merlinworks Voice of Agent South Dak

from Austin, TX

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    • AshleyRoybal


      3 years ago

      She was the first person I saw in RvB season 9 the twins then I loved it when South was beating them up I saw the twins on my birthday 01/05/2012 my brother got the DVD I that it was going to be boring I went to get some thing to eat and then I saw South talking and hit him on the neck that was funny.

    • Robotrek


      4 years ago

      PLEASE READ----This is a note for all members and all staff of Rooster Teeth, I hope everyone who reads this will give a moment of silence to honor the fall of a great legend...Leslie Nielsen died 11 hours ago at 5:30pm Sunday afternoon in Florida, he died in his sleep peacefully with family and friends at his bed side...

      I personally grew up watching this comedian and deeply loved his work, thanks to him I have had many good laughs over the years, today let the flags of hollywood all fly at half staff, a legend has left us, and this is a great loss for the Entertainment world, we all loved you Mr. Nielsen! You will not be soon forgotten.... rest in peace.....

      Copy/paste the link below for Leslie's life story and legacy...

    • Lt_amazil


      6 years ago

      south? dakota or carolina?

    • pscrooge


      6 years ago

      Happy Bungie Day.

    • wearegod


      6 years ago

      OMG i love South she was awsome... exept for when she died... not so awsome.

    • Wharfinger


      6 years ago

      hi smiley1.gif

    • mm16


      6 years ago

      i liked your character south it sucked she died though

    • u2colin


      6 years ago

      Hey Shana, I just wanted to say you do a great job as South! Keep up the good work!

    • GregTehBunny


      6 years ago

      hey Shana. Here to say happy 2009 from Hong Kong, China. You guys rule, and make otherwise boring days spectacular.

      keep up the good work!

    • Neo501st


      6 years ago

      well its called freelancerblacon

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