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    what am i about?...well, i like Frank Sinatra and all that classical music stuff, so by the definition of my friends and family; I am a strange person!

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    • nishiime

      9 years ago

      hey do you know what the muffin man means

      you maybe to young to know

    • inuyasha8794

      11 years ago

      bad ass name... i used to have a neopet named the muffin man... brings back memories

    • muffin_man

      12 years ago

      you guys know i was makin it all up?

    • axeman FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      12 years ago

      I don't know if your really want your mother to burn (burning flesh don't smell too good, trust me).

    • AbstinenS

      12 years ago

      Jazz and classical, ehy?? You're just as my dad.

    • muffin_man

      12 years ago

      im in such a fvcking bad mood!

    • muffin_man

      12 years ago

      ...well, long story short, Mrs. muffin_man was a bad person who forced good mr. muffin_man to take all his stuff and leave the house before she called the cops...of course, when I say that I was involved in this...ah screw it, Mrs. muffin_man burn in hell!!!

    • witchy_woman

      12 years ago

      Do you live on Dreary Lane??

    • caboosefreak

      12 years ago


    • funkastic

      12 years ago

      ooo but my mymymymy awwww (wtf?? i dont know what i wrote hey muffin)

    • muffin_man

      12 years ago

      SHEILA!!!!!!!.....COME bACK TO ME!!!!!!.....I MADE YOU A MUFFIN!!!!

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