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    • Well, Brittney's in Claifornia, at least

      12 years ago


      Well, after a week of worry and torment, its over. I finally found out she was in Claifornia. Well, I'm still a little heartbroken that she's down there, and not in Washington. Oh, well, maybe, just maybe, she'll come back. A long-shot hope, a dream, even, but now I feel better that I can contact her. I got her address from her mother..... (Fortunatly, she gave it to me without hesitation)

      Oh well. Time will tell. She'll probably fall in love with someone else, but at least I can write to her. Sure, call me spineless and clingy all you want, but I know my gutteral languages! (Klingon [i.e., Cling-On] is a Germanic language...... Germanic languages are gutteral..... LAUGH AT MY JOKE DAMN YOU!)

      Sigh. I did love her to the bottem of my heart.

    • Brittney Adams *sigh* She's gone......

      12 years ago


      well, the story is a long one. Let me pontificate.

      Well, I fell in love with a girl. Yeah, sure, console me, big mistake. But, (I know, just like every other guy out there) I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. By the time before winter break, I knew that I wanted to be with her forever, and would try my hardest to make it work.

      So far, I have her address, and have asked the operator to connect me to it, but it turns out its been changed.

      Her name was Brittney Adams. I will miss her.

      Tomorrow, I'm going to where she used (hope, still) lives, and hopefully those people there can point me in the right direction.

      I don't want to lose her. not yet. I want to see her again. To make her smile and laugh. Maybe even, if I'm really lucky, I could start a relationship, and it would mean something.

      I loved her more then anything, and I was certain I could love her for the rest of my life. But, she's gone. But, I will try my hardest to find her by myself. If that doesn't work, I'll save up for a private eye or something. I know, I'm going overboard, but..... I'll always love her.

    • *sigh* life.....

      12 years ago


      I'm sorry I have no journal entries that are worth reading, but maybe I'll have a halo fanfic up sometime.

    • Art, the Universe, everything.

      12 years ago


      I'll post a write up on this later, but a certain Rachel Bruner (I belive that's how you spell her name, wrote this. AND I LIVE ON THE PLACE, SO FO SHIZZLE!

      This piece is a visual description of the accumulation of Kim and Randy’s Mower’s days spent milking cows every morning an afternoon at their Skagit Valley dairy farm. Each card in the library catalogue is made of recycled fabric, dipped in beeswax, and represents one day of milking every morning and every afternoon. Randy Mower has not spent a night away form the farm since the Mowers started their operation 24 years ago.

      On my first visit to the farm, I arrive in the middle of a 4H Club meeting. About 20 kids are gathered around four cows as they learn to judge the “dairiness†of a Brown Swiss Cow. Kids are describing the angularity, ranking the flatness of this one’s’ ribs, that one’s’ median suspensary ligament cleft. Bones of Brown Swiss cattle have been found in ruins in Switzerland that date back to 4000 BC. Randy Mower tells me that this herd has been together for almost 100 years. Kim and Randy and their three sons have been on the 240-acre farm outside Hamilton, Washington since 1974, and have had their dairy since 1977.

      On that visit, I was overwhelmed by how much WORK the Mowers did. They milk 120 cows every day at 3:30 am and again at 3:30 pm. Each milking takes about four hours. This is only a small portion of their workday, and only a small portion of their dedication to farming. Watching Kim milk is like watching choreography. Her movements have a rhythm. She swings her arm to grab a pipe above the parlor floor, jumps up to the level of the cows, then reverses her motion back down, then wipe wipe wipe.

      As it grows dark I’m ready to leave for the night. Kim invites me over for Sunday breakfast the next day. Can I show up at 5:30 am? The next morning I am welcomed into their house for the first time. Kim looks around at the disorder and without apology explains that this is a farmhouse and they spend very little time indoors. We sit down for a breakfast of waffles, applesauce, strawberries and yogurt. Do you eat like this every Sunday I ask? No, she replies, every morning. The waffles are made from a sourdough starter and she grinds the wheat for them. The applesauce is made from their apples and the berries were frozen from last year’s crop.

      On another visit Kim is working on her koi pond. She’s setting up a pump that will kill the bad bacteria and installing a filter that uses UV rays to do this. She loves having these interesting fish to care for, look at, and enjoy. She’s raised unique varieties of chickens and studies genetics. Genetics plays a part in managing their herd, too. The Mowers keep meticulous records on all their cattle. They study magazines that characterize the attributes of certain bulls and then decide which sperm to buy for insemination. They know when to inseminate by watching the cows’ behavior. Everything is in constant rotation. Cows are brought in to be milked. Cows are coming into heat. Cows are giving birth. Calves are fed, given colostrums, given grain. Barns are being swept out. Hay is being gathered.

      As we come home from a trip to the grocery store, Kim says, “I am mystifies.†She pauses. In a louder, more insistent voice she says, “I am just mystified by where food comes from when I see it on the shelf in the grocery store.†She has an intense curiosity about everything, but I think she must have a pretty good idea about where food comes from. After all, she raises and slaughters chickens and harvest multiple varieties of grapes, apples, pumpkins, chard, garlic, onions, peas, walnuts, potatoes, and filberts. She raises bees for honey. And that’s just what I have seen in my 12 days with the Mowers. There is more, and it never stops.

      Every two days, the Mowers produce 11,500 pounds of milk. Their average daily production is 668.60 gallons, and the milk truck comes every other day to pick it up. On our way to lead the cows from the pasture to the parlor we pass the nut trees, grape arbor, rhododendrons, the pond filled with ducks and geese, the owl house, and as we pass through the gate into the pasture Kim looks down at the earth, spins with her arms held out and says, “It all comes from here.â€Â

    • Sigh..... 'Tis a Sunday.....

      12 years ago


      Its wat it says, fuu.
      ph34r d4 sp0ns3r!

    • Yeh, I walk through Void

      12 years ago


      Emotional troubles, job troubles, it can be worse.....

    • Well, I'm back...... IN BLACK!

      13 years ago


      I'm back after my exeptionally long leave of absence, and a sponser too!

    • More... MORE!!!

      13 years ago


      ore of the 21st Century Odessy....

      'Twas then that Big O and his crew hatched a plan. The picked up a flash bomb to blind the 'clops for ten minutes where he and his crew could get out.

      At this time, a car drove up, and out of the back stepped out a man that was dressed completly in pink, went inside the door to the offices of the penitentory, and stopped by the desk. The manager asked what his name was, so he replied 'Dimitries'. A few minutes later, he was allowed inside Claypso's office. The moment he stepped in, a question was flung immidiatly at him. "This is about Big O, ain't it?."

      Dimetries replyed, "Yes, it is. May I have a seat?"

      Calypso, a woman in her mid 30's still looking vivid, said, "Sure. What do you want with him?"

      Demitries answered, "He's been bailed."

      It took a few moments for the blonde Warden to respond, "So, the Gods of Vegas want the little fish back in the Ocean, eh?. Well, I'll release him in three days when the notice comes."

      "The bosses said it has to be by tonight."

      The Warden reponded faster then a speeding bullet, "Why?"

      "They said their reasons to me, but they made me swear to keep them secret."

      The Warden's expression tightened, as she spoke, "What's your price?"

      Demitries reponded placidly, "three thousand."

      The Warden pulled out a check and started writing, saying, "this had better be good."

      "They want it to look like they were helping him, but he escapes anyway and it severs the trail to them. By doing this, the government would belive that they made a blow to the Mafiesto. Satisfied?" He held out his hand.

      The Warden replied grimly, "No, that cost me a chunk, idiot. Anyways, be off befor I come back for that check." And Dimetries was off.

      Back in the dreamworld of Odysseus, he was still thinking about how they had defeated Polyphemus. Poor Isepholes went first. right as he set the flash-bomb next to the 'clops's face, he woke, stabbed, and killed Isepholes. But, the light grenade still went off in front of his eyes, and Polyphemus cried as his vision was taken. He ran over to the security system, deactivated it, and said, "You may have blinded me, fools, but you will not escape!" Truly, their desire to leave told them that they had to get between the 'clops and the door, but they would be heard as they went out. So, Fenepolus turned his music up to full, deafening Polyphemus, and one by one, they crept out. Guardiong the radio was Fenopolus, and he was the last in order, but he would never see the daylight again; for just as he was about to leave, Polyphemus became unblind, threw his knife, and killed Fenepolus. Rithus almost fied as a knife flew into the window of the car as they drove off.

      They were lighthearted and cheery for their achivment, but Odysseus and another wept for the loss of two of them, making only 5 left in the '89 suburban that seated 8. But, now they were lost, and just as they hoped to get to a town or something like that, then apeared an abandoned textile mill that said, "Xirxes' Motel o' the City." They decided to stop in and pick up some chow and directions. two guys got out and went in. When they never came back, Odysseus went to the door. At that time, a car pulled up and out the back came a man in a oink shirt, and said to him, "Listen, Big O, the woman in there will make you bet quite a bit of money on the horses. You will not see your friends there, because they've already succumbed to 5 races, and are now broke. She'll bet everything on the horse with the worst statistics, but right before the race starts, say the bet's off. This will catch her off guard. Use your wit for the following trials here." The man stepped back in the car and was gone.

    • Dear Lord, what is HE WRITING?

      13 years ago


      We can re-write the Odessy in Honers English class for a final, and it was the easiest coice, so here's my 2 cents

      The 21st Century Odessy
      by C.D. Mower

      "Big O", as Odysseus was sometimes was called, was imprisoned at a notorius private penitentiory, run by the warden Calypso. He was being held on a charge of murder, bribery and corruption. Being a crime boss, were these charges wrong? Anyrate, he had a certain air of prestige with the other prisoners, since he had brought an end to the triads of the east coast. They were trying to muscle in on a part of the Greek Mafiesto, and they wern't going to allow that. Anyrate, he was the 'hero' of the Mafiesto that had come up with the plan to deafeat them. The time was night, so he had fallen asleep.

      The time was then near midnight in his dreams, and he had just come up with a plan to defeat the Triads in Troy, NY. The date was December 28th, 2011. The triads were trying to muscle in and had set up camp in Troy. The Greek Mafioso had controlled this area for decades, and was not willing to let up its iron fist on the state. They would drive up with a semi, filled with alchoholic beverages, and there would be Big O's crew holed inside. When about 3 o'clock came, and most were passed out, they would strick. One person begen speaking of how it was a trick, but then he heard a gunshot and someone shouting sniper. Big O remembered the massacre that had ensued, and many were lost on both sides, but the area was back under control again, so the Mafia's cells once again broke up into hating each other.

      Then was the time that his people were going to leave Troy, but Big O got a call. It was from a person that called himself Posidon, and said he had taken care of those that threatened him. When Big O insisted for evidence, Posidon said, "I am more powerful than you think I am; you will never return home for your ungratitude." He made the mistake of taking the words too unseriously. He then remembered getting on a detour route north on the Interstate, and then-

      He was woken up for being asked to ferry some more boxes to a another truck. Since he wasn't being forced, he said no and turned down onto his bunk again and began reminising even more on what had brought him there.

      They had gone about 10 miles North still until they came upon a motel in the middle of nowhere, where he and his people that were left went into. They stayed there for 3 days as their minds were poisoned by those that were called the Lotus-eaters. Apparently a splinter off of a gang that had taken refuge in a motel, and got members by tainting drinks with something that made them forget about their home. Big O found out that they were also dealing in Heroin, so he finally whipped his people up into gear for the next day of driving.

      The next day, they were trying to navigate a town without a map, so they decided to take up residence in an abandoned subway tunnel. They found there a store of food and ate some of it, when a man of 9 feet came. He had one eye, th other covered by a patch. When asked his name, he responded "Polyphemus." Odysseus remebered the interactions in vivid detail.....

      Big O asked if he and his people could stay the night. Polyphemus said, "I havn't seen anyone in a year. Tell me some stories." It was then that he noticed the big cyclop had turned on a security system. Odysseus began recounting if what had gone on between him and the Triads in Troy.

      Then Polyphemus went to get some water for himself, when Odyssius asked, "Would you like some wine? Many say it is the fruit of the Gods," making a smirk.

      The greying Polyphemus replyed, "Yes." He drank up the entire bottle offered, and said, "Ugh.... Tell me more tomorrow, I am very tired,"and slept.

      'Twas then that Big O and his crew hatched a plan. The picked up a flash bomb to blind the 'clops for ten minutes where he and his crew could get out.

    • Machinima stuff....

      13 years ago


      Alright, so far the machinima is going alright, I have the char roster all lined up. We are basing it off of Halo (duh) We have seven people for all the conception an' crap like that. The site that were going to get our material from is torlan.forerunners.com Anyways, here's the roster of characters;

      Skin; Stealth MC
      Sniper Rifle and Shotgun
      Synopsis; Tactical. Wonders why he is here with these people that belong in an asylum. Takes part in plans because he, "doesn't want them to, and let's just leave it at that." Bad sense of humor.

      Stf. Sargent Clitis
      Skin; custom marine
      Sniper Rifle and Fuel Rod Cannon
      Synopsis; Cajun, 4' 5", (grunt legs?), stolen japanese numchucks from his great grandmfather's best friend's aunt. Cheesy. Back of uniform, there is an green day symbol and a bleeding grunt on the front.

      Skin; Navy Blue MC
      Shotgun and AR
      Synopsis; headstrong and confident. Shoot first, Q&A sessions later.

      Skin; Lavender MC (F?)
      Fuel Rod Cannon or Rocket Launcher
      Synopis; Big guns & giggles.

      Skin; Lime Green
      Plasma Sword and pistol
      Synopsis; Smart, yet no common sense.

      Stockholm (creamsicle)
      Skin; Battle-Damaged White
      Flamethrower & Pistol
      Synopsis; Qwircky, terrible sense of sarcasm (thinks it to a disease), and likes burn things.

      (J needs nickname)
      Skin; Battle damaged black
      Needler and Flamethrower
      Synopsis; Crazed Lunitic, wants to kill everything. Good Cook.

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    • Jonus

      12 years ago

      I made a Star Wars CCG forum if you want to reminisce about the good ol' days.

    • pooperscoop

      12 years ago

      STATE:ment of Love:
      The Kiss

      Kiss on the hand
      I adore you

      Kiss on the cheek
      I just want to be friends

      Kiss on the neck
      I want you

      Kiss on the lips
      I love you

      Kiss on the ears
      I am just playing

      Kiss anywhere else
      lets not get carried away

      Look in your eyes
      kiss me

      Playing with your hair
      I can't live without you

      Hand on your waist
      I love you to much to let you go

      Article 2:
      The Three Steps

      If any guys gets fresh with you, slap him.

      If any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good.

      Guys &Girls
      Close your eyes when kissing, it is rude to stare.

      Article 3:
      The Commandments

      Thou shall not squeeze
      too hard.

      Thou shall not ask for a kiss,
      but take one.

      Thou shall kiss
      at every opportunity.

      * Remember *
      A peach is a peach
      A plum is a plum,
      A kiss isn't a kiss
      Without some tongue.
      So open up your mouth
      close your eyes,
      and give your tongue
      some exercise!!!

      Here are a few reasons
      why guys like girls:

      They will always smell good
      even if its just shampoo

      The way their heads always
      find the right spot on our shoulder

      How cute they look when they sleep

      The ease in which they fit into our arms

      The way they kiss you and
      all of a sudden everything
      is right in the world

      How cute they are when they eat

      The way they take hours
      to get dressed
      but in the end
      it makes it all worth while

      Because they are always
      warm even when its minus 30 outside

      The way they look good
      no matter what they wear

      The way they fish for compliments
      even though you both know that you
      think she's the most
      beautiful thing on this earth

      How cute they are when they argue

      The way her hand always finds yours

      The way they smile

      The way you feel
      when you see their name
      on the call ID
      after you just had a big fight

      The way she says
      "lets not fight anymore"
      even though you know that
      an hour later....

      The way they kiss when
      you do something nice for them

      The way they kiss you
      when you say
      "I love you"

      Actually ...
      just the way they kiss you...

      The way they fall into your arms
      when they cry

      Then the way they apologize
      for crying over something that silly

      The way they hit you
      and expect it to hurt

      Then the way they apologize
      when it does hurt.
      (even though we don't admit it)!

      The way they say
      "I miss you"

      The way you miss them

      The way their tears
      make you want to
      change the world
      so that it
      doesn't hurt her anymore.....
      Yet regardless
      if you love them,
      hate them,
      wish they would die
      know that you would die
      without them ...
      it matters not....................
      Because once in your life,
      whatever they were to the world
      they become everything to you.
      When you look them in the eyes,
      traveling to
      the depths of their souls
      you say a million things
      without trace of a sound,
      you know that your own life
      is inevitable consumed
      within the rhythmic beatings
      of her very heart.
      We love them for a million reasons,
      No paper would do it justice.
      It is a thing not of the mind
      but of the heart.
      A feeling.
      Only felt.

      This chain started in 1887.
      It is a love chain letter.
      In an hour you are
      supposed to send it to
      25 people.
      It is easy, just look into
      chat rooms and find them.
      send it to 25 people in 1 hour.
      Now here
      comes the fun part.
      You then say
      the name of the person
      you like or love
      and then the person will say
      "I love you,"
      "Will you go out with me?"
      NO JOKE!!!!!


      The consequences are:
      If you break the chain letter,
      you will have bad luck
      in future relationships.
      If you don't
      break the chain,
      then you will be a
      happy camper!!!


    • asdfghj

      13 years ago

      meet the fockers was cool

    • chopper

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    • chopper

      13 years ago

      Toiling at work posting in rvb forum hmm?

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