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    • Greatest Day Of My Life

      3 years ago


      Today the 2nd of the 11th 2012 I Cameron "mammal" Cartwright was given the job neigh the privilege of working for the greatest queen that has ever been or will ever be, Queen Of The Unicorn's @ZoeEmiP. She was gracious enough to grant me the position of Leader Of The Royal Guard. I shall give my all in this position even if it costs me my life, i will not let my queen down. I look forward to many years to working with my queen. May she have a long and wonderful reign. God Save The Queen

    • RTOZ 2012

      4 years ago


      Friday: Me and my friend Rochelle headed down to central via train then got a taxi to our hotel which was across the road from centennial park. We got to our hotel and left to find the B.B.Q and zombie human war at 12. We spent the next hour and a half talking in shit British accents (well mine was shit, shells was pretty good) trying to find the park, after what seemed like and age we got there. When we got there I felt a sense of joy at seeing all the people who were there due to their love of rooster teeth, and dream of being in the zombie apocalypse :). The day was an absolute blast with me and shell always being zombies with Erin Carroll and Daisy Kershaw (a couple of great girls who I am glad I met and befriended) as none of us had nerf guns. What seemed like a daunting task at first gradually got easier as the zombie number increased and human decreased. Every round made me realise how unfit i actually am and I now have a better understanding and respect of the energy bar in Dead Island. After a few rounds of this Burnie and Gavin arrived, this was a big surprise. I was happy to find that they are down to earth blokes (though it wasn't a surprise) who are more than happy to have casual conversations with everyone and anyone. I had to smile when Burnie introduced himself to me as if i didn't know who he was. After talking to them for a while and regathering my energy it was back to the zombie human nerf war. This continued to be a blast. This kept on until we all got together to spell out AHWU (with a lot of trouble, time, smart arse remarks and effort) can't wait to see if we manage to get into an episode that would be awesome. That put and end to the day with everyone dispersing after that, most to a pub however due to the long day me n shell headed back to the hotel for dinner a few drinks then an early night.
      Saturday: I awoke at 9 and proceeded to reminisce the previous day and listen to music till my hunger overcame me and i woke shell up (at 11) so we could go get breakfast or i guess you would say lunch by the time we ate. We saw a funny store called strangers with candy then went to a shopping centre to kill time. We went to toys r us and looked at all the cool toys (kids are so lucky these days), then we went to JB-Hifi where I bought the 2 boondock saints movies for us to watch until the event. We only got to watch the 1st one before shell noticed that Easy A was on and said I had to watch it. I didn't find it that bad. After it finished we started the task of finding the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park. We asked reception and they were very helpful telling us it was in Moore Park n saying nothing else. We eventually found it by bumping into Sarah Jessica parker (sorry it was a horse) and her owner she was very helpful. We continued our new tradition of speaking like brits till we found the place scaring a bunch of kids with them along the way :).
      When we arrived we found a short line though that was soon to change. Eventually we got in and one of the greatest nights of my life pursued. Me and shell got our goodies bag then went straight up stairs to the bar. Unfortunately I don't drink beer (due to allergies) nor do I drink wine so I had to give my free drink cards to shell (so she got 4 free drinks) and I paid for every one of my drinks. We got together with a few people to play a game of laser tag we as the blue team lost :( though I had lots of fun, even ran into a wall n got a small cut above my eye (drinking and laser tag maybe not the best of mixes or then again maybe). We then went upstairs to book a game of bowling we were told 20 minutes so naturally we filled it with more drinking. It was at this time that an absolutely magical event happened, bohemian rhapsody came on and all 300 people in the place sang it in unison, I was so happy during those minutes I almost had a tear in my eye. After 20 minutes was up we proceeded to bowl. The game was fun can't remember everyone that was in team unicorn I do remember me Rochelle, Erin, Daisy, Zoe and Pinkie my apologies to the rest of the team who I can't remember. We managed to get 4 rounds in before we bailed for the "panel" (only in Australia could that mean stand behind a bar drinking and answering questions). I then got photos and autographs with Burnie and Gavin, laughed a lot when Gavin made sure that the G surrounded my nipple. After this came some awesome moshing and singing at the bar to songs like it's my life, carry on my wayward son and a whole bunch that alcohol made me forget. For the rest of the night I met people had photos taken of me took photos and had an absolute blast I can't remember the people I moshed with but it was amazing. After the night was over me and Rochelle headed back to the hotel and crashed.
      Sunday: Nothing exciting just packed our bags and left.

      I have to say that weekend was one of the greatest of my life and I had so much fun that it will stay with me forever. A huge thankyou to all the workers at Rooteeth, the volunteers who helped with the event, Gavin and Burnie for their attendance, all the people who attended, Justin Pickering for everything he did, and of course Caiti Ward for making it all possible, thank you all for giving me such a wonderful experience. I will definitely be there next year. Oh and of course thankyou Rochelle for coming with me and making the in between times and the events that much better just by being there.

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    • ZoeEmiP FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Cameron! Let me be your friend! Team Unicorn has gotta stick together smiley0.gif

      • mammal FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        4 years ago

        That we do we were certainly a fantastic team :)

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