So, RTX 2016 was recent, and the amount of euphoria I felt while watching some of the streamed panels was absolutely through the roof. Sadly, due to physical and distance issues, I was not able to attend RTX this year, and I'm not sure if and when I'll ever be able to. The main reason being that travelling to America would be too expensive for me, and I also do not have a passport (yet). Another reason, is because I am physically disabled. Which not only means that it'd be even more expensive for me to travel internationally, but also physically more difficult for me to travel due to possible longer plane flights (and, TMI, but, a limited bladder capacity), and accessibility (i.e, mechanical lifts, accessible hotel rooms, etc).

Obviously, it'd be extremely tremendous to have an RTX event in Canada, and even close to home-- Calgary, Alberta would be an ideal place for it to be held (for more accessible purposes for me, but, that sounds selfish as I am definitely not the only physically disabled fan of Rooster Teeth) but sadly I understand that if RTX would ever be held in Canada, it would most likely be held somewhere in Ontario or Montreal, due to a larger population and/or bigger event areas. Be that as it may, I believe that a RTX event in Canada would be absolutely amazing, and definitely an easier (and less expensive due to travel and accommodations purposes) option for me to attend a RTX event.

Now, I understand if there most likely will never be a RTX Canada, with how close Canadians are to the United States, but a RTX Canada event will always be on my bucket list, if it ever happens.

I can't be the only one to want this, right?

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