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from Yucca Valley California

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    I'm pretty shy and awkward when you first get to know me until i get to know you then I'm open like a book  lol. My friends think I'm weird and I think people don't get me sometimes. I can be super happy and hyper or i can be lazy/blah and not talkative. i just sometimes don't want to talk or don't got anything to say. friends and people think somethings wrong like I'm mad or upset or even suicidal. which will annoy me cause they keep bugging me about it.i love to make music and videos.I'm some what of a youtuber type person i guess. I'm very creative when i'm not in bed or rolling around on ground playing video games lol. oh and im somewhat of a anime fanatic i'ts what got me thought tough times besides rooster teeth lol. i don't know what els to say theres a lot about me just ask not much i don't like except some weird foods lol burgers for life and i love animals so much i want a dog again in the future

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