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    • I'm back.

      4 years ago



      I've missed the past few weeks, and how sorry I am. Throughout this time, I finished my final exams of the year, which I hopefully passed. I started working again for the summer, and consequently have made lots of money.

      As I've pretty much been working everyday for long hours, I've been on the site very little, and have had no time for posts. For that, I am sorry RT community.

      What's new in my life? Well i'll tell you!

      Tomorrow I'm heading back to Galway in search of new housing for next year, and today I've discovered American Netflix, not my usual crappy UK/Ireland one. So happy happy.

      See ya soon.

    • #Fit4RTX

      5 years ago


      I sit here, drenched in sweat, and generally unkept, wondering how the hell will I ever keep this up.

      Ever since I packed my bags and headed off to college, the plague generally known as "lack of fitness" has caught up with me and my ways. Granted, back in my school days I was never the model of fitness or health, but I could at least run a mile without feeling like I'm going to kick the bucket.

      So after two years of drinking, eating and lack of exercise, I've decided its time for a change, and to be honest, RoosterTeeths new Fit4RTX initiative kicked me into gear. In the last few days I've changed my focus, which honestly is bad timing as I'm undergoing exams. I made the first step in buying good running gear, so now I pretty much have to get off my ass.

      It all starts today, and after an extremely slow and ardous mile and a half, I've set the bar, and I fully intend to kick that bar's ass.

      Bring it.

    • GTA V Trailers

      5 years ago


      Oh man.

      I've never been a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto games, don't ask me why though. I mean, it's right up my street, in my days off I love to punch hookers and create enough havoc to draw the army's attention, but GTA never caught my attention as much as it did my friends, that is, until today.

      If you've been under that big ol' rock all day then you might have missed industry behemoth, Rockstar's, little trailer release, and yes, here's the link, you can thank me later, and send presents to my house.

      Go watch now if you haven't, I'll wait here for you, its only 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Are you finished yet? Good.

      So there's something about this new trailer, something that makes me ├╝ber excited in my pants, and it's the organic world. In all the GTA games preceding this, Rockstar have done a great job of making a fun-filled, over-the-top, action-filled, hyphen-loving world. However this time, it seems like their taking things to the next level. Its a natural progression, one which has no doubt come from their experience working on Red Dead Redemption. I know its only a trailer, but the world looks so much more exciting, even the color palette has been dramatically overhauled from the browny-grey-Eastern European feel of GTA4.

      Onto the characters. I feel I should watch the trailer one hundred more times, but on first thoughts, I think Franklin is my favourite, followed by Trevor, followed by Michael, however this will undoubtedly change in the months leading up to, and after release.

      The blend of 3 characters was quite a risk to take, but one that they've tried and tested before with The Ballad of Gay Tony, The Lost and the Damned, and GTA4. I myself was skeptical, but after this trailer, that changed. The characters are all so strikingly different, in regards to lifestyle, image, background, that it should keep gameplay fresh as a daisy, with motorbikes, shotguns and helicopters of course, that daisy is badass.

      So right now, I'm gonna go watch the trailer instead of studying for my Biochemistry exam, but on the upside, if they ask me about Michael, Franklin and Trevor, you know I'm gonna ace that shit.


    • Summer Exams

      5 years ago


      So tomorrow morning at 9.30am I have my second year Microbiology exam, it's now 10.12pm and I haven't looked at a thing.

      I have always enjoyed challenges.


    • Iron Man 3 - woah.

      5 years ago


      So.. I'm back! I guess this ruins the mysterious image I'd set for myself in my first journal entry.

      Today I accomplished my daily goal and went to see the newly released Iron Man 3, and I thought I'd share my thoughts with the RT fan base.

      WARNING: ~~~~~ SPOILERS AHEAD ~~~~~

      So I gotta admit, I was a little skeptical coming off the back of Iron Man 2, it left me wanting a little bit more, something was missing. I was, however, optimistic that Mr. Shane Black could revive the franchise, despite being horribly wrong in my foresights for much of my life.


      I mean, woah. Shane Black has more balls than Hungry Hungry Hippos being played in a bowling alley. Yeah, I went there. His decision to portray The Mandarin as he did took guts, and I believe it may have payed off. Granted, I'm not a comic book fan in any sense of the word, and I can understand how some fans may be peeved, but in the great words of Tony Stark - "no need to be a pussy about it". Sir Ben Kingsley stole the show during his scenes, and his range of emotions is incredible.

      Another amazing performance by Ty Simpkins, who played the kid Harley, made me want to throw money at any hint of a sequel - and bonus hint - there was one. His badassery was only accentuated further by his sweet potato gun, which, to the reader's dismay, shot regular potatoes.

      I could go on and on about every part of the movie I loved, but I'd be here for a whole two more paragraphs, and my hands are getting sore.


      A fitting quote to describe the movie overall -

      "Goosebumps don't lie - Swedish House Mafia

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    • Humble Beginnings

      5 years ago


      So here I am.

      I thought about setting up a profile on this site since the first time I'd heard of it, then after much faffing about, I did it. That was 11 months ago, and only today, am I actually getting things up and running. As you can tell I'm an efficient man.

      I love everything about RoosterTeeth, everything, even Jack. Because of this, I thought it was only natural to want to talk to, be around and stalk all the fine wonderful people who share this interest of mine.

      I may not have much friends here at the minute, or awards (cry), or any sense of what the hell I'm doing, but I'm sure I'll look back on this journal in a few years and laugh to myself, as I prepare to enter my second journal entry.

      That last part may or may not have been a joke. We'll see. Over and Out.

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      5 years ago

      You need to get back on the site. Also find people to trade Pokemon with us.

    • KelvinSlowey FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      5 years ago

      I'm leaving you a very personal comment because personally I think you're a very persistent person. Alliteration is always allowed.

      I am class

      • mdwatters

        5 years ago

        She sells seashells by the seashore.

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