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    • Trying to get a DnD game going...

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      Okay, I'm currently recruiting to start a game in the Dungeons & Dragons group. We have yet to figure out how to play exactly, be it forum posts, an IRC server, Google Wave; which rule set, which campaign, etc.

      We are not looking for any homebrew rules (at this point) homebrew campaign would be absolutely fine. We need a DM, and a couple more players. Right now, myself and one other are interested, so we need 2-3 more players.

      Finally, I would encourage others to try and start games of their own (DnD or otherwise), just to make the tabletop community more prevalent in the community.

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    • Damn

      6 years ago


      Well, once again, my older brother's Great Big Plan fell through. You would think that after knowing him for almost 22 years now, I'd learn a thing or two! To his credit, he's very good at making his plans and ideas sound like they are going to happen soon, and that it's foolproof.

      What does this mean exactly? It means that I'm not moving to Poland. Apparently, he met with his fiancé's two aunts, and her father to discuss the purchase of their mother's house. Her dad and one of her aunts was very happy to let them buy it, but one of her aunts (who apparently despises Nina) said no, even when my brother offered to give her 30,000PLN on the spot (~$10k), on top of the 50k PLN the three would split evenly among themselves and their mother. So, no go on the house, and my brother decided that he no longer wants to live in Poland. He's actually considering moving Nina, her son Patryk and her parents to Florida, so that her dad can stuff alligators!

      Another example of my brother's famous plans:

      Currently, my brother has a job with a government group whose initials are 3 letters and deal with intelligence. He called me on Skype the other night, and told me that if I signed up with some branch of the military, and got a security clearance, he could get me a job making $180k/year. This all sounded great until we kept talking about it, and he started saying 'I'm almost positive I could get you a job...' I thought about the next day, and it makes no sense whatsoever: I sign up with a 2 year contract, get my security clearance while in Basic, he gets me a job and I do not fulfill my time in the military? That's not how things work!

      My brother is one of the finest snake oil salesmen this world has ever seen, I really need to keep that in mind when I talk to him!

    • Cnt'd from Main Forum

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      So, let's try and get the ball rolling. Let's use this thread to get our thoughts organized.

      What we need:
      2-6 players (new or experienced)
      To decide what edition to use
      A story/adventure

      I would like to try 3.5, it seems that the majority of players on other websites feel that it is the best (with 2.0 coming in second), and I already have all the related books.

      We also need to figure out what medium we are going to play in. IRC was suggested in the main site forum, we could also use OpenRPG, or we could simply run a PbP (play by post) game here in this group forum. Regardless of what we use, I think we should keep a thread going here for questions and out of character discussion.

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    • Poland, here I come... Again!

      6 years ago


      So, it appears as though I'm moving to Poland for the summer! Actually, I'm hoping to use the opportunity to permanently move to Europe.

      My brother is buying his fiancé's grandmother's house... 7 bedrooms, detached garage with attic, out in the country... $40,000, 132,000 PLN. The house needs a lot of work, but if I help, then I will have a permanent room there.

      Time to start learning my Polish!

    • The Effect of Portal on Real Life

      7 years ago


      While in Poland, I realized that the signs and diagrams in Portal were modeled after the European exit signs. Whenever I saw them, I was never sure whether or not I really wanted to follow them... but then they told me that there would be cake!

    • A Night Out in Katowice

      7 years ago


      I'm never going to a bar with my brother again.

    • Real Men of Genius...

      7 years ago


      Haha, the Real Men of Genius really is one of the best ad campaigns to ever exist. Even after 11 years, the ads are still very funny. I don't like Bud Light, but the commercials are awesome.

      *The link is to another site that has a lot of the commercials archived. There is a list of the commercials, click on the link and scroll down to the end of the page for the 'Listen to' link.

    • The best part of my algebra class?

      7 years ago


      I swear that Phil Hartman narrates the videos that we watch for our lessons. That's right, our professor only teaches once every two weeks or so.

      I'll post a sound clip when I get home.

    • Critiques for Monty

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      After reading Monty's journal (hehe...) I searched for the thread that he asked be created, and only found one forum thread about him. However, that thread is more about screwing Monty instead of critiquing him. --not that there is anything wrong with that lol-- I took it upon myself to create a thread for critiques and praises.

      The first time I saw the animation (at the season premier), I was a bit unsure how I should feel. I liked it, but it just didn't feel right... after all, part of what I like about RvB (the only machinima I watch) is the creativity that the Halo game engine requires the crew to work around. However, after watching episode 4 again, I am very happy with Monty's work. It certainly adds new depth to the show, while keeping the same spirit of last season, the season before last season, and all the seasons before them. The new stuff is like a deep fried turkey.... keep on frying.

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    • mrvanker

      6 years ago

      Okay, well head on over to the group and post in the forum called 'Cont'd from main forum'

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      6 years ago

      I'd be interested in playing

    • HaloX360

      7 years ago

      Yeah, Calvin & Hobbes is the best.

    • moochicken

      7 years ago

      I like your avatar. Calvin and Hobbes = win.

    • 2Tall4U

      8 years ago

      No, J just got the downloadable worms games... they're fun!

    • mrvanker

      8 years ago

      Thanks, I want to see his new show... I saw that shock-proof gel on the commercial, and it intrigued me.

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      8 years ago

      Billy Mays did explain...or at least I think he did. I wasn't paying much attention until he demonstrated some shock-proof gel by putting it on his hand and hitting it with a hammer.

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