar class, is to write a resume. It is a simple assignment and the teachers provide guidelines. One tip they suggest is to include URLs if we have anything online we want our prospective employer to know about. I happened to have some videos related to some of my engineering skills which I thought would be appropriate to include. I'll mention later how distracting YouTube videos can be to my education, but for my resume, inclusion of these videos could be an attractive way to set me apart from others. To save scarce real estate on my one page resume, I converted all of my URLs into hyperlinked words since my resume was being graded electronically, but I had an even more clever idea when I went to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' (ASME) later that year for a student design competition. For the networking session I needed an easier way to introduce myself so I compressed my resume onto a sleek piece of paper the size of a business card then I employed a tactic I had seen advertisers use on busses to bring traffic to their website: QR codes. Using a free online web service, I converted all the URLs into QR codes which I put as pictures on my card. Now anyone with a smart device could scan my resume card with their QR code scanner app and open up the page to my YouTube channel.

      The videos on my YouTube channel demonstrate my skill at using an engineering program called SolidWorks, which I learned in my Mechanical Engineering course. SolidWorks is a 3D modeling computer program which engineers use to make drawings and models of the things they plan to actually build. To make it more entertaining, I copied the speed art format that other YouTube illustrators do to get a following of fans. They film their screen as they draw intricate artwork, then speed it up and set it to music in post-production. On my playlist called Quick Works, you can see me draw a 3D item like a flashlight at 500% speed set to the best royalty free music I could find on the Internet.

      Another way the Internet plays a role in my education is with regard to books. I was shocked at how expensive textbooks could be. For my seminar classes, there were custom editions that could only be purchased at the campus bookstore. Even my most savvy Internet search could not source a less expensive book. However, each semester I always do price comparisons by searching my books' ISBN numbers on various booksellers. Unfortunately, I have not found a single website that provides cost comparisons from different booksellers. However, during one of my searches, I recently stumbled upon distributors who sell the international editions of textbooks at more than half the cost of even the used rental books at my school's bookstore. From what I have seen, the books are identical to the U.S. editions, with the exception of the cover art, the quality of the paper and color of the ink. I am trying out a few books this semester and this may become the way I will purchase books from now on.

      While the Internet can help me save money on books, and act as a repository for my education portfolio, the Internet can also be a huge form of distraction. For me, the single most distraction is from videos. After a full day of classes and studying, I need a way to laugh and unwind. Unlike TV, which plays certain shows at certain times, I can search for anything I want to watch on the Internet: You Tube videos, charity Livestream's, Netflix movies, and web comics. There are hours of new content uploaded each minute and it takes self-control to stop watching. Only once was I late for a class because I was engaged in a video and lost track of time. About a year ago I became a member of the website Rooster Teeth so I could watch prescreens of their most recent uploads. As a member, you get your own webpage within the community where you can blog about anything and follow other members. This has come in handy since I needed a blog site to post this essay. I find it somewhat ironic that a site I joined for entertainment purposes might help me win a scholarship. The internet is certainly an interesting device.

    • The Tragedy of Andersmith

      3 years ago


      Watching RvB and laughed at the Andersmith scene where Caboose is missing said nonexistent person.
      continued watching up to the current episode and realized something. Cabooses first hand man in his squad is Smith. I was waiting for an Andersmith joke to be dropped and sadly realized that caboose wouldn't know him, as his Andersmith moment was a part of Epsilons memory and would never carry over to the real Caboose. however, i really hope something will be made of this as there is potential for the return of Andersmith.

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