So i used to be a major fan of this for the first two and a half season (got a first membership, read fanfics... stereotypical fanboy), it was fun charming and had a good action scene from time to time... Then the season 3 ending rolled around and the decided to dropp the "fun and charming" part and focus on generic grimdark action, trying to be more "serious" and "mature", killing of most interesting chracters breaking up the main cast etc (not trying to bash anyone who liked it, but i did not).

I watched a few episodes of season 4 to see if it would get better again (i.e remember what fun is besides a few token jokes) but it seemed content to stay the course so i dropped it. Now with season 5 on the way i wonder if that ever changed, that is did they ever stop trying to hard to be a action drama and remember that the show was originally essentially 50% slice of life comedy? (try to avoid spoilers when answering please)

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