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    [x] This is Faith !!
    [x] She is 15 not 18 (stupid computers) but she wishes she was 18 : (
    [x] She is a Sophmore in high school !!
    [x] She is ready for it to be Christmas so she can get tons of GIFTS !!
    [x] She is currently single ... but has a crush on this cutie pie, bad boy : )
    [x] She is hoping the bad boy likes her to and is starting thinking he dose : )
    [x] She is so funny when you get to know her !!
    [x] But if you piss her off she won't like you anymore : )
    [x] She LOVES comments and mod points
    [x] She thinks you should comment her pics & jurnal
    [x] She dose not accept random friend request

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    • lizgirly93

      10 years ago

      READ !!
      REPLY !!
      DELETE !!

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